• Water procedures

    After giving birth, a woman is allowed to take a shower the next day - water plays an important role in strengthening and restoring immunity.

    There are many ways of hardening: air

    baths, dousing, wiping, bathing. A person who regularly pours cold water, no infectious disease is scary, because such a method dramatically stimulates all the internal processes of the body, protective - in the first place. This is very important after birth, because a weakened body needs a woman, which can be achieved by hardening. However, it is difficult to imagine a young mother sweating after giving birth with cold water. Therefore, I propose a method that allows you to be hardened not by cold water, but by hot water. In fact, a person is well adapted to the cold, because cold receptors are 12 to 15 times greater than thermal receptors. In an untrained organism, the mechanisms of thermoregulation are weakened, it is always cold. This leads to a decrease and weakening of the immune system and to the activation of pathogens.

    What happens when hot wiping? Water, a thin layer of lying on the skin, immediately evaporates and takes away heat. The higher the temperature of the water and the surrounding air, the more intense is the process of evaporation and, consequently, cooling of the skin, of the whole organism, which stimulates it, exerting a tonic effect, tempering. It is believed that the quenching effect with hot wiping occurs even faster than with cold douches.

    As hot rubbing is repeated many times, the skin does not have enough time to subcool, a new portion of hot water immediately warms it. In normal hardening, which is accompanied by a sharp contact of the skin with cold water, a stressful situation can arise. This is not observed with evaporative hardening, when the cold is softly applied to the skin. The person with this method of hardening feels only a pleasant touch of hot water, and the training of the thermoregulation system is faster and with less stress, there is no stress, because the heat is always more pleasant than the cold.

    The practice of recovery proves that it is necessary to temper the organism on contrasts, when it is comfortable and thermal, and Cold receptors. It's done simply: pour hot water( adjust it yourself) for 10-20 seconds, then soak up with cool water, then again hot, etc. The total time of pouring is 5-8 minutes, but it's necessary to finish the procedure with cool water. Gradually increase the time of use of cool water, and in 2-3 weeks you can already use a minimum of hot and a maximum of cold. At the end of the procedure, rub a towel. In the future, wipe the body is not necessary, let it dry itself - while the training and tempering effects will be more significant.

    Washing can also become an effective means of hardening. In our body, the ears( as well as the feet) are the place where all the organs of the body are projected. Therefore, when washing, do not regret a few minutes to rub and massage your ears. By the way, this procedure improves the blood supply to the brain. You can wash with warm water, but at the end wipe or rinse your face cold.

    A good fortifying agent for tempering the body is walking barefoot, which should end with the washing of the feet with warm, then cold water( at the end - cold water followed by trituration of the feet).

    Health - in motion, using water, air, sun. The sun's rays are also capable of strengthening the immune system. But remember that only the dosed effect of ultraviolet evokes the defenses of the body, prolonged exposure to the open sun gives the opposite effect - suppresses the immune system.

    I want to talk about the effect of high temperature on the body - on the Russian bath. The use of hot, warm and cold water in the baths stimulates complex biological, biochemical and biophysical processes that contribute to the normalization of the organism's functioning, restoration of fading functions, improvement of thermoregulation, stimulation of the activity of the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular and other systems. Therefore, visiting a Russian bath is not only a pleasant, but also very useful procedure, if it is correctly and regularly applied.

    After the birth the woman is allowed to go to the bathhouse 2 months after the birth, but it is necessary to get a doctor's consultation beforehand( there are situations when visiting a Russian bath is contraindicated).

    In a bath, the human body, defending itself from the hot air, loses its moisture abundantly, which moves from the central parts of the body to the periphery. Along with sweat, harmful substances leave the surface layers of the skin, then excess moisture is evaporated from deeper layers and nearby organs. In full-blooded and obese people, the "camel effect" is triggered, when the subcutaneous fat begins to disintegrate into water and minerals with the release of energy. In thin people, this effect is weak, but the sweat intensively stands out. Under the influence of high temperature, the vessels expand, the blood circulation accelerates. This is the health effect of the bath.

    Given the strong effect of the Russian bath on the body, it is necessary to get used to it gradually. Before the steam room, it is better to wash the body with warm water and wipe yourself with a towel. The skin should be slightly damp, slightly steamed. On the head it is desirable to put on a hat or cap. On the shelf in the steam room on a towel you can lie for 3-5 minutes and during this time you need to turn over several times. Longer stay in the steam room is impractical. Leaving the steam room, pour out cool water, rest, drink tea with herbs.(By the way, it is not accepted to talk loudly in the bathhouse.) It is not recommended to sit in the steam room for a long time, it is better to go there for 5-7 minutes several times, and leaving, do not forget to pour cool water.

    At the last visit to the steam room you can use a birch broom that performs just three functions: a broom with a broom excites and strengthens the general circulation, birch juice softens the skin, and finally, the porous dry birch leaves work like sponges, absorbing notes, and with it -slags. In this case, the molecules of dry steam penetrate deeply into the body, killing pathogenic microorganisms on the skin and, possibly, inside the body. Therefore, the Russian steam room has a beneficial effect on the female body and gives a huge healing effect.

    Russian bath is cleanliness, lightness, peace of mind, efficiency, cleansing the body of toxins, improving water-salt metabolism, stimulating the immune system. Thanks to the Russian bath you are healthy.