Research of kidney vessels, how it is performed and for what it is required

  • Research of kidney vessels, how it is performed and for what it is required

    Doppler study is a study of kidney vessels and one of the methods of examining blood circulation in them. Thanks to the Doppler examination, it is possible to establish the direction and speed of circulation in the veins and arteries of the kidney, to reveal the width of the lumen in the vessels and to measure the pressure inside the vessel. The examination is organized using ultrasound.

    This method of diagnosis is not accompanied by pain or discomfort, is not characterized by harmful effects on the body and does not have contraindications. During the procedure, the vessels of the kidney are examined and blood circulation inside the kidney tissues.

    Doppler study for kidney vessels is based on the fact that ultrasound waves are reflected from red blood cells that are contained in the blood of a person.the reflected waves are captured by the ultrasonic sensor, it converts them into electrical pulses that are displayed on the monitor screen in the form of color images, as well as real-time graphs. The results help the doctor to monitor the blood flow through the vessels of the kidneys from the inside, thanks to which it is possible to establish changes in blood flow associated with their narrowing, the formation of thrombi or spasm.

    Indications for the

    survey The main indications for the Doppler study are:

    • Different sizes of the left and right kidneys.
    • Increased blood pressure without established causes.
    • Evaluation of blood circulation in tumors that were recognized during an ultrasound examination.
    • Symptoms of developing chronic kidney failure.
    • Suspicions for the development of thrombotic microangiopathy.
    • Continuous squeezing syndrome.
    • Injuries.

    Preparing for the

    Survey Before taking the Doppler test, stop taking diuretics. The day before the diagnosis it is required to refuse the consumption of products that activate gassing in the intestines - milk, sour-milk products, fruits, vegetables, rye bread. People suffering from flatulence a day before the survey should take activated charcoal and medicines that contribute to the escape of gases.

    Before the procedure, as a rule, an ordinary ultrasound is organized and an assessment of the condition of the renal tubular system.

    Dopplerography of the kidneys is an important diagnostic method that helps supplement ordinary ultrasound, as well as obtain important information and make the correct diagnosis.

    With the help of special equipment in the tissue of the kidney, ultrasound waves are sent, reflected from internal objects - from moving blood cells. The computer receives and assimilates the received information, and then displays the images and measurement data to the monitor.

    This examination has no age limits and other contraindications and is performed for people who complain of pain in the kidney, blood pressure changes, or other symptoms suggestive of the presence of vascular disease in the kidneys. Given the increase in the number of victims of renal pathologies, this study is becoming more popular and is becoming more relevant.

    Dopplerography of the kidneys helps to adequately assess the condition and patency of the arteries of the kidneys and does not require special preparation from the patient, except in certain cases. Such diagnostics can be carried out more than once. Only after receiving accurate data on the pathology of the doctor can appoint the most appropriate therapy. The main thing to visit the doctor is when the first deviations are found.

    Thanks to this method of diagnosis, doctors can identify the following pathologies:

    • Deviations in the development of the kidneys, especially their vessels.
    • Arterial hypertension in the kidneys.
    • Tumor neoplasm.
    • Nephropathies of various causes of manifestation.
    • Mechanical Damage.
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