How to choose a haircut: on the computer, using photoshop and face shape

  • How to choose a haircut: on the computer, using photoshop and face shape

    The question of how to choose a haircut, excites any woman. You need to consider everything: both the figure, the profession, the type of person, and the time that will be spent on daily styling. Sometimes a woman can not help herself on this issue. Then experts come to her aid.

    Look at the face of

    Haircut must be chosen according to the shape of the face. It is known to be round, triangular, oval, square.

    Here are the characteristics of all types of face:

    1) The oval face is considered ideal. To any type of face fit any hairstyle. There are contrasts in performance, for example, the presence or absence of bangs, open or closed ears, symmetrical or asymmetric.

    2) The triangular face is characterized by prominent cheekbones, a broad forehead, a thinly delineated miniature lower part. The face is very characteristic, original.

    3) The square face has a wide lower jaw, creating the impression of a heavy chin, and a forehead commensurate with the chin. The face of this type looks angular and coarse.

    4) The rectangular face is a wide and high forehead, the lower jaw protruding on the sides, the high starting line of hair growth. If such a person is viewed in profile, then a high forehead is striking, and in general the features appear to be correct.

    5) A round face is full cheeks and a low forehead, a low line of hair growth. When choosing hairstyles for such a person, the main thing is to try to visually extend the shape of the head.

    So what can and can not be done in a hairstyle with a non-standard face shape? Here are some tips for hairdressers.


    With an oval face, you can wear any hairstyle. However, there are also small nuances here, if you want the image to be perfect.

    1) Choose a hairstyle based on the density of the hair. For thin hair undesirable length below the shoulders. If the woman's oval face has a big nose or close-set eyes, you need to consider the shape of the hairstyle, which would distract the eyes from these parts of the face.

    2) Women older than forty are not recommended long hair even with an ideal oval face and delicate features. It is better to give preference to fashionable haircut.

    Perfect hairdo for an oval face:


    With a round face in hairstyles, it is best to avoid bangs that cover the forehead, that is, straight. If you really want, you can make a slant. Not recommended and licked hair. Curls are permissible, but they should not freely frame the face, so as not to impart an even larger volume to the broad face and round cheeks. It is better to pin the strands on the vertex.

    Perfect hairstyle for a round face:


    With a square face, you need to soften the angular lines of the chin, as well as all the vertical and horizontal lines of the face. You can not open your forehead and comb your temples hair back. The best thing for a square face is a slanting bang.

    Ideal hairstyle for a square face:


    The triangular face is much less common than round or square, but there is also something to disguise here. Hairdressers strongly advise women with this form of face to cover their broad forehead. Hair in the hairstyle should be directed up and wide.

    Perfect hairstyle for a triangular face:

    If the face is elongated and narrow, it can be visually expanded by strands in the face. Do not recommend hairstyles with gathered hair on the top and open forehead. Recommended curls in the face:

    In short, for every atypical shape of the face, you can choose the right hairstyle if you want. You just need to give it a little time.

    Computer selection of hair style

    You can try to choose a hairstyle on your computer. Today, there are several programs that explain to women of any age how to choose the right haircut. What is most interesting, it's completely free! The program takes into account everything: your age, weight, density and hair color. Of course, this is not always a panacea, and a full-time specialist consultation can often be avoided, but in the absence of a hairdresser, such a program can very much help. One of the most famous free programs for the selection of hairstyles: "3,000 hairstyles," Makeoveridea.

    Our friend Photoshop

    This program can also be used to select a hairstyle. The program has a whole catalog, allowing you to see how the hair will look on your head and how it fits your face. You can also experiment with the color of the hair.

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