How to see the old year - spend the Old Year

  • How to see the old year - spend the Old Year

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    Looking through the next page of your life, which lasted a whole year, many people think about how to see off the old year, so that the coming year will be happy and successful for them.

    Feng Shui cleaning

    Before the clock strikes 12 times on New Year's Eve, the year that goes away, along with its problems and troubles, should be completed. To do this, first take care of your home, because it is in it that we spend most of our lives. Arrange a spring cleaning with a complete shake-up of all your inventory( including deposits of unnecessary things on the balcony).What is in good condition, but has not been used by you for at least 3-4 last years, you can try to sell( through friends, a free bulletin board, etc.).Some things( especially clothes for children) should be better transferred to needy or large families. Trash that you never need, just throw it away.

    After you have freed some of the home space from unnecessary things, you can safely do a reshuffle in an apartment or room. It is especially useful to move furniture, if the outgoing year was not too successful for you. In doing so, you can use the advice of Feng Shui - this will help restore the internal energy of the house and, of course, take a slightly different look at the surrounding space. The main thing is to start studying feng shui yourself( from books or DVDs) to understand its basics, and not just follow the advice of consultants( even very good ones).

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    Order on the windowsills

    Order on the windowsill

    Do not bypass the plants growing in your house. Be sure to put them in order, remove the dried leaves and twigs, arrange a festive shower for them, if such care allows them, carefully wipe the pots.

    Decoration of a festive tree

    After putting in order, it's time to festively decorate your house for the coming of the New Year. Do not be lazy, hang garlands and tinsel everywhere. Set the Christmas tree. If you are not a supporter of living trees, put an artificial tree in the house. Spruce( or pine) is better to dress the whole family, using old and new New Year's toys. If you have children, make a couple of decorations for the tree with them.

    Instead of a big Christmas tree, you can put three spruce branches in several vases, dispersing them around the house. Sprigs also decorate with toys and rain.

    And the general cleaning, and the installation of the New Year's spruce should be completed 2-3 days before the New Year, so that you have time for other things.

    Finishing line

    If possible, give all your debts so as not to drag them in the year coming.

    The next stage, which is always implied in the discussion of the question, how to see off the old year, is the arrangement of the holiday itself. Start with yourself: visit the beauty salon, buy yourself a new dress( in which you will meet a holiday at home or go to a New Year party) and shoes. If financial opportunities do not allow such a large expenditure, get yourself some small accessory to the already existing one, but slightly( or strongly) changing its image. Make sure by looking in the mirror( or in someone's eyes) that you like how you look in this outfit.

    Now it's the festive table turn. If there is no desire to spend half a day at the kitchen stove, you can go to celebrate New Year's Eve in a club or restaurant( place reservations in advance).When meeting New Year with friends, use the principle of "joint table": share in advance between the guests( of course, with their consent) who and what dishes will be prepared for the holiday.

    on December 31 try not to turn into a day of turmoil. Since usually many people still have to go to work in the morning, do not plan for this day any major household chores. Best if you can rest after lunch.

    And do not forget to mentally "run through" your life in the last year, remember all the good things that happened to you and forgive your grievances( if someone has done it to you).

    And when the clock is beaten 12 times, make your most secret wish, so that it will come true in the new year.