Tattoo Choker with his hands on his neck: a diagram, a photo and a video of his making

  • Tattoo Choker with his hands on his neck: a diagram, a photo and a video of his making

    Since ancient times, the tattoo of the choker was considered not just an ornament, but a talisman that performed protective functions. In the mid-90s of the XX century, such decorations appeared on the shelves of stores, and designers made them a fashion accessory. The first tattoos of the chokers were spun by a certain technique and solely from such material as a fishing line. To date, the technique of weaving such ornaments is known, models of jewelry have become more elegant, and weave them from different materials.

    This article will show you master classes with step-by-step instructions, thanks to which it becomes clear how to tie the tattoo of a choker on your neck with your own hands. It will be described how to weave the original jewelry from materials such as fishing line and headphones. Despite the fact that the technique of weaving is similar, there are some differences in the work with these materials, which must be taken into account in the process of weaving.

    Ways of weaving tattoos of chokers

    In the selection of the video offered in this article, needlewomen will share ideas and tell about several variants of making such ornaments from different materials. It will also show how you can make a beautiful lace model of tattoo chokers.

    Techniques of weaving from different materials

    In order to weave a tattoo of a choker from a fishing line, you will need to purchase the line itself, depending on the idea, you need to select the desired color of the line, that is, the color of the future decoration depends on the color of the selected line. Also, you need some kind of book or tablet, clamp, lighter and decor elements, for the model you need, you need beads.

    First you need to measure and cut a piece of fishing line two and a half meters long, then the prepared piece must be bent in half and fastened with a clip to the book or to the plate. Then the right thread should be stretched under the left thread, then the end of the right thread must be returned again under the right thread in order to get a loop. The resulting loop should be tightened to the clip. Then repeat the same scheme, only the left thread should be stretched under the right and return the end of the left thread again under the left thread. Then you need to tighten the loop and you will get two loops. So, we should continue to weave. For decoration, you can add beads during the weaving process. After the desired length of the jewelry is woven, cut off the extra line and scorch the ends of the line so that they stick together. At the final stage, you need to connect the ends of the product, the tanned ends can be varnished in the tone of the line. All stages of work are shown in the photo.

    The tattoo choker can be weaved not only from such material as the line, but also from the headphones. You will need headphones, clerical clamp, and also any hardcover book or tablet. First of all, it is necessary to fasten the headphone wires to the hard surface by clamping it. Then we must weave according to the scheme. The scheme is as follows: first you need to make a bundle, for this, the right post should be stretched to the left post, then the end of the right wiring should be returned to the right post. Then the next node must be weaved in the same way, just start with the left wiring, which must be stretched to the right post, and the end of the left wiring should be returned under the left wiring base. After the required number of knots is woven, in order to obtain the product of the required length, it is necessary to make knots and cut off the excess wire, then to connect the ends of the product, and the work can be considered complete.