How to make a lime shampoo: a favorite children's toy with their own hands

  • How to make a lime shampoo: a favorite children's toy with their own hands

    There are several known ways to make a famous character from the movie "Ghostbusters" named Lizun at home. This article will show you master classes with step-by-step instructions, which will make it clear how to make lizuna from shampoo and other improvised means, namely: from detergent, from starch, from soda, and a recipe will be proposed, the ingredients list of which includessodium tetraborate.

    How can I make such a toy at home?

    In the selection of the video presented below, the wizard will tell you what materials can be used to make such a toy and show the variants of its production. It will describe how to make a toy, using flour, soda, glue, water and starch as the main material.

    Recipes for making lizunchik

    One of the easiest ways to make such a mass is to make it out of shampoo and liquid detergent. First of all, you need to mix shampoo in the container, dish remedy, you can use shower gel instead of dishwashing detergent, the main thing is that all ingredients do not contain any granules. After all components have been mixed, the container with the contents should be sent to the refrigerator. When the mixture is solidified, it can form a lime.

    How to store correctly?

    It is desirable to store the lime in the refrigerator in a closed container.

    From shampoo and glue 2: 3

    There is another recipe, the main ingredient in which is the shampoo, only in this case one shampoo and glue in a ratio of 2 to 3 to the thickening of the mass should be mixed in one container.

    As the main material, sodium tetraborate can be used as a powder, and also polyvinyl alcohol powder, water, dye and enameled capacity, ie, this prescription presupposes the manufacture of lime from sodium tetraborate and water without glue. First, water should be diluted with polyvinyl powder, then the container with the resulting contents should be boiled over low heat for forty-five minutes. After this operation, the mixture should cool down. At this time in the other container you need to dissolve two tablespoons of sodium tetraborate, meaning two spoons of powder, in warm water. Then the resulting contents must be filtered through gauze to get rid of the sediment. Then it is necessary to mix the two solutions in the following ratio: three parts of the polyvinyl solution to one part of the solution of sodium tetraborate. It is also necessary to add the dye and mix all the ingredients until the mass becomes uniform and the lime is ready.

    And if there is no tetraborate?

    This toy can also be made without sodium tetraborate, this will require washing powder( liquid), glue, food coloring. First you need to pour about a quarter of a glass of glue in the container, then add the food coloring - just a few drops, then mix all the ingredients until smooth. Then add about two tablespoons of detergent powder to the mixture and mix. After that, you can get the contents out of the container, remove excess liquid and form a toy.

    In order to avoid the use of sodium tetraborate, it is possible, for example, to use starch as the base material. In addition to starch, water and capacity are required. First, mix the water and starch in the same proportions. Then add the dye and again mix the mass until uniform and the lime is ready.

    Another recipe for making lime is to make it from water, glue, dyes and soda. First of all, in one tank you need to mix fifty grams of water and one tablespoon of soda, and in another container you need to mix about fifty milliliters of water and the glue of the pva in the same amount. Then add a few drops of dye, mix the mass. Then in a glutinous solution it is necessary to pour gradually a solution from soda and water, stirring continuously a mix. After the mass becomes uniform, it can form a lime. The toy should be stored in a refrigerator in a closed container.