Fashionable women's jackets 2015 - models of fashionable women's jackets 2015

  • Fashionable women's jackets 2015 - models of fashionable women's jackets 2015

    Fashionable women's jackets of 2015 differ in variety of styles and colors. Consider the most relevant and interesting models of this season.

    Leather jacket

    Coat with shorts

    Fashion designers have chosen this option for many seasons in a row. The most popular is the shortened style of this jacket, long at waist level or slightly below it. Today, designers create interesting models from both natural leather and so-called "eco-skin", the advantage of which is its ability to perfectly pass air and retain moisture.

    It looks interesting jacket in the form of a jacket trimmed with fur, or a fitting model with unusual finishes, buckles, locks and rivets.

    Please note! This trend is a drought.

    Fashionable ladies combine it with jeans and shortened stylish trousers, as well as with romantic dresses and floral skirts. Today, the crook does not need to be black. This season, designers allow white and pastel shades, as well as products that mimic the skin of reptiles.

    Denim and military

    Denim jacket with tights
    Please note! At the peak of fashion jeans jackets, which will be relevant in the coming spring and summer.

    They are presented in both classic dark blue and all shades of blue and sand. It is interesting to look "torn" models, as well as jackets with a fringe and numerous pockets.

    A military style is preferred by girls who value comfort and practicality in clothing. Today military jackets do not have to be anything rude, fashion designers create more feminine models.

    Please note! A characteristic feature of military style jackets is the abundance of rivets, buttons, cuffs, shoulder straps and coarse belts with massive plaques.

    The color scheme is not rich: it is represented by khaki, olive, sand, light green, brown, etc.

    Blow jackets

    Blowing jacket

    Numerous photos from fashion designers show that volumetric jackets are extremely popular this season. Most often they are made in a sporting style and allow their owner to easily improve their physical shape or walk comfortably along the street without fear of freezing.

    Please note! Correctly seated blown model should give the impression that it is somewhat too big for its owner.

    It has a distinctive feature in the form of volumetric and slightly rounded shoulders. This style is perfect for a tall, slender girl, but miniature girls need to be more careful with him, because this jacket will steal several centimeters of their growth.

    The color range of these models is quite rich: in vogue bright shades of orange, turquoise, green and yellow colors.



    This is a slightly elongated jacket, most often having an elastic band on the sleeves and at the waist, a large number of pockets and a zippered fastener. These jackets can be both warmed for a colder time, and quite lightweight, sewn from flying fabrics, designed for walking on warm summer nights.

    Please note! The most popular are models of soft muted shades.

    Jackets without collars and sports style

    Short jacket without collar

    Jacket without a collar allows you to experiment with the image, changing it with accessories, for example, multi-colored scarves and scarves. Such jackets can be quilted, suede or velvet. Basically, they are presented in a one-color version.

    Admirers of sports-style jackets are not necessarily girls, who are closely watching any sport and are passionate fans. A real fashionista today combines a sports jacket with a romantic outfit, whether it's a dress or a sumptuous skirt with ruffles.

    Shortened jackets

    Shortened jacket

    Shortened jackets will make the figure more feminine and tightened due to the length, hardly reaching the waist. Models can be decorated with fringe, buttons, bright print and other interesting details.

    Please note! They perfectly match with the feminine details of the wardrobe: dresses, skirts and tight trousers.

    A huge variety of models of jackets will allow you to find your comfortable and comfortable option, which will also be beneficial to highlight all your strengths and emphasize them.


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