Planning the sex of the unborn child - Causes, symptoms and treatment. MF.

  • Planning the sex of the unborn child - Causes, symptoms and treatment. MF.


    Human sex criteria:

    1. Chromosomal. It is determined by the X or Y chromosome of the sperm when it is fertilized. Male embryo sex - HU, female - XX.

    2. Genetic. Defined by the SRY gene in the Y chromosome of a male embryo and the absence of this gene in a female embryo with XX chromosomes. The SRY gene determines the development of the testes.

    3. Gnadny. The gonad is the gonad. The egg secretes male sex hormones and factors that inhibit the development of the female reproductive system, the ovary secretes female sex hormones.

    4. Hormonal. Male sex hormones determine the development of male primary sexual characteristics and inhibit the development of women, the absence of male hormones determines the development of female primary sexual characteristics.

    5. Anatomical. Primary sexual characteristics - internal and external genitalia.

    6. Physiological. The predominance of sex hormones during puberty determines the development of secondary sexual characteristics - the features of the skeleton, the muscular system, hair, mammary glands, the development of genital organs, the maturation of germ cells, the acquisition of the ability to reproduce.

    7. Psychological. A person's awareness of belonging to a particular gender.

    8. Social. Behavior in society, with people of both sexes in a certain way, characteristic of a particular sex.

    9. Sexy. Preferences in the choice of partners of one sex or another for sexual relations, the ability to complete sexual intercourse.

    10. Reproductive. The female sex is capable of conceiving, bearing and giving birth to a child. Male - to fertilization.

    The first 5 items normally depend only on the type of fertilized sperm. Please note that the value is only a kind of sperm.those. The sex depends ONLY on the man. A woman has no predisposition to conceive a child of a certain sex, and it is impossible to influence her ability to conceive a child of a certain sex by any means, because this ability is not theoretically possible. At the same time, most of the "methods" take into account the parameters and influences on the female body - the calculation of her day / month of birth, her diet, her blood group, etc.:) )) even if they do not have the right to exist. From the female body depends only on the bearing of the child, but not on the conception of a certain sex... However, harmful factors can affect the sex during pregnancy of the mother, including the intake of hormonal medications, when another physiological or psychosexual develops in one chromosomal field.

    The following items are affected not only by chromosomal sex, but also by lifestyle, light, sleep, physical activity, medication, nutrition, and most importantly, upbringing, a psychological factor in which parents play a decisive role. Including it is very important how much parents show the child how happy they are that he is exactly the one they so expected and wanted, namely the boy or the girl, how much they teach the child to be proud of their gender and to use its advantages worthily, how sincerely they are atthis. If the child knows that the parents wanted a child of a different sex, they were preparing, inventing a name, they would like to play typewriters / tying bows, he first develops a sense of guilt for not justifying the parents' hopes, and then serious psychological and sexual deviations may develop -development of sexual, for example, sex, the opposite of chromosomal and anatomical. At an early age, these violations can hurt and 6 points, so.leading to disruption of the process of puberty and future problems with conception.

    It must also be remembered that children are guided not so much by spoken words as by real thoughts, emotions, sensations that an adult person can not hide in front of a child.


    History of

    Ancient Chinese believed that a boy appeared in the world, during a "love act" a woman should lay her head to the north, to conceive a girl accordingly - to the south.

    The Germans were sure that if making love in the rain, then surely a girl will be born, in the dry weather, as a rule, boys get.

    Ancient Greek philosopher and doctor Empedocles believed that in the heat it is more likely to conceive a male baby, and in a cold - a female.

    In the Middle Ages in Europe, men who dreamed of an heir, hid an ax under the pillow and at the most interesting moment had to get it with the words: "So that you have a boy."If the parents wanted a girl, they would put a hat on their heads and whisper soft words.

    Recommendations for sex can be found even in the Talmud: a son will be born, if the husband is the first to finish coition.

    Ancient Greeks considered one of the most reliable ways of the birth of a boy to be the use of the future mother of the dessenteric juice blossom three times a day, fasting for forty days in a row before a night of love.

    French diet

    For boys, the predominance of potassium and sodium ions, little calcium and magnesium ions is necessary. For girls - a lot of calcium and magnesium ions, little potassium and sodium - dairy products, greens, to exclude all kinds of smoked foods, etc. The diet for both spouses should be observed for three weeks before conception, and for the pregnant woman - seven more weeks.

    A diet that promotes the conception of a girl

    Drinks: coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, calcium mineral water.(Canned fruit juice, Coca-Cola, carbonated drinks are not recommended).

    Meat: in a limited number of all grades.(Not recommended: sausages, ham, corned beef, smoked meat, meatballs, roast).

    Fish: fresh and quick-frozen.(It is not recommended: smoked, dried and salted fish, canned fish in marinade, crustaceans, shrimp oil).

    Eggs: without restrictions.

    Dairy products: milk, cream cheese, cottage cheese, fresh sour cream.(Not recommended: all cheeses and ice cream).

    Bread and cereal: all kinds of bread and baking without salt and yeast.(Not recommended: regular bread, regular cookies, confectionery manufactured products).

    Cereals: rice, semolina.(Not recommended: corn).

    Vegetables: potatoes in limited quantities, aubergines, asparagus, beets, carrots, cucumbers, watercress, green beans, peas, chilli pepper, onion, boiled tomatoes( Crusty potatoes, canned vegetables, spinach, rhubarb, all kinds are not recommendedcabbage, mushrooms, zucchini, raw tomatoes, dry vegetables, white beans, lentils).

    Fruits: apples, pears, strawberries, raspberries, pineapples, grapefruits, lemons, watermelon, mango, quince( Plums, apricots, cherries, bananas, oranges, melons and currants are not recommended.)

    Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts- not salty!(Not recommended: figs, raisins, dried apricots, dates, prunes, salted dried fruits).

    In addition, very useful: sugar, honey, spices, jam, jelly, fragrant herbs.(Not recommended: salt, yeast, soda, gherkins, olives, margarine, salted butter, ketchup, canned food).

    . Diet that promotes the conception of the boy.

    Drinks: soda mineral water, tea, beer, wine, coffee, fruit juices.(Not recommended: milk, milk drinks, mineral water with calcium).

    Meat: all grades and all sausages.

    Fish: are all varieties.(Not recommended: prawns, crabs, caviar).

    Eggs: is only a protein.(Not recommended: in sauces, pastries).

    Milk and milk products: is not recommended.

    Bread and cereal: cookies, biscuit, semolina, rice.(Not recommended: bread, pancakes, waffles, confectionery products on milk).

    Vegetables: potatoes, mushrooms, dry white beans, lentils, dried peas.(Not recommended: green salad, green beans, green cabbage, watercress, dill).

    Fruit: everything, especially cherry, bananas, apricots, oranges, peaches, dates.

    Dried fruits and oil: prunes, dried apricots, dates, black chocolate.(Not recommended: walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, cocoa, milk chocolate).

    Should: as much as possible to salt all food, do not be afraid to consume canned foods and yeast.

    By the way, it is noticed, - if a woman is pregnant with a girl, "pulls on a salty": smoked meat, dried fish. If we consider the nutritional whims that arise during pregnancy as manifestations of the child's needs for food substances, the conclusion suggests that in the organism of a woman before pregnancy there was a food deficit, which the child "requires" to make up.

    In general, we can say that a woman, a pregnant boy, wants to adhere to the "girl's" diet, and, conversely, a pregnant girl - a diet for boys and a diet for sex planning is based on the creation in the body of a woman's deficit of some nutrients and the predominance of others. The question arises - is it harmless? And if a child of unplanned sex was born, how will such a deficit affect his health? And how much can damage the restriction of obviously useful products - for example, dairy products. .. or excessive consumption of salt, canned food and so on.

    Calculation of the term of ovulation.

    This technique was formulated in Poland, a physician from Plonsk, Frantisek Benedo in the 70s of the 20th century, showed a high percentage of accuracy( 87%).Spermatozoa with Y-chromosome move faster, but less live. If the sexual intercourse occurs at the time of ovulation, then Y move faster, the egg is the first to appear and the probability of the boy's birth is higher. If the sexual intercourse occurs before ovulation, then Y die, and at the time of ovulation the egg is X, then the probability of a girl's birth is higher. With a 28-day cycle, ovulation occurs on day 14-15.If the sexual act occurred 11-12 days before the start of menstruation, the boy will be born, if for 13-14 days - then a girl. There is also an explanation for this "method": as the day of ovulation approaches, the environment in the woman's vagina becomes more alkaline, which is favorable for Y-spermatozoa, more vulnerable. And 2-3 days before ovulation, the environment in the vagina has a more acidic reaction, which favors the more enduring X-spermatozoa( Y-spermatozoa can not stand it and die).

    This method can not be called absolutely accurate, as at certain periods the cycle may change due to illness, nervous stress, climate or physical condition of the woman. The period of ovulation can move under the influence of a variety of factors, and an error in determining the duration of ovulation even for 1 day can lead to the opposite result.

    Update of blood

    Calculation of data for determining the sex of the child is based on the cyclic renewal of blood of men and women, depending on the date of their birth. The cycles of blood reflux for men and women are different and make up certain periods( for men - 4 years, and for women - 3 years).

    Assuming that the blood state changes from the maximum - the beginning of the cycle, to the minimum - its end, and combining the data for the man and the woman, you can determine whose blood is younger( stronger).Supporters of the method believe that this determines the sex of the future child - i.e.whose blood is younger, that blood and predetermines the sex of the unborn child.

    At the time of conception: The mother's age is divided by 3, and the father's age is divided by 4. Whose remainder is bigger - that's what will turn out. If the mother has a negative Rhesus blood, then the opposite is true. If there were serious blood loss: childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, donation of blood, transfusion, then you should not count from your birthday, but from the date of blood loss.


    Parent: Age Divisor Balance
    Mom( R +) 25 3 1
    Daddy 27 4 3

    3 more than 1 male blood prevails, so the boy

    should turn out. I would like to note that this method has not received any serious scientific and statistical justification.

    Mother's age - parity

    For more than 20 years Elena Shamrina has been conducting research on the child and determined that in nature there is a dependence of the conception of a future child on the even and odd age of a woman. The conception of a female child for an even woman's age is possible in even-numbered months of the year( February, April, June, August, October) and for odd age-in odd months of the year( January, March, May, July, September, November).

    Age January February March April May June July August Sep October November December
    18 M D M D M M M M M M M M
    19 M D M D M M M M M D M D
    20 D M D M M M M M M D M M
    21 M D D D D
    22 A M M D M D D M D D D D
    23 M M D M M D M D M M M D
    24 M A M M D M M D D D D D
    25 D M M D D M D M M M M M
    26 M D M D D M D M D
    27 M M M M D M
    28 M D M D D D M M M M D D
    29 D M D D M M D D D M M M
    30 M
    31 M D M D D D D D D D D M
    32 M D M D D D D D D D D M
    33 D M D M D D D M D D D M
    34 D D M D D D D D D D M M
    35 M M D M D D D M D D M M
    36 D M M D M D D D M M M M
    37 M D M M D M D M D M D M
    38 D M D M M D M D M D M D
    39 M D M M M D D M D D D D
    40 D M D M D M M D M D M D
    41 M D M D M D M M D M D M
    42 D M D M D M D M M D M D
    43 M D M D M M D D M M M
    44 M M M D M M M M D D M D D
    45 D M M D M M M M

    The conception of a male child for an even woman's age is possible in odd-numbered months of the year and for an odd age in even-numbered months of the year. During the year, a woman of odd age will be dominated by the conception of the male child, and in women of even age, the conception of the female child will prevail.

    sex of the baby prior to conception for women

    Months even-aged Odd age
    1 M D
    2 D M
    3 M D
    4 D M
    5 M D
    6 D M
    7 M D
    8 D M
    9 M Д
    10 Д M
    11 M Д
    12 Д М

    When planning a child's sex before conception, according to Elena Shamrina, the following is necessary: ​​

    - take into account a woman's age: date, month, year of birth;

    - to exclude the conception of the child in the month in which the woman was born;

    - the month for conception and the month for childbirth the woman chooses herself;

    - ovulation in the selected month for conception should take place in the middle of the month. If ovulation takes place at the beginning and at the end of the month, then there is no guarantee that there will be a conception of the sex of the child the spouse wants;

    - planning the sex of the child before conception is possible for the entire woman's fertile period;

    - the planned child should be coveted in the family;

    - the state of health of the spouse.

    Ancient Chinese table - mother's age and month of conception

    The mother's age at conception and month of conception are considered.

    Japanese method( parents' birthdays)

    Table - It is necessary to find the number corresponding to the intersection of the column and the row.

    women January February March April May June July August Sep October November December
    January 1 5 9 1 5 9 1 5 9 1 5 9
    February 10 2 6 10 2 6 10 2 6 10 2 6
    March 7 11 3 7 11 3 7 11 3 7 11 3
    April 4 8 12 4 8 12 4 8 12 4 8 12
    May 1 5 9 1 5 9 1 5 9 1 5 9
    June 10 2 6 10 2 6 10 2 6 10 2 6
    July 7 11 3 7 11 3 7 11 3 7 11 3
    Aug 4 8 12 4 8 12 4 8 12 4 8 12
    Sep 1 5 9 1 5 9 1 5 9 1 5 9
    Oct 10 2 6 10 2 6 10 2 6 10 2 6
    Nov 7 11 3 7 11 3 7 11 3 7 11 3
    Dec 4 8 12 4 8 12 4 8 12 4 8 12
    1 2 3 4 5 6 boy girl 7 8 9 10 11 12
    January x x
    January February xxxxxx x
    January February March x xx
    January February March April x x
    January February March April May xx x
    January February March April May June x x
    February March April May June July x xx
    March April May June July August x xxx Jan
    aetc. May June July August Sep x xx January February
    May June July August Sep October XXXXXXXXXXXX x January February March
    June July August Sep October November x x January February March April
    July August Sep October November December x x January February March April May
    August Sep October November Dec x x January February March April May June
    Sep October November December xxxxx x February March April May June July
    October November December x xxxxxxxxx March April May June July August
    November December xxx x April May June July August September
    December xxx x May June July August September October
    x x June July August Sep October November
    x x July August September October November December
    x xx August September October November December
    x x Sep Oct Nov Dec
    xxxxxxxx x Oct Nov Dec
    x xxxxx Nov Dec
    x x Dec

    Graph is the appropriate time for conception. It is necessary to take the figure obtained from the table and monitor the changes in the graph along the vertical axis corresponding to this figure.

    Sexual life

    This theory belongs to domestic scientists. After the experiments, the scientists found that the sex ratio is strictly dependent on the sexual activity of men.

    For a girl:

    A man should immerse himself in the work, day and night thinking about earnings and play sports 24 hours a day.

    Try to forget about sex, ideally for a month. Abstinence!

    A woman should not try to provoke her husband into an intimate relationship.

    For the boy:

    Take a vacation and go somewhere to Hawaii with the beautiful wife;

    Forget about problems, work, sports and think only about sex;

    Diversify your sex life and remember your youth. ..

    Phases of the Moon

    As early as the late 1950s, the Czech doctor O. Jonas made a revolutionary discovery - there is, along with the menstrual cycle, a second individual cycle of the greatest predisposition to conception,and with incredible accuracy accompanying the entire reproductive life of a woman.

    This second cycle is focused on that phase of the Moon, which preceded the birth of this woman. Each return of the corresponding phase of the moon means for a particular woman the period of greatest predisposition to conception( fertile period) and reproduction. If the most favorable days of both cycles are used for conception, 85% of fertilization falls on the cycle of the phase change of the Moon and only 15% on the known biological cycle. The fertile period occurs when the two cycles intersect.

    Thus, it became possible to accurately calculate the most predisposed to the conception of the days of any woman. The dates obtained can be used to either prevent pregnancy or become pregnant with the greatest probability. To determine the phase of the moon( the distance between the Moon and the Sun in ecliptic longitude), one must know the hour of its birth. The moon travels every 2.5 days between the female and male signs of the Zodiac. If your fertile period coincides with the period when the moon is in the female sign, then you have a 98% probability of conceiving a girl, if with the period when the Moon in the male sign is a boy. In order to reliably determine the sex of the child, you should think about this one day before and six hours after the time of your greatest predisposition to conception. If the phases of both cycles of the fertile period are arranged in a row along the time, then the establishment of the floor can be approximate, since astrological phases change between the two phases. This is worth considering if you have a strong desire to have a child of a certain sex.

    If you do not know the time of your birth, you should be careful when choosing a gender.

    Dr. Jonas argues that when a person lived in much greater unity with nature than now - monthly ovulation coincided with the corresponding phase of the moon and therefore there were no two cycles.

    Studies show that when the repetition of the lunar phase occurs in a man, all the sperm counts sharply, by an order of magnitude, or even several orders of magnitude, increase.

    ( Method errors - because spermatozoa live in the genital tract for several days, from the time of sexual intercourse to the time of fertilization, the phases can change.) This is just the fundamental error of all methods based on the calculation of ovulation! MMM)

    Italian researcherAngelo Gagnacchi found that thin women more often give birth to girls

    In his work, he analyzed 10 thousand births and established a statistically significant relationship between the weight of the mother and the child's sex: the girl's birth turned out to be moreThe probability of women who weighed less than 54 kilograms before the start of pregnancy. Among these women, there were 98 girls per 100 born boys. Women weighing more than 54 kilograms, on the contrary, gave birth to boys 10 percent more often. To the conclusion that the weight of a woman is connected with the sex of her unborn child, American researchers have already come. However, they carried out their work on animals, causing some females to starve before pregnancy.

    Recognized as misconceptions of

    Public organization BabyCenter, which helps families in family planning, collected a collection of Americans' misconceptions about how to predict the sex of a future child. Specialists of the center emphasize that from the scientific point of view, all such "recipes" are absolutely meaningless.

    Misconception 1. The sex of the unborn child depends on what his parents eat.

    For the birth of a boy, one should eat more meat( preferably steak with blood), salty snacks( chips, nuts, drying, etc.), carbonated water( cola is preferable).For the birth of a girl, parents need to eat more fish and vegetables, as many sweets as possible( chocolate is preferable).

    Misconception 2. The sex of the unborn child depends on when his parents have sex.

    For the birth of a boy, you have to make love at night, when there is a month in the sky, and not a full moon, on an odd number of a month. The girl is "guaranteed" if she is engaged in love in the evening, on a full moon, on even days of the month.

    Misconception 3. The sex of the unborn child depends on how his parents have sex.

    Boys get better in a cool room. The higher the temperature in the room, the more likely that a girl will appear. Successful conception of a boy is ensured if the husband loves his wife more than the husband's wife, if the man wants a child, more than a woman, if the woman sleeps to her left, if they make love standing, if their heads are directed strictly to the north, if the man before reachesorgasm and if after a sexual intercourse the couple do not sleep for a long time. The work of a girl will be guaranteed if a woman loves her husband more and wants a child more. In addition, it is necessary that the wife became the initiator of sexual intercourse, make love in the traditional posture, and the woman must reach orgasm before the partner. Naturally, the spouses should lay their heads to the south.

    Misconception 4. The sex of the unborn child depends on the state of mind of his parents.

    The more parents are worried at the time of conception and during the first weeks of pregnancy - the more chances that a boy will be born. If they relax, a girl is born. In addition to these important conditions, some religious American women read special prayers during pregnancy, which should help to form the necessary sex of the child.

    Misconception 5. The sex of a child depends on a number of important signs.

    The birth of a girl is guaranteed if you place a pink ribbon, a candy or a flower under the pillow of a future mother. For the birth of a boy under the pillow should be important amulets. At your choice - a can of beer or a gun( you can toy).If a man makes love in a T-shirt or shirt - this is a sure sign that a boy will be born. It is extremely important for the conception of the girl that the interior of the room should be aged in pink tones. The use of perfumes, fragrances or deodorants also increases the chances of a girl being born, an open window or a window - a boy.

    Ridiculous? Almost all of the above "methods"

    are listed here. OFFICIAL SCIENCE


    In the world for every 100 girls an average of 105 boys are born, although nature allows some deviations from this average rate. Controlling the ratio of the sexes, it seems to take into account the fact of an increased mortality of males. It is known that male embryos are more vulnerable and die more often than the female embryo. Therefore, when they are conceived, they are formed more. According to American scientists, the mortality rate of boys of the first year of life is 30% higher than that of girls. The increased mortality of males continues in the future.

    What would the problem of violence against women look like in a smaller copy of the world community if the entire world population consisted of one thousand people?(The figures below are based on statistics from the United Nations, WHO, as well as data from government agencies and NGOs).

    500 people in the world - women

    There would be 510 of them, but 10 women were never born because of electoral abortions( by gender) or died in infancy without receiving sufficient care. ...

    49.7% of the world's population are women( 3 132 342 000 women and 3 169 122 000 men)( United Nations Population Division)

    The world population does not count at least 60 million girls who have been "filtered" by elective abortions or lack of proper care, because they are considered less important than boys.

    Influence on the child

    If the couple is equally pleased with the appearance of both the boy and the girl, then such a position is correct and kind. But there are many people who clearly want either a boy or a girl. This is especially clear in spouses who have children. Under certain circumstances, the desire of a child of a certain sex may be so great that the child already feels rejected in the mother's womb if the sex does not correspond to what is desired. And later this child has a feeling that with him "something is wrong" or that he is deprived of something. The fact that many parents try to hide their disappointment when, for example, instead of the expected girl a boy is born, as a rule, little affects their inner feelings. This can have a decisive influence on the entire subsequent life of the child. For example, the child's disrupted social behavior or even uncertainty about his or her own gender identity may develop.

    Psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Verney in his book "The Spiritual Life of the Unborn" states that a pronounced favorable combination of circumstances for the healthy development of the personality arises when the mother is positive about her pregnancy and the child is born to the desired sex. However, even if a married couple is equally desired that a boy, that a girl, it still makes sense to know in advance the sex of her child, and the child will feel welcome from the first moments of his pre-natal life. Therefore, in many cases it is reasonable to establish the sex of your future child by yourself. However, it is prudent at the time of pregnancy to be equally sympathetic to the birth of a child as one or the other sex.

    Strong desire to have a child of a certain sex, constant thoughts about it during pregnancy - all this threatens the nuclear form of transsexualism. .. In addition, if the questionabout the future child's field in the family is really acute and he is given too much attention, it is better to completely abandon planning. After all, in case of failure( and this possibility can not be excluded), the "unwanted" child may be disliked. Before trying to make a child, think about why and how much you need all these efforts. Whether it is better to direct the efforts on that your successor or the successor well felt and normally developed in a stomach at mum that in time and without problems to be born.


    The need for floor planning arises when there is a fear that a child can get an inherited disease that manifests itself only in a particular sex. An example of such a disease can be the pathological incoagulability of blood, to which only men are exposed. Women do not have hemophilia, but they can only inherit it from their sons. If it was possible to plan for a woman - the bearer of such a gene - the female sex of the child, it is possible to avoid the birth of a boy with hemophilia. True, 50% of the daughters of such a woman will also be carriers of the gene and will carry it on in generations, constantly in need of floor planning. The birth of the hemophilic boys earlier led to the elimination of this gene from the human population and reduced its frequency. With the successful implementation of gender planning, the probability of the patient's birth in a particular rich family would be avoided, and the probability of the spread of the hemophilia gene among mankind would increase dramatically. Given that the percentage of well-off people who are able to fund the planning of sex by scientific methods( IVF) is very small, one can imagine the consequences of this intervention in natural genetics, even based on noble motives.

    Today, cheaper, available and not affecting the natural spread of the gene is a method of medical abortion after the determination of the sex of the fetus at an early stage. Boys with a gene for hemophilia do not survive the development of this disease.

    There is a method of treating hemophilia, though expensive and lifelong, but it does exist.


    Separation of spasmozoids by electrophoresis.

    Father's spermatozoa "dispersed" to the positive and negative poles: the "halves" of future boys - one way, and girls - to the other. Further ECO.


    Methods such as the physical separation of spermatozoa into X and Y-containing can lead to extremely undesirable consequences: in particular, the mutagenic effect of the electric field is proved in the 60's.

    Active use of artificial insemination( IVF) techniques violates the processes of natural selection of inferior genes, which can lead to catastrophic changes in the human genome.

    Separation of spermatozoa using laser technology

    September 10, 2002 The Belgian clinic in Ghent proposed a new method for planning the sex of the unborn child. The essence of the method is that a man takes a sample of sperm, freezes and goes to America. In Fairfax, Virginia, the company's MicroSort branch separates spermatozoa into X- and Y-chromosome carriers using laser technology. The drug is sent back to Belgium, and, depending on the conceived sex of the child, the female egg is fertilized by one of two samples. The resulting embryo is placed in the body of the future mother. There is a procedure of 6.3 thousand euros.

    According to the professor, this technology provides 91% success in the case of girls and 75% - with boys. You can get more reliable results if you perform a preliminary diagnosis of the embryo to confirm its sex, but it costs another 6 thousand euros.( ie to have an abortion by gender)


    Neither the spouses themselves nor the clinic violate any laws, however they resort to using a method that has already caused mixed reactions among experts. For example, the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology( 4,000 specialists) has not yet decided how to treat this method of "family balancing".In Britain, some experts oppose this procedure for ethical reasons.

    "Theoretically, it is possible to find a similar way of influencing spermatozoa: laser development in the world is very promising," - said Honored Scientist of Russia, Doctor of Medical Sciences Boris Leonov."I know and respect Professor Komher very much, this is an authoritative name in science, but we still do not know what success his methodology will show," Leonov added. He told that today in the world another, reliable method of determining the sex of the future child is practiced with the help of chromosome analysis in the fetus, conceived in the usual extracorporeal fertilization."This is the so-called FISH-method, which costs only $ 3,000 in Russia."( ALREADY of the conceived fetus, ie selection of embryos by gender.)


    The sex of humans and animals is formed under the influence of temperature

    British scientists have proved that hotter semen leads to the formation of a male individual. Perhaps this explains the fact that more boys are born in a hot climate. Scientists conducted their studies on reptiles of various species. It turned out that embryos of crocodiles, which are formed at a temperature of up to 30 degrees Celsius, turn out to be females, and at higher temperatures males hatched from eggs.

    In viviparous mammals that have a constant body temperature, the main factor determining the male sex of the embryo is the gene called SRY in the only male Y chromosome.

    Sometimes mammals are born young male with an "inactive" gene SRY, which led scientists to assume that the formation of a male being can be influenced and something else. This is most likely the temperature.

    High temperatures form the male sex, activating the genes that accelerate the development of the embryo. As is known, males develop faster than females. All this occurs in nature in reptiles( in tortoises, the sex of the offspring directly depends on the temperature, BUT is the temperature of ripening of the laid egg in the masonry, and not the germ cell inside the parent's body.)


    Today there is no scientifically sound data on the possibility of conception of the fetus of a certainsex with the help of any methods or increase the probability of the birth of an infant on request. Although discussions on this topic have been conducted since antiquity, but in the specialized literature, no single success in this matter has been described in any scientific laboratory of the world. All the methods discussed and used not only did not prove a clear effectiveness, they lack the basic criterion - proven safety.