Amber hair color, photo: who goes light brown, amber blond, copper or amber chestnut

  • Amber hair color, photo: who goes light brown, amber blond, copper or amber chestnut

    One of the most beautiful colors in the red palette is the amber hair color, the photo below, see for yourself. Most colorists refer this fire color to yellow shades.

    If you understand, then amber is a yellow stone. It is also called "The Gift of the Sun", all because this stone has a very beautiful sparkling structure that seems to radiate heat.

    Today there are a lot of amber tints. These include dark amber and copper amber colors and many others. For this reason, in this article, we'll talk about how the amber color of the head of hair should look, and to whom it goes.


    In these photos you can see the whole palette of amber hues:

    Most girls prefer amber hair, because this color fills the hair with warmth and softness, in addition, this shade of hair is quite natural. And most importantly, that hair of this color looks very beautiful and emits a lot of sun.

    How to get amber hair

    The easiest way to get this shade is to dye your hair. In this case, if you own a naturally tinted hair color, experts recommend not using dyes containing chemistry, it is better to tint with a tonic on a natural basis or one that does not penetrate deep into the structure of the hair.

    So, if, for example, you have a natural blonde hair color, then it is possible to limit yourself to the usual decoction of chamomile, which will give beautiful golden shine to the hair, and, in addition, will improve them. You can add cinnamon powder or honey to the broth.

    The simplest, and probably the most popular way to get the color you need is, of course, hair coloring. It gives an opportunity to get a beautiful amber-copper shade of hair and not to break the structure of the hair.

    There is a large selection of hair colors. However, only hair color from Loreal offers a rich assortment of shades of this color:

    • Amber blond;
    • Honey amber;
    • Sandalwood;
    • Intensive dark-red amber.

    Very often amber color is used in coloring hair. This color can easily be taken as the base color, as it allows you to create a natural image. In the company to amber colorists advise to select shades of milk or dark chocolate, brown, red and red colors.

    This shade looks great with melirovaniem, and gives the impression of natural, burned out in the sun, hair.

    Amber shades of

    There are so many different shades of this color, and now consider the brightest of them.

    Amber Sunshine

    This shade of hair is light yellow with a diamond shine. In other words, it's an amber blond. A bright amber tint of curls looks irresistibly on girls with a sandy tinge of skin or with tanned skin. Eyes, ideal for this shade, light, tea, brown or dark green.

    Dark amber

    The amber chestnut color of the hair looks very beautiful and natural. It is a very rich shade that helps to form a natural image. Most women give their preference to him.

    This amber tint has characteristic solar golden notes, which play very beautifully in the sun. This shade is the ideal solution for girls with olive skin and green eyes.

    To whom is such a shade in general

    Amber hair will be an ideal solution for girls with light or dark skin and bright brown, blue or green eyes.

    Such a warm color curls, suitable mainly for girls of warm, summer color.

    This is the most beautiful and unique color, which, depending on the initial color of the hair, is completely unique. Most importantly, the original shade of hair is not too dark, since then it can not work.