Trembling of the head( tremor) - Causes, symptoms and treatment. MF.

  • Trembling of the head( tremor) - Causes, symptoms and treatment. MF.

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    Symptoms similar to Tremor:

    trembling •
    shake •
    head shaking •
    shaking constantly •
    shake •
    hand tremor •

    trembling - Benign tremor

    A tremor that has no apparent cause, or benign, is, perhaps, the most common motor impairment. It is called family( hereditary), senile or youthful. However, this tremor is not always benign and can proceed very hard, and in half the cases there are no indications of its hereditary nature. Occurs, as a rule, in adolescence or adolescence. It usually starts with one hand, then spreads to the other. There is a tremor in the head of the chin, tongue, occasionally torso and legs. A person can not write, keep a cup, spoon and other items. Tremor is worse when you are agitated and drinking alcohol. Trembling is most pronounced when the arms are extended forward. If the muscles of the tongue and larynx are involved in the process, speech is disturbed. The gait is not changed. Treatment of this type of tremor in most cases is not required. With significant jitter, the doctor may prescribe propranolol or primidone. If the tremor occurs only with emotional overstrain, then limited to a single dose of drugs with a soothing and hypnotic effect. For example, lorazepam 30 minutes before the tremor provoking the situation.

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    - Postural tremor

    Also can be benign in character and be a manifestation of heredity, increased anxiety, thyroid disease characterized by its hyperfunction. This type of tremor is also triggered by abstinence( breakage) as a result of taking alcohol or drugs( cocaine, heroin).Overdose of certain medicines or poisoning with chemicals can also cause such a shaking. Postural tremor is always shallow, more noticeable when a person stretches out his hands and spreads his fingers. The

    - Intensive tremor

    The cerebellum is responsible for the balance when walking and when it is affected there is an intentional tremor. It is distinguished by coarse large-scale movements that are absent at rest and appear with deliberate movements, especially at the end. The patient standing from standing with arms outstretched and closed eyes can not get to the nose.

    The greatest concern is the kind of tremor called asteri(

    ) Diseases in which Tremor arises

    • Alcohol abuse and alcoholism
    • Hyperthyroidism
    • Parkinson's disease
    • Heavy metal salt poisoning( eg, mercury)
    • Wilson-Konovalov's disease( dysmenorrhoea)a serious hereditary disease characterized by the accumulation of copper in the blood, liver and brain tissues)
    • Hepatic, respiratory or renal failure
    • The lesion of the average m

    Causes of Tremor

    • Alcohol or drug dependence
    • Cerebellum Disease
    • Hereditary tremor( benign essential tremor usually begins at middle age or later in life)
    • Fear, fear( stress)
    • Medications( as per prescriptionand without a prescription)
    • Physiological tremor( from exercise, fatigue)

    To which doctors to consult if there is a Tremor:


    Examples of medicines for tremor

    • atenolol, Tenormin
    • Betalocators
    • levodopa carbidopa, Sinemet
    • metoprolol, Lopressor, Toprol XL
    • propranolol, anaprilin, anaprilin LA