Bruges lace: schemes for beginners, master class with photo and video

  • Bruges lace: schemes for beginners, master class with photo and video

    Today, we'll talk about the Bryug lace schemes for beginners to lay out a little lower. The birthplace of bryug knitting is Belgium, it was there that this kind of handicraft was born, which is used by craftsmen to this day. Having started using lace for finishing tablecloths, bed linens and other household items in rich families, the Belgians gradually transferred it to their outerwear. The thing made by the bryugsky lace distinguished her master from the rest with prosperity and inaccessible to others luxury. Differs bryugsky knitting from other types of lace-binding in that it represents a continuous lace braid, connecting as necessary in places of patterns. In general, if we consider bryug knitting individually, we will find that its background is a fine mesh and a braid on it, wriggling so bizarrely and playfully, thus forming a picture.

    Schemes for beginner needlewomen

    Lace is made according to the schemes, which indicate the order of knitting and the methods of assembling its individual elements. The letter or number in the diagram indicates that the lace consists of several motifs, and refers to the beginning of each motif.

    Master class for knitting a simple pattern

    Your attention is offered to the Bruges lace master class for beginners and amateurs.

    To tie this lace, you need a yarn made from pure white cotton and hook # 2.We start with a set of four air loops.
    Then from these four loops we unfasten five air loops and four columns with a crochet. Again, repeat the five air loops, turn the work and knit four more columns with a crochet. We repeat the same thing for the third row. For the next five rows, you need to make a rounding. For this we knit a bevelled row: two columns with a crochet, one half-pile with a crochet and a column without a crochet.
    Then tilt the rows to the other side. To do this, repeat the sequence on the contrary: a column without a crochet, a half-shell with a crochet and two columns with a crochet.
    We send three more rows, in total, there must be five.
    The next two rows should not be beveled, four columns with a crochet and arches of five air loops. We knit three more times the alternation of two air loops.
    Turn the work and again we knit according to the same scheme.

    In the next row we knit three arches from five air loops, we attach them with columns without a crochet.

    We continue to knit the second motive identical to the first. At the end you should get the following. Congratulations, you learned how to knit burgundy lace!

    We knit products from the bryug lace

    Based on the materials of the scheme, the bryugsky lace crochet you will get the
    to tie a charming napkin like this. It takes several hours to make such a napkin, but the enthusiasm for the work done will last longer. You can also use video lessons or articles from Japanese magazines to create unique things. The manufacturing scheme is simple and is shown in the figure.

    If you are experienced enough and know how to create more complicated things, we suggest that you look at the knitting technique of the charming dress, which also includes a handbag. The technique of doing bryug lace on video is sure to please you, if you like to create and wear unique clothes.