The main recommendations before ultrasound of the kidneys

  • The main recommendations before ultrasound of the kidneys

    The quality of the research results depends not only on the type, equipment, but also its conditions. So for the accuracy of diagnosis of urological and neurological problems, there are recommendations to ultrasound of the kidneys. They are by some parameters not acceptable for ultrasound in gynecology.

    Ultrasound and its use in medicine

    Ultrasound means sound waves having a frequency above 20,000 Hz. That is, they are above the threshold of the sensitivity of the human ear. This frequency indicates that this "sound" has a very small wavelength. As a result, the energy losses during the passage through the medium are significantly reduced. The above described was the predetermining factors of the use of sound waves of more than 20 thousand Hertz in medicine:

    1. Ultrasound is well distributed in soft tissues without loss of energy.
    2. His movement is always straightforward. In the case of a meeting with a denser tissue, some of the waves are reflected according to the basic laws of acoustic dynamics of acoustics.
    3. The number of reflected waves is directly proportional to the obstacle density.

    This is important! Medical equipment uses high-frequency waves. From 1 to 7.5 MHz. Ultrasound with a frequency of 1.5-3 MHz is used to study the abdominal cavity and kidneys. This frequency provides minimal loss of waves and a good research result.

    Principles of operation of the

    ultrasound equipment. Any diagnostic equipment has three main units:

    • Wave Emitter. It can use both direct and reverse piezoelectric effect. In any case, this device emits a directional flow of ultrasonic waves.
    • Wave receiver. In many apparatuses, a radiator can simultaneously receive reflected beams. In any case, this part of the device perceives ultrasonic waves and translates them into an electrical signal.
    • Information processing unit. It is paired with a control unit. Its purpose is to process the electrical signal and provide information to the visualization device.

    The ultrasound used in medicine is practically safe. And in comparison with such studies as magnetic resonance tomography, this method is more economical with such diagnostic reliability. Modern diagnostic devices are able to detect pathology with a size of 1 mm.

    Causes of deterioration in the results of the

    study Despite all the characteristics of sound vibrations, ultrasound can significantly reduce its diagnostic reliability:

    • Increased gas production dramatically worsens the quality of diagnostics. This is due to the multiple scattering of waves when they alternately pass through the air and liquid media.
    • Significant dispersion of waves when going through the skin: it has a relatively higher density than the underlying tissues.
    • Ultrasonic waves also dissipate when passing through inflammatory infiltrates.
    • Finally, a significant space between the sensor and the object of the study reduces the result of the diagnosis.

    All these possible deviations are eliminated as follows.

    • A gel is required between the sensor and the skin. It reduces contrast in environments. The rays leaving the radiator immediately pass through the liquid medium. That provides their much smaller dispersion, than at the primary hit in airspace.
    • Compliance with diet and intake of adsorbent drugs reduces gassing in the intestine. As a result, the rays pass through a relatively homogeneous medium.
    • Using the best places for research. For example, the kidneys are best visualized if the sensor is placed on the side and lumbar

    In this connection, the patients are recommended the following:

    1. Three days before the ultrasound of the kidneys, you can not eat foods that cause fermentation in the intestines and increase gas generation. These products include black bread, bakery and confectionery, fruits and some vegetables( potatoes, cabbage, radish).
    2. Persons suffering from excessive gas formation within three days before the procedure should take activated charcoal. And 1 hour before ultrasound of the kidneys to drink a semiticon( espumizan).
    3. Everyone should take a diaper and a towel. The first need to, to bed on the couch. The rest of the gel is cleaned with a towel.
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