Applique from paper on the theme of fall for junior classes

  • Applique from paper on the theme of fall for junior classes

    This is one of the most popular methods of artistic creativity for children, which is used throughout the schools and kindergartens in technology and fine arts lessons. Creating an application, the child develops small motor skills of the hands, forms a sense of color, composition. Both parents and teachers can take advantage of the master classes gathered in the article and learn how to make paper applications on the theme of autumn, then to do this work with the children.

    For preschoolers

    A simple appliqué that the senior and preparatory group of the kindergarten can easily master - the "Autumn carpet" applique. One such picture can be performed by one child and by the whole group together - each pupil can be fixed in a cell.


    • Ceiling tiles;
    • colored paper;
    • adhesive;
    • templates for leaves;
    • pencil;
    • scissors.

    Paper bright colors, which are associated with the fall, cut into squares 12 * 12 cm

    These squares exactly paste on the substrate in a chaotic order.

    Use templates to cut out colored paper from leaves.

    Cut the right amount, glue the leaves to the base, picking up a beautiful combination of colors.

    Pencils or felt-tip pens draw streaks on leaves.

    The resulting autumn carpet can decorate the interior of the group.

    For first-graders

    Use the skills obtained in the preparatory group, will be 1 class. The application, which the youngest schoolchildren can do for this lesson, is called "Autumn Forest".To perform it you will need:

    • cardboard;
    • colored paper;
    • simple pencil;
    • adhesive;
    • scissors.

    The first thing we do is preparing the blanks by cutting the colored paper with rectangles.

    Fold the rectangle twice and draw a tree shape on it.

    Cut the shapes along the contour drawn earlier, complemented with incisions inside.

    So do a sufficient amount to fill the space of the sheet.

    We glue the blanks onto the cardboard, we supplement the composition with the sun and clouds.

    For students of the 2nd class

    We suggest that you make an interesting application of the fall leaf using origami technology with the guys attending the 2nd grade.


    • colored cardboard;
    • double-sided colored paper;
    • glue PVA;
    • pencil;
    • template;
    • scissors.

    The sheet of colored paper is folded in half. Apply the pattern, draw it around and cut it out along the contour.

    We open it as a book.

    Beginning at the bottom, fold the workpiece with an accordion until you get a narrow strip.

    Fold it in half, while long leaves are turned inside.

    We glue the middle, get a maple leaf.

    Using this technique, we make 2 more colored leaves.

    We glue them together, forming one large maple leaf.

    We finish the work: choose the color of the background cardboard, glue the leaf and the stalk. Cut out the rest of the work.

    For older children

    With older children, for example, 3 class, you can make a whole picture-application. As always, you will need a thick base paper, colored paper, glue, a pencil, and a skullcap. In addition, some elements will be glued to a double-sided adhesive tape to give the picture volume.

    On brown paper, draw a tree trunk and cut it out.

    Blue and blue paper cut out clouds.

    Similar figures draw on paper red, green, yellow, orange colors - for the tree crown.

    Blanks for grass make different size and color.

    From the yellow paper we cut out the sun, his face is made of darker paper.

    We glue to the stem the stem and the largest crown preforms on the glue. We put the rest on the two-sided scotch. Thanks to this, we get a three-dimensional application made of paper on the theme of golden autumn.

    Next, glue the clouds.

    There is a sun between them.

    And on the top are still small clouds on a double-sided scotch.

    The earth will be made of brown paper.

    On top of her - weed. Also we use scotch tape.

    Side glued semicircular bush( glue).

    We will add colors: we cut out circles from yellow and crimson paper, we make cuts and we bend petals.

    From the paper of the opposite color we glue the middle.

    From the bright green paper we make the "crown" - the leaves and stems of the flower.

    Cut the workpiece out of salad paper, make thin incisions. We glue, bend the tops outwards.

    The final touch is foliage. Finely cut paper of the right colors, glued under the tree at will.

    Edges can be decorated with curly scissors or make a beautiful frame.

    This work can be done by the 4th class - by groups or independently. Video selection