Hot trends of summer shoes 2015 - fashionable shoes of summer 2015( + photo)

  • Hot trends of summer shoes 2015 - fashionable shoes of summer 2015( + photo)

    Summer 2015 provides all women with a unique chance to shine more than ever. The main trend of the summer is sandals. It is important to note that their diverse style will surprise even the most sophisticated girls fashion!

    It's time to find out what kind of sandals the famous couturiers of the world presented at their shows. Let's talk about the most trendy models of this summer shoes.

    Main accents

    Massive heel trimmed with suede

    Sandals on thick and coarse heel. The thicker the heel, the more spectacular your image will be. Thus, designers managed to combine in the summer shoes not only comfort, but also elegance. Heel height does not really matter.

    On the hairpin

    Seductive sandals with a thin stud. Such footwear, despite its property to cause discomfort during walking, does not lose its positions in the ranking of shoe trends for the summer of 2015. Such a model of shoes will allow to lengthen the legs, hiding a couple of extra pounds, and let only visually.

    Bright yellow sandals

    Unusually fashionable steel sandals on a thick platform and the same wedge! These shoes can be purchased at the store http: // www.sapato.en . It has established itself as the most convenient of all available options. Specialists recommend paying special attention to models with elegant lacing and a rough sole.


    Sandals and gladiators. These models do not leave their leading positions for a year. To evaluate such shoes were already many energetic girls who primarily pay attention to the comfort of their legs. This is an excellent option for the summer, especially if you plan to actively host it. The main emphasis on straps: the more they are there, the better.

    Tractor outsole
    Please note! A real sensation in the field of fashion was able to produce models of sandals with a corrugated sole. Such models in 2015 are recognized by the world's fashion designers as the most stylish.

    Fashionable colors of shoes

    This season, fashion designers note that you need to exclude from your wardrobe boring and similar models of sandals. This summer should be bright and very hot, give your preference to the model that will make you happy and cheer up.

    Vivid on the

    wedge The world's beauty on the catwalks this year demonstrated models of both bright colors and neutral colors.

    Please note! The favorite colors are blue, yellow and red. By the way, do not exclude colorful patterns, bright prints and variegated details on sandals!

    For sports ladies

    For those who do not even imagine a day without sneakers, you should not get upset, because bright and colorful sneakers are fashionable. Models are presented on a thick sole in white. Such shoes can be made, as in one color, and in two or three different colors.

    With lace inserts

    If you prefer a glamorous image, then choose sneakers with lace details, metal inserts or an unusual sole. Such sports sneakers will be ideally suited to many sports pants, skinny jeans, capris, boyfriends, and also to short jeans shorts.

    Blue-blue sneakers
    Please note! The main hit - models in blue, ranging from dark shades and ending with a gently blue.

    For low ladies designers have prepared snickers with different bright finishes. This model of shoes will pull you visually.

    Pink sneakers

    Choosing sneakers for fitness or jogging, it is worth paying attention to the most popular colors in the summer of 2015 - blue, pink, light green.

    Of course, pay attention when choosing a shoe model for its practicality and comfort. After all, if the shoes will make you uncomfortable, you will have to give it up!

    Photo of

    Yellow on a small heel
    Blue perforated
    sandals with carved trim
    sandals coral
    colored on a thick heel
    heel On
    thin high-heeled shoes on
    lacing On a flat thin soles
    Running concealed heel
    Red sandals hairpin
    FG golden hue
    High-heeled sandals
    White sandals with a back
    White with a pattern
    White on the
    wedge Absolute trend - rippled outsole