Recipe of jam from quince, its useful properties, video recipes of various pieces from quince

  • Recipe of jam from quince, its useful properties, video recipes of various pieces from quince

    Homemade jam is a good alternative to sweets prepared in factories. Quince jam is not only liquid, there is one that resembles the texture of candied fruit. Our recipe for jam from quince gives just such an effect.

    Make your own tasty jam, which children will perceive as candy, but it will be much more useful, because in the factory sweetness often add dyes and flavors that are harmful to the body.

    Useful properties of quince

    Before you make a jam, let's see what quince is, the recipes of which we will give today. It is unpretentious with respect to humidity, therefore it occurs both in water areas and on sandy soils.

    Quince is a false apple with 5 multi-seeded nests. The shape of this fruit can be spherical or pear-shaped( blunt).Typically, the skin of quince is hairy, lemon or dark yellow( sometimes has a reddish patch on one side).The flesh of the fruit we are describing is very fragrant, but it is small and stiff. The taste of quince is astringent, tart and sweet.

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    In nature, quince grows in the Caucasus, Transcaucasia and Central Asia. It should also be noted that this fruit is widely spread and naturalized throughout the Mediterranean, the central and southern regions of Europe, Africa, America and Australia. Fruits ripen in late September - early October.

    Ripe fruits contain sugars, tannins, organic acids and essential oil. Ascorbic acid, niacin, Ca, Mg, P, K, Na. Seeds of fruits are used in angina as a decoction as an expectorant and enveloping agent. Juice is used as a diuretic, astringent, antibacterial, cholagogue.

    Ingredients for jam

    Quince: 1 kg;

    Sugar: 1 kg;

    Water: 200 ml.

    How to brew jam

    Wash fruits thoroughly so that no fluff remains. Clear them from seeds, you can peel. Cut into slices 1-1.5 cm thick

    Cook the syrup, then add the quince and cook for 5-7 minutes, then leave for a day, covering it with a lid.

    Then put on the fire and cook for 5 minutes and leave again for a day. Cook the jam for 5 more minutes and can be poured over prepared containers. With this method of cooking, the pieces are soft.

    Ways how to make a homemade delicacy from quince, a lot. At the last stage of cooking, you can add hazelnut, lemon peel of orange sludge, vanillin, etc. into the jam.

    In order to make the pieces dense, you can brew jam without water, for this you must first cover the sliced ​​quince fruit with sugar and let them release the juice. This recipe of jam makes it possible to get pieces that resemble candied fruit.

    Video recipes

    Quince quince:

    Quince with almonds:

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    Jam with walnuts: