• Masha is having lunch


    Purpose. Teach children to listen carefully to the poem, join the game, imitate the voices of animals. To bring up love, careful attitude to all living things, the desire to take care of animals.

    Characters. The host, Masha, mom, dog, chicken, cat.

    Material. Elements of the Armenian headdress or clothes for the presenter;toy or cardboard characters;table with dishes, bowl, saucer;musical records on the tape recorder: M. Rauchverger "The Dog", An. Alexandrov "The Cat", E. Tilicheeva "The Chicken and Chickens".

    The course of the game. Starting the game, tell the children that a fairy tale "Masha Lunch" came to visit them. In the first game, perform all the roles yourself, show the children an example. Involve them to imitate the voices of animals. In the course of action, you will exhibit the appropriate toys or pictures.

    Mom( draws children's attention to a beautifully laid table).The hour of dinner came, Sela Mashenka at the table.

    ( Sits the doll at the table, praises for the right posture, cleanly washed hands.) Suddenly, a dog barking, which is not yet visible.)

    Dog. Woof woof woof!

    Mom( with a joyful amazement).Who is it to us?

    The dog. Woof woof woof!

    Everything. Who is it there?

    ( The presenter puts the doggie.)

    Dog. It's me, your faithful dog.

    Your Arapka is a black nose. Day and night I guarded the house, I worked, chilled. Is it time to dine?

    Mom. Our watchman is tired! Than we feed Arapka? What does he like most?(She puts a bowl in front of the dog.)

    A cat's meow is heard.

    Cat. Meow meow!(It is not yet visible.)

    Mom,( to the children).Who now is scratching at us at the door?

    ( Catches the cat.)

    The children happily greeted the guest.

    Cat. This is your cat Murka,

    Murka is a gray skin.

    I kept your cellar,

    All mice translated,

    Rats drove out of the cellar,

    I got tired, tired-

    Is it time to dine?

    Mom. Oh, and you worked hard, was not lazy.

    What is most like a cat Murka? Than it we will treat?(She puts a saucer in front of the cat.)

    The cackling of the chicken is heard.

    Chicken. Where to go, where to go!

    Mom. Who else is hurrying here?

    Chicken. Your chicken pussy,

    I'm coming straight from the barn.

    I did not eat, I did not drink -

    I have carried the testicle to you.

    Is it time to dine?

    Mom. And now we will feed our guests.(Suggests that the children do it.)

    The dog is in a bowl, In a saucer - pussy, hen-hen - millet in a skull,

    And Mashenka in a plate,

    In deep, not in shallow.

    After the meal, the beast and Masha thank their mother and ask the children: "Do you, the children, always say thank you for the food?"

    Distributing toys for children to play alone, ask everyone how the chicken screams, the dog barking, the cat mews.

    In the repeated game, the children themselves bring out the characters and imitate their voices. For the role of Masha can choose a girl who herself will give the cat, dog and chicken food.

    At the end of the game, be sure to ask the children who and what kind of animals and birds they feed, help adults take care of them.

    The dolls are made of thick paper, fleecy fabric. You can just draw a mug in the palm of your hand. Dramatization of the