Tree of napkins with their own hands: master class and step by step instruction

  • Tree of napkins with their own hands: master class and step by step instruction

    A cozy house is the dream of every mistress. And in order to make it what you want, you do not need to spend a lot of money. You can make jewelry for your home yourself. So, a self-made tree of napkins will become a guard for your home. He has a small cost price, and the result will amaze the most demanding connoisseur of needlework. Such a tree can be completely done together with the child, who in turn will thus be accustomed to creativity.

    Source materials

    Before you start creating crafts, you need to stock up on all the necessary materials. So, we will need:

    • Multicolored wipes;
    • Scissors;
    • Adhesive PVA;
    • Newspaper;
    • Gouache;
    • Flower pot;
    • Acrylic lacquer;
    • Wire.

    All these materials can be easily found in every home, once everything is ready you can begin to study our master class.

    The tree of happiness from napkins

    The topiary of napkins is not very practical, but in order to understand the meaning of creating trees and decorating a holiday, it will fit perfectly.

    To create a flower tree you will need a ball, which will be the base. You can buy a ball in a specialized store, or you can do it yourself - do it yourself.

    To do this, we need to inflate the ball, remember that its shape should be round:

    Now it is necessary to cut the napkins for our wood from paper napkins:

    Gradually begin to glue the ball

    In the place where the ball is tied, it is necessary to leave a blank space, thenthere is no glue it with a napkin. In total it is necessary to make several layers. After the first is ready, you need to let it dry and only then proceed to the next sticker.

    The next step is to pierce the balloon. For this we need a thin needle. After everything is ready, we take out the ball.

    Making roses for topiary( one-color)

    After the base for our flower-tree is ready, you can start making flowers for it. To do this, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

    1. Take a napkin, straighten its edges and add it two times in half:

    2. Centered or stapled. The best thing for this is a stapler.

    3. Next, you need to cut a circle with a large diameter.

    Colorful version of

    To make a two-color flower, we need a few napkins.

    We fold napkins in exactly the same way as when making a single-colored rose. We begin to glue the buds on the cooked ball.

    Thus, it is necessary to glue the entire surface of the ball, leaving room only to place the flower in the pot. To make an ornament, we cut off a piece of a thin ribbon, thread it on a needle with a bead and attach it to the

    tree. The final touch is the creation of a vase. You can use a simple jar for it.

    Fold together two napkins and wrap the jar.

    We glue the bowl to the bowl-base, and our tree of happiness from napkins is ready.

    Video compilation for learning and inspiration