Applique fruit on a plate in the middle and older group: MK and templates

  • Applique fruit on a plate in the middle and older group: MK and templates

    Children learn the world in different ways, but one is indisputable: in this difficult matter they need the help of adults. So, it is necessary that every child can distinguish between fruits and vegetables. The application of "fruit on a plate" will help to draw the child into the world of knowledge, and also will teach you how to make amazing crafts.

    This is one of the types of visual technique, which is based on cutting, imposing and fixing on any background any forms. The term "applique" includes different ways of creating beautiful hand-made articles from various materials.

    There are several of its varieties, which should already know in the middle group of the kindergarten. These include:

    • Subject - consists of separate images;
    • Subject - expresses a sequence of specific actions;
    • Decorative - containing ornaments and various patterns.

    Most often, in the manufacture of hand-made articles, a subject application is used. It is especially popular among children in the preparatory group, because for them it is not difficult to draw a figure on paper, then cut it and, finally, paste it on a previously selected background.

    There is also a technique called plastic applique. It is quite complex, so it is given only to children who are already studying in the older group. To make it, take a sheet of colored paper, crumble it. After that, with light movements, straighten the edges of the leaf and form the object. The edges need to be crushed inwards until the desired shape is obtained. The inside of the crumpled image is smeared with glue and glued to the background. The general image is ready. It remains to add small elements that emphasize its image. It is necessary to try to create them also in volume and to attach to the basic form by gluing.

    Step-by-step MC for making a saucer with fruit

    The applique "fruit plate" is designed for children 4-5 years. It fixes the ideas of the children about fruits and vegetables, and also teaches them to cut out objects of a certain shape and glue them.

    For the application you will need:

    • Plate( preferably white);
    • Three apples of different colors and sizes;

    Now you need to prepare 4 round shapes of paper, depending on the size of the fruit. The purpose of this procedure is for children to understand that a white circle of a large size is a plate, and a multicolored smaller one is a fruit. Tell us about each, analyze its characteristics, how it differs from others.

    Gradually, the task can be complicated and used to demonstrate not only apples, but various objects. You can also make a vase of fruit instead of a plate. And as an encouragement, you can offer the child to eat his delicious creation after if he correctly spreads out everything.

    Bulk fruit from paper

    A voluminous application of paper with pleasure will be performed by children of 5-8 years, in the younger group this method is better not to use, as it is difficult to understand and requires working with sharp objects.

    Materials for the work of

    To complete this masterpiece, the following materials will be required:

    • Cardboard( red and white);
    • Colored paper;
    • Scissors;
    • Adhesive;
    • Brown felt pen;
    • Puncher.

    Instruction with step-by-step photos:

    1. First you need to cut the basis of future work.

    2. Let's start cutting fruit. For this we need a sheet of yellow paper. Fold it in half and then again in half. Apply the pear pattern and circle. It remains only to cut it along the contour.

    Similarly we make the details of grapes, pears and plums.

    In order to make an apple, we take paper of two colors: pink and yellow, fold in half. Apply the template to each of the colors, circle on the contour and cut out.

    So we got 4 pieces of each fruit. Now add each part in half and have 4 halves of grapes, apples, plums, strawberries.

    Next we need to glue fruit. Strawberry glue the two halves in such a way that the latter are free. After gluing all 4 halves. With all other fruits, you need to do the same procedure.

    At an apple alternate halves: yellow - pink, yellow - pink.

    Now do the leaves. They need to be folded so that they turn out to be three-dimensional.

    When the fruit is ready, we need a plate template, we draw it on the paper of the chosen color. Cut out the contour.

    Fruits are glued to the cardboard.

    One half of the sheet is glued to the other. With a felt-tip pen we draw twigs from a plum, an apple and a pear.

    And, finally, it remains to decorate the plate. To do this, paste ready-made flowers, made with a punch.

    Our fruit basket is ready.

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