• Water procedures

    Russian bath is unthinkable without water procedures, they are an important part of the bath process. A real Russian bath without cold and hot water, no shower and washing, no aromatic and other baths, no pool, no "animate" water, that is, no steam, no liquid for drinking - a bath without all this is unthinkable, as without contrasting water procedures. In addition, water is a powerful soothing remedy.

    Russian steam bath without water treatments - not a bath.

    A person visiting a bath does not remain in contact with water for a minute. Has come to a bath - I wash. Washed - before going to the steam room, warm your feet in warm water. He went into the steam room - give in to the water heater - get steam. He left the steam room - under the shower, after the shower - in the pool or in the bath. Has had a rest - has drunk natural juice, again in a steam room and so it is repeated 3-5 times. At the very end, he washed himself, dried himself, and rested and went home.

    It is water - hot, cold, warm or in the form of steam, affects the body in the bath, stimulating the most powerful physiological processes. It is water that "disperses" blood, causes sweating,

    makes lymphatic and other body systems actively work. ..

    Competent use of water in a bath is a very important condition of the bath procedure as a whole. It is illiterate treatment of water in the bath can lead to the most negative consequences. For example, a novice or a person with a weak cardiovascular system jumped out of the steam room and headlong headlong into the pool with cold water. What can this lead to? To the most tragic consequences. And this man made only a small mistake: he casually reacted to the water. To cold procedures after the steam room must be treated extremely carefully.

    It has been found that water increases( 14 times compared to air) heat transfer from the skin surface, so the body surface temperature can be changed most quickly with cold or hot water.

    Kneip S, for forty years with the help of hot and cold water treated his patients, sought this method to get rid of diseases such as smallpox, typhoid, pneumonia, nervous diseases, hemorrhoids, flu, stammering, catarrh and many others, up to cholera. This can be explained by the fact that under the influence of hot or cold water the blood was redistributed in the body or its separate parts.

    It is known that the human body as a whole is charged negatively and only in this state all systems of the body can function normally. The potential between the head and hands or feet is 2 volts. Changing this potential dramatically affects the health of a person, and sometimes ends in a faint. For example, harmless walking on the floor, covered with linoleum,

    can increase the positive potential to 1000 volts.

    The natural negative potential may decrease even when a person is engaged in any mental or physical labor, but is not "grounded" in the full sense of the expression, that is, if his feet do not touch the ground and there are no electrically conductive shoes on his legs, or if his handsDo not touch the ground.

    "If we, after going to bed, pull on a blanket of artificial materials, then simultaneously" cover "with five hundred volts. That is why in some countries, at the level of state programs, the task is to ground the buildings, floors, beds, creating current-carrying soles for shoes "(Yu. Gushko).

    And how to get rid of this positive potential? It turns out very simply: it costs a man to ground the soles of his feet or the palms of his hands, "as a natural power plant of a person is instantly restored and its efficiency improves noticeably."

    Gushko Yu in his book "Introduction to the encyclopedia of health and longevity" advises: "At the desk or computer, you should keep a metal ball or other object, also grounded, and under your feet have a grounded conductive mat or metal stand. Do not forget to order shoes made of genuine leather with a conductive sole. It should be thrown away all socks made of artificial materials, leaving only socks made from 100% cotton. "

    But to restore the natural potential in the body there is another, more accessible method in modern housing conditions - it's water. Even a simple

    washing of hands or feet leads to a positive result, while baths and showers are radical measures to restore the potential.

    Of course, we know about this natural potential thanks to the latest research. Our ancestors did not know this, but nevertheless actively used water. History shows that in all religions, contact with water was prescribed without exception. According to an ancient custom in many countries, the guest was given water for washing hands and feet. The Russians had a hard habit of offering the guest a heated bath.

    Kneip S. in the book "My hydrotherapy" recommended walking barefoot on dew, wet grass, on wet stones and wet sand on the bank of the river, lake, sea, other bodies of water, on the newly fallen snow. One of the best ways to prevent illness and temper yourself is a cold washing of hands and feet. Kneipp advised parents not to wrap their children in warm summer shoes and let them walk barefoot.

    Actually in this case we have no reason to refer to Kneipp. Children in Russian villages always ran barefoot and not only in summer, but from early spring to late autumn, and sometimes even in snow.

    The first practitioner to use hydrotherapy was Hippocrates. Its main method was based on the change of cold and hot water with subsequent body rubbing, which led to increased circulation of blood. This method is not forgotten today.

    A good body cleaner is hot baths, especially hot baths of mineral springs. It is mineral water - "the most suitable means of treating human ailments, it is a great purifier and detoxifier, as well as an accelerator of blood circulation in the body."Best of all,

    of course, enjoy the mineral water of hot springs.(But one should not take hot baths during fasting.)

    In addition to the usual baths and other water procedures there are also the so-called extreme water procedures .The bath also belongs to them. Visiting the bath clears and deepens the capillary channels, stimulates the vital activity of cells. In the bath you can achieve maximum sweating.

    In the bath the skin works like kidneys, liver, etc. Sweat glands can reduce the way slags from the blood or lymph.

    One of the main functions of the bath is to ensure active sweating with the purpose of excretion from the body together with sweat, and such sweat is so toxic that even a small amount of it can cause the death of the animal. Yes, and a man tolerates even a couple of sweat. In an unventilated room where there are many people, the state of health deteriorates noticeably due to an increase in the content of poisonous products in gases emitted by the human body with sweat and breathing.

    The most poisonous is the sweat emitted by a person during his active physical work. Academician A. Mikulin argued that the concentration of dissolved and dissolved in the "bath" pot is much less than that for sweating during physical exercises. Therefore, from the point of view of the effectiveness of body cleansing, the bath can not completely replace physical loads by 100%.It is no accident that in the famous Roman baths there were not only rooms for sweating, but also gyms, where visitors, along with bath procedures, could "sweat" and through physical exercises. This

    combination gives the greatest effect in the "deslagging" of the body.

    Along with hot extreme water procedures, there are extreme cold procedures, which, incidentally, in Russia enjoyed the same popularity as baths. Russians from time immemorial swam in the ice hole, walked barefoot in the snow, poured ice water. .. And it was done not only by adults, but also by children.