• Palming

    Starting position: straighten the fingers of one hand and place the palm on your face. Place the little finger of the other hand across the base of the four open fingers of the first hand( hands thus form something similar to the inverted letter V).The intersection of the bases of the little fingers forms, as it were, the eyelet of the glasses and must accordingly be located where the arch of the spectacles is usually located on the bridge of the nose. The cavities of the palms will automatically be located exactly above the orbits of your eyes. Keep your eyes closed during palming. Eliminate tension in the fingers, relax your wrists, elbows. To do this, put them on your knees or on the table so that your neck is aligned with your spine. You can put a pillow on your knees, and on your pillow you already have elbows. If you need to bend forward, bend at the waist, but keep straight in the neck and spine. The position of the palms of each person will differ from the position of the palms of the other person. Try to find an acceptable position for you. When palming, sunspots and dots will disappear.

    This exercise is necessary because it gives the eyes rest. Rest relaxes the muscles of the eyes and simultaneously activates the nerve cells of the eyes. At the same time, there is a relaxation of those straining muscles that pull their eyes to one side or another, disrupting their alignment. At the same time, you pour new forces into the optic nerve and the nerves of the retina. If you do palming after irrigating the eyes with sunlight, then you seem to lock it in them until the nerves of the retina absorb it. This gives them strength and health, contributing in many cases to the restoration of sight of the visually impaired.

    Do not try to "see"( feel) the eyes. During the execution of all these exercises, one should not pay attention to the eyes as physical, material organs, since they are almost indestructible and even more uncontrollable than the heart, also uncontrolled by the will organ. If you sit, looking mentally inside your eyes, then you will destroy the purpose of your studies. Some people claim that they see brightly colored or colorless spots, dots and glitters during palming. Instead of thinking about them, try to remember something pleasant-honeymoon, beautiful landscapes, interesting events that happened to you and brought you joy, or events described in some fascinating book or an interesting movie. When you take your hands off your eyes, the world should appear brighter to you.

    When asked about how much time and when to do palming, the answer will be a little, but often. Even if you cover your eyes with your hands for ten seconds, you will bring them back to the feeling of relaxation during the busy day. You will want your eyes to remember this feeling they experienced during the palming. In doing so, you help ensure that a sense of relaxation will become your habit for the rest of your life.