How to celebrate the New Year 2013.What to meet the year of the Serpent. What gifts to give for the New Year

  • How to celebrate the New Year 2013.What to meet the year of the Serpent. What gifts to give for the New Year

    The new 2013 year is not far off and there are fewer leaves on the calendar. And almost every person is interested in what year will be on the eastern horoscope, what kind of dress you need to meet this year and how to set the table, so that the next beast is kind to you and that the year brought only joy and luck.

    On the eastern horoscope The new 2013 will be the year of the Black Water Snake, and although the Snake will become a full-fledged mistress only on February 10, we will celebrate her arrival on the night of December 31 to January 1.

    And to cajole the mistress of the year - Snake needs to prepare in advance appropriate attire, stock up gifts and souvenirs for your children, loved ones, parents, friends. In advance, buy New Year cards and find the warmest sincere congratulations - for the grandmother, mother, funny and funny - for their classmates or brother, sister.

    And also, think over the New Year's menu, finding recipes for delicious, exquisite, unusual dishes.

    And there are so many pleasant troubles for you before your favorite holiday - decorate the house so that it's cozy and elegant, a Christmas tree, find or come up with a script for a festive evening, so that everyone would have fun. To be in time to sew carnival costumes for your kids on a matinee in a kindergarten or school, so that they are the most compelling, to buy gifts to relatives, so that they are happy.

    Where to meet the year of the Snake

    New Year is traditionally considered a family holiday, and most people will meet the New Year with their families, their close friends. And 2013 is also recommended to celebrate in a small company, at home with your family, without unnecessary noise and fuss, as the Serpent is a calm, slow creature, does not tolerate noise and does not like unnecessary movements.

    If you decide to celebrate the New Year in a cafe or in a restaurant, then choose a small, but cozy room where there will be few outsiders and less noise.

    You can also note the coming of the New Year in a country house in a close family circle, under the cheerful crackle of logs in the fireplace, because fire - the cosmic element of the Snake and the burning fire in the fireplace will be very handy.

    If you grow a fir tree in it, you can dress it up, decorating with homemade toys, which you can easily make yourself with the children( and if you do not eat, you can dress up any shrub, tree).

    Your yard will look magical and fabulous, if you decorate it with garlands with colored lights, make a snowman or figures of funny beasts from snow. Your children will be ecstatic and will remember this New Year for a long time.

    How to decorate the house

    To have a festive atmosphere in the house, many of us decorate not only the tree, but also your home. You can decorate the Christmas tree as always, traditionally, but be sure to select a central place on the Christmas tree for the mistress of the New Year - buy a Christmas tree with a picture of the Snake.

    The Christmas tree can be decorated in one color, for example - only with red balls, and with red bows, or with the same toys, or simply with garlands that shine in the same color. Or you can decorate with toys made with your hands together with children, candies in colorful candy wrappers, nuts, cones.

    Decorate the house will help you tender, openwork snowflakes from paper, suspended on a string of rain. Going down from the ceiling, they will create the illusion of a snowfall and a fabulous atmosphere.

    Snowflakes can decorate and window glass, sticking them to the glass with a soap solution or flour paste. And you can draw on the windows of fairy-tale characters, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, an adorned Christmas tree, or decorate with garlands, rain.

    In the doorways you can also hang snowflakes and rain. From a stream of warm air and from the switched on light, snowflakes will be whirling, and the rain will stream and shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow.

    What to meet in 2013

    What to celebrate the New Year, what dress to pick?- this question before the New Year is being asked not only by women of fashion, but also by all other people.

    As the coming year-year of the Black Snake, astrologers advise that your outfits are dominated by black or dark blue, silvery tones, and blue and green colors are also possible.

    You can sew or buy a dress, a blouse made of shiny fabric, or from a fabric that imitates snake skin, or decorate the outfit with sparkles.

    It is advisable to pick up alongside an elegant hairpin or a brooch in the form of a snake or belt, under the skin of a snake. Well, it will be superfluous to decorate with precious stones.

    Dresses should be tight to emphasize the silhouette, because the snake is a graceful, graceful, flexible, insidious creature and every woman on this magical night must be seductive and remind the snake temptress.

    Men, to appease the Snake, you can pick up a shirt of shiny fabric or a tie.

    What dishes to cook on the New Year's table

    The snake loves luxury, and your New Year's table should be luxurious. For the New Year's table you need to pick up unusual recipes.

    There should be a variety of dishes on the table, since Snake is a predator, then meat dishes can not be dispensed with. The snake simply adores rabbits, hares, birds, fish, as well as eggs and milk. So instead of the traditional chicken, you can cook a dish of rabbit meat, turkey snacks, to serve meat dishes on the basis of milk.

    To have a favorite snake food on the table it is desirable to make a delicious milkshake, stuffed eggs and fish, you can smoked, fried everything depends on your taste.

    And surely a lot of different salads, in which meat ingredients have been added, put salads on a dish with a snake or decorate with snake figures. Do not forget about the greens, because Snake is so cozy in the green grass.

    What drinks are preferable on this New Year's Eve, preferably a good quality wine and natural juices.

    But of course, no one New Year's table can not do without desserts, sweets, fruits. New Year's cake, decorated with a mistress of 2013 - a snake will be very handy.

    You should pay special attention to both table setting and decoration. Correctly and beautifully served table brings to the house an atmosphere of celebration, raises mood and disposes to pleasant communication.

    What gifts to give in 2013

    On the eve of the New Year, the stalls in the stores were taken over by the mistress of the New Year - Snake. And many of us will certainly buy souvenirs corresponding to the year. But, as you know, the most desired gift is the gift you are dreaming about. And to become a magician on this New Year's Eve, you can learn in advance from your loved ones, relatives about what gift they are dreaming of.

    Gifts for friends, neighbors, acquaintances

    In order to please friends, acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues as a New Year's gift, a souvenir or a candle in the form of a snake, a refrigerator magnet, a calendar, a keychain, a postcard or a mug with the symbol of the year. Trifle, but nice! Just as relevant and symbols of the New Year - Snow Maiden, Santa Claus, snowman, Christmas toys.

    What to give to your beloved wife, girl

    To your beloved woman, girl, wife, it will be very pleasant to receive an expensive, elegant decoration in the shape of a snake-a bracelet, a brooch, a necklace and good spirits. Well, and of course a box of delicious favorite sweets!

    What to give to a child

    For children the best gift will be developing and learning games, puzzles, sports corners that you can install in the apartment or even a whole sports complex if the place allows or install it in a cottage in the courtyard of a country house. Your child will be delighted with such a gift, he will move more and strengthen his health.

    What to give to the motorist

    What gifts to give to motorists - car vidiregistrator, avtonavigator, heated seats of the car, a blanket for the engine and other automobile gadgets. A good gift for your favorite motorist will be a keychain defroster, or a keychain with the symbol of a snake, a set of fragrances in the form of a Christmas tree, as well as an auto vacuum cleaner. If the beloved husband spends long hours on the road, give him a disc with his favorite music or car cover massage.

    Gifts on the

    craze The creature is wise and appreciates intellectual, purposeful people and astrologers advise giving organizers, laptops, e-books, and ordinary books are quite suitable.

    For people who are fond of creativity a pleasant gift will be a gift for hobby - a good allowance for knitting, sewing, beadwork, for enthusiastic dacha - a book on floriculture, dacha construction, a set of tools, chainsaw, gasoline or trimmer and other useful devices that make work easierin the country.

    Gifts for the whole family

    Just a wonderful gift for the whole family, for a loved one there will be a trip to warm countries. But if there is no such option, there is quite a ticket to the recreation center where you can meet the New Year with your family and have a fun New Year vacation.

    And you can rent a country house for a week and meet the New Year in nature, outdoors, skating with children on sledges, skiing, sculpting a snowman, playing snowballs, it's so fun and unforgettable!

    For parents an excellent gift will be a trip to the sanatorium, where they will have a wonderful rest and correct their health.

    What to give to parents, grandparents and

    For elderly relatives, for grandparents, for parents a valuable and necessary gift will be home medical devices - a tonometer, a glucometer, electromagnetic devices-Almag, Magophone and others. As well as household appliances, which will help your relatives to facilitate work around the house. And you can connect them digital TV.

    And not at all superfluous to any gift will be warm and gentle words, congratulations, which will raise the mood and the heart will be joyful and fun!