Tar soap from acne: photos before and after, does it help and how to use

  • Tar soap from acne: photos before and after, does it help and how to use

    To date, the cosmetic market offers a variety of products designed to purify the skin of acne. Sometimes it is very difficult to make a choice, because different companies advertise their product as ideal, able to get rid of all skin problems literally "instantly".But in practice it turns out that everything is not so simple and these "effective" tools do not always help. You can spend a lot of time testing different types of washing for washing and scrubs, and never get the desired result. If you are in a similar situation, do not worry, maybe you can help get rid of pimples tar soap.

    In fact, as a part of tar soap there is nothing special, it is approximately 90% of usual soap and 10% of birch tar, which gives this product useful properties.

    What are the advantages of this tool

    The tar soap has such advantages:

    1. This product well dries up the inflammation on the skin, but do not overdo it with the use, because you can greatly dry the skin;

    2. The soap has an exfoliating effect and uniquely affects the dermis. If you regularly wash with this soap, you can see how the skin becomes more elastic and smooth;

    3. This tool consists exclusively of natural products;

    4. Tar soap can also be used for hair care;

    5. It helps to get rid not only of acne on the face, but also on the back;

    The best option is to apply it in the evening, as the top layer of skin overnight can recover. After all, after applying this remedy, the skin is dried. After a couple of minutes on the skin you can see a greasy shine.

    How to use?

    Washing with soap should be done in the morning and evening, every day. If you are too disgusted with the smell of tar, but you are happy with the result, you should not wash yourself before going to bed, but a little earlier, so that the smell has time to disappear. Do not wait for the immediate result, you will not get it. To tar positively affected the condition of your skin, and you saw significant results, should take at least a couple of weeks.

    The only disadvantage of tar soap is a smell that many people do not like, because it is rather unpleasant. After washing, it should take about 10 minutes to completely erode, so the skin of the face and hands should be cleaned for them a little earlier than before leaving the house. Of course, you can just use perfume or cream, but you need to smell the cream or perfume completely interrupted the smell of tar, and not mixed with it. A prerequisite: you need a separate closed soap box, since the tar will smell the whole bathroom. Perhaps you decide that no result is worth it to endure such a specific smell, but think about it, because after using this remedy you will forget about acne and other skin problems.

    A good example is the photo before and after

    It's worth mentioning that almost everyone can use tar soap( except for people who have allergies to individual components), no matter what type of skin a person has.

    If you feel that after it the skin is over-dried, then use a moisturizer.

    Tar soap also has a low cost, in addition, one piece is enough for a month or more. Thus, you can save a lot of money.

    If you are still asking the question: "Does this tool help?", Read the reviews of those who use it.


    Vitali: "Really helps. The main thing is to use it regularly, without taking breaks. I just disappeared on my back in a week "

    Valeria:" Soap is a miracle! I have been using it for 3 years. I love it! I advise you to try "

    Anyuta:" At first I did not like the smell of tar soap too, but I overcame myself and began to use it regularly. Now the skin condition is better nowhere. For a month, not a single pimple appeared, and the tar soap helped me. "

    Alexander:" Excellent soap, I bought a piece for all members of the family to just try. And personally I am very pleased with the results »