Hairstyles of the 30s: photo-collection of fashion standards of the time

  • Hairstyles of the 30s: photo-collection of fashion standards of the time

    That's the time passed dashing 20's, when the trend was considered a female image, as close to the male. Women dropped the burden of equality, put aside the strict suits and mouthpieces with cigarette cases. It is time for change and a gentle image of the romantic 30's. Global changes touched the hairstyles of the 30-ies, photos of which attracted the views of outlandish women of fashion.

    What was considered a trend at the time?

    As in the 1920s, short hair was preferred at this time - the length to the chin was considered the most optimal. Owners of noble hair, not wishing to be sheared, made a marathon for their long hair, pinning them on the nape with a neat grid. The most common styling is soft waves. To each girl she gave a romantic and seductive image. The waves were made very simply - a string of hair was wound on the finger, then it was fastened with a hairpin. For lazy salons offered a perm. It was in that fun time that girls started experimenting, playing with the color of their hair. Also, the hair should have been voluminous. Every woman dreamed of thick and heavy curls.

    Coveted stowage time for changes

    As we already know, it was considered fashionable to wear short hair. Who did not want to get a haircut, lifted his hair in a neat pile. The most cherished and breathtaking were stacking in the Chicago style: gangster style, mysterious women in diamonds and feathers with cigars. The main feature of the hair style of this style is the nakedness of the shoulders and the open chin. To hairstyle lay for exactly a long time - wax to help you.

    How to make this divine creation, we will tell you below.

    Cold waves

    Wavelike female hairdos possessed simply frenzied popularity. For this image, divide the wet hair into strands and arrange each with a neat wave. Fix all the strands of the invisible. With hair gel, this hairstyle will become "smooth", as in the distant 30's.

    Soft curls and curls

    With the help of means for fixing the volume, hair was placed in elegant curls. Hairstyle looked impressive and voluminous.

    Classic of those years

    We wind hair on the curlers to the earlobes. The upper part remains smooth. Try to comb your hair to give volume.

    Stylish accessories

    The spirit of the times of that era is permeated with adorations to leather and fabric bandages with sequins. Without a hat on the street did not go out, no self-respecting lady. Then came into fashion and turban, which should be wrapped around the head. Such an accessory was a highlight of the everyday life of women of the 30's. Wave-like hairstyles of that time were decorated with a mesh or feathers, shiny hairpins and clips. From the beauties and wafted chic and elegant.

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