• When to consult a gastroenterologist

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    The supply of nutrients and energy production depend on the work of the stomach and intestines. Therefore, the discord in the operation of many systems begins with a violation of the process of digestion and assimilation of food. Therefore, one should pay attention to any shortcomings in this function and try to eliminate them in time.

    How to quickly find a gastroenterologist?


    To choose a doctor specializing in gastroenterology, the portal http: // kliniki-online will help.ru /msk/, where there are addresses of medical facilities in all districts of Moscow. Here you can find out the hours of reception of each specialist, indicate his work experience. Evaluate the qualifications will help published on the site reviews of patients about the work of doctors and drawn up using their rating.

    You can choose a doctor in the clinic closest to your place of residence, indicating in the search filter the area of ​​the capital or the metro station. A significant time saving for the patient is provided by the online recording service that the portal offers. You can also record by phone. If some preparation is required for the examination, the employee of the clinic's registry will provide the necessary information in the telephone mode.

    Signs of digestive system disorders

    Signs of digestive disorders

    Modern man is prone to a lot of factors that cause digestive disorders. This function is involved in the body's appropriate system of organs and primarily the stomach. Incorrect diet, replacement of traditional food with fast food, semi-finished products, harmful additives, a large number of preservatives in poor-quality food products, low mobility due to professional activities or laziness lead to unpleasant consequences. People of different ages may experience constipation, heartburn, weakness, as well as pain in the stomach and liver. A timely examination by a gastroenterologist will help to find the problem and eliminate it.

    In the capital's clinics there are working doctors-gastroenterologists of a wide profile and specialists who deal with more narrow problems. For example, a violation of the liver - the competence of the hepatologist-gastroenterologist. At the disposal of specialists working in well-equipped licensed clinics in Moscow, there is the latest diagnostic equipment and laboratories. Therefore, the examinations conducted here help to accurately diagnose a health disorder and determine the most effective treatment regimen and treatment.