Haircuts for the New Year 2016 - which one to choose( + photo)

  • Haircuts for the New Year 2016 - which one to choose( + photo)

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    Most people adore holidays, especially the New Year. And on holidays, lovely women and girls want to look just stunning. Great value for the holiday image has a haircut.

    Strizhke great variety: it can be original, even extreme versions, and can be quite classic versions. The main rule remains unchanged - the haircut should suit you and emphasize your appearance and personality.


    Such a haircut, like a square, is great for short hair, which will always be in vogue. This haircut is quite diverse. There is a square "on the leg," elongated, graduated and so on. Since the actual in the 2015-2016 season is only a square with elongation and graded, then, respectively, on New Year's Eve, these hairstyles will also be very fashionable. With the graded car on the tips of the hair, stepped sections are created, which gives the volume to the hair. This haircut can be completed with a bang.

    The elongated square is a kind of compromise between long hair and a neatly decorated haircut. If you look at the haircut in the profile, it is noticeable that it is made at an angle of 45 degrees. Thus, the hair in front is longer, and at the rear the haircut becomes a classic carousel.

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    Elongated square
    Stepped stand
    With a thick bang
    Straight cut along the front
    Straight bang with dark hair
    Straight bang with light hair
    Crown with grading
    Side cut chas
    Long cut


    Bob is a very creative and versatile haircut. In the majority, all of it is represented as short at the nape and long at the front. Such a haircut can be diversified, for example, it can have a shaven head or an elongation. This style is suitable for medium hair, but it is better to make the bean asymmetrical. Be prepared for the fact that in 2016 designers prefer asymmetry in the middle of the haircut, and not as before in front or behind. On New Year's Eve the most fashionable will be a textured bean. The ends of the hair are cut with a "ladder" and the dressing is used, due to what the haircut looks bulky.

    For those who love very short haircuts, designers offer a bean with a shaven head. Hair from the front remains at the level of the ears, and behind as shorter as possible, thus creating an additional volume on the crown.

    Photo by

    Photo by Victoria Beckham

    Shaved temples
    With long strands
    Back of the neck
    Striped chest
    Bob with long oblique bang
    Bob blondi

    Trendy haircut of the pixie

    This type of haircut is characterized by shortened whiskeys and the back of the head. Due to the fact that combinations of different lengths of strands are combined, it is textured and three-dimensional. Pixie in 2016 is usually done with a semicircular bangs.


    Pixie with wave
    Pixie with Iroquois
    Pixie with thick bang
    Pixie with bang and tint
    Pixie blonde
    Short haircut


    Haircut cascade is very suitable for long hair with thick hair. Classical haircut, when strands of different lengths smoothly pass one into another. Most often present on side strands or along the entire length of the hair. In 2016, the most fashionable is the second type of haircut with an elongated bangs.


    Cascade on straight hair
    Cascade on medium hair
    Cascade on red hair
    Cascade on long curly hair

    Gradual haircut of hair

    This type of haircut is one of the types of haircut "ladder".If the second option uses smooth transitions, then the first difference between the length of the strands is more noticeable. On such a haircut it is easy to make an asymmetry - on the one hand, the hair is longer than the second. This haircut is very voluminous, well suited to the owners of fine hair.

    Please note! You need to look after the graduated haircut. If you have problems with hair, then it is better not to do it, as they only exacerbate.


    Stepped haircut
    Graduation for medium hair
    Graduation for short hair
    Graduated Gavroche


    If you are extravagant, you can surprise everyone with this hairdo. In such a haircut, whiskey is shaved, and on the top of the head a thick mop of hair is left, then it is laid as the client wants. If you are afraid to shave whiskey, then you can cut them under the hedgehog. The main task is to focus on the strong contrast of hair length.


    Iroquois style
    Iroquois with short temples
    Aggressive Iroquois

    Haircuts with bangs

    The bangs remain fashionable this season. It can be of various shapes: straight, above the eyebrows, oblique, thick, milled, torn. Long and smooth bangs fit almost all haircuts. Lovers of short bangs also do not have to be upset, a haircut with such a bang will provide you with a charming retro look.

    Please note! Long and slanting bangs are suitable for those with a round face type.

    The favorite of 2016 will be a thick and evenly cut bangs. If you have a triangular or square face shape, then you have probably heard that such a bang is not for you, but do not get discouraged. In Hollywood, experts found a way out of this situation, all you need is just to separate the bangs with your fingers in the middle, so that the forehead can be seen a little. The density of the bangs may be larger in the temples. When it grows over time under the eyebrow line, it is enough to raise it and the haircut will return to its place. Always listen to the opinion of the stylist and your own sense of style.


    Super long oblique fringe
    Direct short bangs
    long straight bangs
    semicircular fringe
    Pixie Round bangs
    oblique fringe
    A brief milled chelochkoy
    Long perfectly aligned fringe

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