Peroxide of hydrogen for the face from wrinkles: ways of application and useful advices

  • Peroxide of hydrogen for the face from wrinkles: ways of application and useful advices

    In pursuit of beauty and youth, a woman can go far. Initially, the entire range of rejuvenating cosmetics is bought up in stores and pharmacies, then the procedures for getting rid of wrinkles are spent the budget of an entire African country, and then. ..

    And then what? Quite frankly, many women stop at the first step, because beauty is beauty, and you also want to eat, because the means to maintain youth are not cheap. And they think, miserable, they can not, that one of the best, proven and available remedies for face from wrinkles, hydrogen peroxide is sold at the nearest pharmacy around the corner.

    Details of hydrogen peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide is a colorless liquid that has neither smell nor taste. This is a very powerful oxidizer that interacts with a large number of substances, and externally such reactions are expressed in discoloration.

    Hydrogen peroxide has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, bleaching properties, so it is widely used in medicine, where it is used mainly for disinfection of wounds. Peroxide is also considered an excellent antioxidant, which destroys toxins and infections, so hydrogen peroxide from wrinkles is used very often and for a long time.

    But do not forget that with all its advantages hydrogen peroxide is a very aggressive substance, so as a cosmetic product it should be used with great care, because even a small overdose of it can cause burns.

    Hydrogen peroxide in the elimination of skin problems

    Given the decontaminating properties of hydrogen peroxide, in cosmetology it is used, mainly, for its purification. With its help, you can rid the skin of pimples and acne, discolor the freckles and pigmentation spots.

    Before using peroxide for skin, it is necessary to make a usual test for allergy - apply a drop of peroxide on the elbow fold, and after an hour to see the reaction. If redness and other reactions are not, then you can apply peroxide on the face.

    Due to the aggressiveness of peroxide, in its pure form it must be applied locally, mainly on fatty skin areas, in order to avoid inflammation and burns.

    For dry skin, use hydrogen peroxide only when absolutely necessary.

    Hydrogen peroxide in wrinkle control

    As mentioned, in undiluted form, hydrogen peroxide against wrinkles is dangerous, so it is a good idea to combine it with other useful ingredients and use as anti-aging masks.

    Very popular is the recipe mask with hydrogen peroxide and powder of the bodyguard. They should be mixed until a uniform foamy mass is obtained and immediately applied to the face. Apply the mask very carefully, without affecting the skin around the eyes. After 15 minutes, the mask is washed off with water, and a nourishing cream is applied to the face. Mask is best done at night, because after a while the skin will be reddened.

    You should also try a yeast mask against wrinkles. To make it, you need dry yeast in the amount of two teaspoons and a teaspoon of peroxide. Mixing the ingredients, we wait, when they start to wander, and we put the mask on the face. After 20 minutes, wash off the mask with water and chamomile, depending on the type of skin - oily or dry, respectively.

    In the piggy bank of masks based on peroxide, it is worth adding a nutritious and toning honey mask, which is suitable even for sensitive or dry skin. For it you will need a spoon of honey and aloe juice and two drops of iodine and peroxide.

    If the skin needs to be slightly dried, then peroxide can be added twice as much. To put a mask it is necessary only on problem places, to leave there for 20 minutes, and then to wash off warm water.

    The most important thing when using hydrogen peroxide is not to overdo it. Be healthy and beautiful!