Weather forecasts in the middle band( according to the Ninth As and Makarevich ai)

  • Weather forecasts in the middle band( according to the Ninth As and Makarevich ai)

    Some characteristic signs of environmental change, folk signs, behavior of animals, birds and pets, predicting:

    Month of the year

    "good weather"

    "bad weather"





    Short-term forecasts

    Red sun setting not in a cloud-day will be clear, frosty. The moon shines brightly at night or without the moon, the sky is strewn with bright stars - tomorrow it will be a clear frosty day.

    Trees covered with fluffy frost - tomorrow it will be clear frosty weather. If the crows sit down on the snow or trees in the head in different directions, tomorrow will be a windless day. Sparrows sit on trees or buildings secretly - it will snow without wind, but amicably spread out - to a thaw. Firewood in the furnace hiss, smoke, badly light up - to warming

    If the sun goes into the red shimmering dawn, tomorrow there will be wind and frost.

    If there are two rings around the moon and one dim - there will be frost. Galki and crows scream continuously - there will be snowfall, and maybe a snowstorm.

    Clouds go against the wind - to a snowfall.

    If the crows sit in one side of the head on a branching stove and closer to the trunk of the tree - there will be a wind and blow from the side in which the crows turned their heads.

    Firewood in the furnace burns with a bang - to the frost

    Long-term forecasts

    Sparrows together collect feathers and feathers near the chicken coops, warm their shelters - after a few days there will be severe frosts. Round the setting sun there are white circles, high poles or a few false suns -frost for several days.

    If in January frequent snowfalls and snowstorms, then in July frequent rains.

    If the snow bends on the branches of the tree with its weight, there will be a good harvest and the bees will swarm well. Winter snowy - summer rainy


    Short-term forecasts

    White fire in the night - to thaw. The glasses in the window frames are foggy - there will be warming. Room callas allocate water - the thaw will soon come. The moon seemed to turn red at night - expect wind, heat and snow tomorrow. Crows and jackdaws sit on the snow - to the thaw

    If a dull circle formed around the moon, then tomorrow there will be severe frost. Red fire in the oven - to frost. The dog is lying on the snow - it will be a blizzard. Smoke from the pipe spreads on the ground - there will be snowfall

    Crows and jackdaws sit on the tops of trees - there will be frost, on the lower branches - there will be a wind.

    All fish of the aquarium float above the surface of the water - wait for the bad weather. Cats scratch their claws with claws - to blizzards. If the cat stands on its hind legs and starts scraping with the claws of the wall, it will be a blizzard. Before approaching blizzard and blizzard, the dog lies on the snow, the tail is turned around, the horse snores, the pig screeches

    Long-term forecasts

    February is cold and dry - August is hot;what the first day of February, such and the rest


    Short-term forecasts

    The rooks flew in and all together began repairing their nests - in a day or two there will be warm, good weather. Golets are lying on the bottom of the aquarium - there will be clear weather

    If the rooks arrived early, but they do not undertake repairs for the nests, but fly over them and sit on them for a short time or near them and again take off - the cold will last several days. If the char in the aquarium rushes up and down, right-left - it will rain.

    Crow hides the beak under the wing, and the goose pinches the paw - tomorrow it will be frost

    Long-term forecasts

    On the thawed patches, on the slopes, on the slopes, the mother-and-stepmother has blossomed on the railway slopes - the heat will come


    Short-term forecasts

    In the morning it was cloudy weather, and by the afternoon the sky cleared and high cumulus clouds appeared - tomorrow it will be sunny

    The sun sets in the red shimmering dawn - strong wind and possible rain. Sparrows sit puffing, as if waiting for something - soon it will rain, and maybe snow. Pike well enough zharlitsy and then suddenly ceases - there will be a cold snap, wind, snowfall. The day before this, the pike goes into the depths of the river, the

    lakes. The long-term forecasts of

    . The mother-and-stepmother has begun to blossom - it will be warm.

    Golden-yellow bells of primrose appeared in the meadows, forest glades and among the bushes - the first warm days will begin. There is a lot of juice at the birch - summer will be rainy.

    Birch used to leave the alder leaves - the summer will be sunny, and if the alder before the birch blossomed - the cold and rains will be tortured. The sap flow from the maple and other trees began - the warm weather will begin. Early departure of bees - a sign of the onset of early and warm spring


    Short-term forecasts

    A wide leaf of a white lily appeared on the surface of reservoirs - there will be no more frosts. Regularly cuckoo cuckoo - the weather will be warm and the frost will stop. After the rain, a rainbow formed - the rain stopped. High in the sky swallows - to sunny weather.

    There is a prolonged rain and suddenly the birds sing in the sky - the sunny weather will come. The sky frowned, the clouds floated, and the flowers of the dandelion were open-there would be no rain.

    Fern and drupe for 15-20 minutes.before sunny weather, twist their leaves down. Bees fly happily in the morning - the day will be sunny. The sky in the clouds, even thunder rumbles, and the bees do not hide, work energetically - there will be no rain

    Beetles are worried, they fly - by the evening or the next day it gets colder, it will rain.

    The bird cherry blossoms, the oak blossoms - it may be a cold snap. Low flying swallows - to the rain. In the sky the sun, and dandelion flowers are closed - the rain will go. Even a strong wind will not tear off the fuzzy dandelion before the rain.

    Fern and drupe for 15-20 minutes.before the rain bend their leaves up.

    In the morning bees are sitting in the hive and buzzing - in the next 6-8 hours it will rain. A sunny day, while bees fly into the hive in masses and hide in it - there will be a thunderstorm


    Long-term forecasts

    Earrings appeared on blossoming maples - it's time to sow beets. Flowering of aspen indicates the time of sowing carrots. The bird cherry blossomed - it was time to plant potatoes. Blossomed ashberry - there will come a long warmth. Later, the ashberry blossoms - to the long and warm autumn


    Short-term forecasts

    Nightingale sings all night - it will be a sunny day.

    In the evening fell abundant dew - the next day will be sunny weather. The rooks are playing on the grass - to good weather.

    In the rainbow more red -

    the rain stops.

    Rainbow appeared in the evening - tomorrow

    will be clear weather.

    The fog spreads in the morning on the water - there will be

    sunny weather.

    The sun sets in a light pink dawn, even covered with small clouds - tomorrow in the morning there will be a good weather.

    In the evening there is no dew - tomorrow it will rain, and maybe bad weather. The sky is still clear, blue and bottomless, and the flowers of the mallow have folded their petals, as if withered - it will soon rain.

    On a good summer day, the woodpecker is beating strongly on the beak - soon it will rain. Rooks graze on the grass - it will rain Continuously dive and splash ducks - it will rain.

    In the rainbow more blue - rain and wind will increase. The rainbow appeared in the morning - the day will be rainy.

    Butterfly-urticaria stop their flights, hide, fly to the verandas and into the rooms - in a few hours there will be a thunder, it will rain.

    On an overcast evening, objects on the horizon are clearly visible and sounds are clearly audible - tomorrow it will rain, and perhaps a thunderstorm. The flowers of the field flower and the clover are closed - it will rain

    Long-term forecasts

    The drops of water appeared on the leaves of the horse chestnut - there will be a long rainy weather.

    Violet flowers are opened - there will be prolonged sunny weather


    short-term forecasts

    In the evening in the forest is warmer than in the field - tomorrow there will be warm and clear weather. Mosquitoes and other insects swell in the evening - to good weather. The whole sky was covered with dark white clouds, but they go high above the ground and their outlines are clearly visible - there will be no rain, but the wind is possible. The grasshoppers are jumping and chirping together - to dry and clear weather. Field convolvulus reveals flowers before good weather. Flowers of hare cabbage normally close at night - the weather will be fine in the daytime.

    If earthworms crawl out of the earth, the clear sunny weather will be replaced by rain and thunder. Birds fell silent, sparrows hid under the roof, swallows and swifts fly above the ground - there will be a thunderstorm. Frogs stick to the surface, raise their heads and croak - to rage.

    Field convolvulus closes flowers before rain.

    Hare cabbage at night dissolved flowers - in the morning it will rain

    Long-term forecasts

    On the maple leaves, moisture is noticeable, near the petioles it even thickens into droplets - in 2-3 days the rainy weather will come.

    Prolonged bad weather, and sparrows animated and chirped - soon the weather will come clear.

    The flowers of the goritzvet have stopped smelling and do not attract bees and other insects - there will be windy weather.

    Water lily covered the flowers - in a day or two it will rain


    Short-term forecasts

    The dog stretches out on the ground and lies or sleeps, legs spread out - to heat.

    Cat stretches among the room and sleeps - the weather will warm up. If in the early morning the fog from the ground and water rises and gradually dissipates - in the daytime it will be hot. The appearance of fog in the evening and spreading it on the earth foreshadows good weather for tomorrow.

    A dog is lying on the ground, eating a little and sleeping a lot - it will soon rain. The dog curls up and lies in the cold.

    Chickens, geese and ducks grease their feathers with fat, and chickens do not depart from the hen. A fierce and long-lasting bad weather is expected. It's raining and there are bubbles on the puddles, the hens pacing the open courtyard - the rain will not stop for a long time.

    Ants immediately returned from the hike and in the middle of the day they seal the entrances - it will rain


    Long-term forecasts

    Yellow leaves appeared in the trees in early August - early autumn will come.

    Around red from rowan - you have to wait for a cold and long autumn. Nuts are plentiful, but there are few mushrooms - the winter will be snowy and severe. The abundance of berries also foreshadows the cold winter. All oaks are strewn with acorns - it will be a warm winter.

    Ants build large anthills - winter is long and severe


    Short-term forecasts

    If in the rain spiders began to weave a web - just about the rain will stop.

    If the spiders weave the web in a southerly direction - there will be a cold snap.

    If the spider leaves the nest and makes new spider webs - there will be weather

    Mocrica closes the flowers in the morning - in the afternoon it will rain. Before the storm, spiders hide in a slot. If spiders weave a web in the north direction - it will get colder. If the spider sits, hammered into the middle of the web and does not go out - to rain. Frogs jump to the shore and croak in the afternoon, and fish jump out of the water - it will rain


    Short-term forecasts

    The black grouse sit on the tops of trees - to clear weather.

    Galki gather in packs and shout - there will be clear weather

    Roosters chant - on the rain. The cats lie curled up near the stove in the cold.

    Low dark clouds foreshadow the cold, and possibly snow. The moon seems muddy and pale - it will rain, and maybe frost and snow. The sky is clear in the evening, but big circles are visible near the moon - there will be frost

    Long-term forecasts

    If geese and cranes do not hurry to leave their native places - the frost will not come soon and the winter will be soft, short.

    The listopad passed quickly - it will soon be cold and winter will be severe, and if the leaves remain green and stay on the tree for a long time - the winter will be short and with small frosts.

    If bees are denser covered with waxing leaves, leaving small holes - winter will be cold, harsh. Before the warm winter, the leaves remain open.

    Three weeks after the departure of the main mass of cranes, the first night frosts


    Short-term forecasts

    Roosters sang early in the morning - will become warmer.

    Glasses in the windows are foggy - to a thaw.

    The setting sun is red, the night sky is starry, clean - tomorrow it will be a frosty sunny weather.

    Chickens settle down on the roost - there will be frost. The roosters sing in the evening - to change the weather.

    The moon in the dim haze - to the prolonged rage

    Long-term forecasts

    If the squirrel builds the nest low - winter will be frosty, if high - winter will be with thaws.

    If the smoke from the pipe rises straight upwards even during a bad weather, but without a wind, the weather will soon turn up


    Short-term forecasts

    Friable snow on the frozen windows gradually began to melt, lumens formed through which one can even see objects on the street - the next day there will be a warming

    If the bullfinch has sung - to be blizzard, and if the sound of tits is heard from the morning - frost will intensify.

    The jackdaws and ravens are flying and screaming - tomorrow there will be a snowfall

    Long-term forecasts

    Snow has ceased to creak under your feet and noticeably the donkey, the wind blew from the west or southwest - there will be a prolonged warming. Crows and jackdaws sit on the snow - to a thaw.

    Tops of deciduous trees turn pink and rise to the top - frosts will weaken

    Weather conditions favorable for agricultural work

    Types of agricultural works

    Air temperature, ° C

    Time of day



    Other conditions( requirements)



    during the day

    does not matter

    work without rain

    after sowing watering or rain

    Planting( planting, picking) of plants


    Afternoon, in the evening


    work without rain

    Green cuttings


    afternoon, in the evening


    in the protected ground does not matterI

    pritenenie plants



    during the day

    sunny after rain

    otryahivaniya soil from the roots

    Loosening soil


    during the day

    sunny after rain

    fine lumpy structure



    during the day

    does not matter

    work without rain

    with simultaneous loosening

    Spraying against pests and diseases


    in the evening or at night


    at least 2 hours beforeRain

    sewn bees from pesticides

    Digging plants


    during the day

    cloudy without rain

    woody plants - oshmygivanie leaves



    hay - early in the morning

    drying - solar drying

    without rain shelter

    Stozhkovfilm from the rain



    the second half of the day, in the evening


    rain - instead of watering

    . cucumbers in the greenhouse - in the morning, after watering the soil to blanch