• What points to choose? Glasses for myopic or far-sighted

    Alexey asks:

    Hello, I have been using reading glasses for more than 10 years. At first there were 0.75, then 1.5, now 2.5.At the same time, since I work all day with a PC, the oculist writing out glasses for reading 1.5, strongly recommended for the PC 0.75. Now, when I work with a PC, I already use 1.5, well, I read with glasses 2.25.But for more than a year I notice that I began to see worse objects( for example, text or small details on the TV screen).But in my old glasses 0.75 or 1.5 I see much better. At me a question: whether I can use these glasses for the removed subjects, or for this purpose other glasses are necessary. In a word, whether glasses for myopic and far-sighted people are fundamentally different.


    Alexey, the most important question - how old are you? The whole point is that vision + 1.0 at forty years is considered a physiological norm. In the future, every 10 years, the power of glasses increases by 1 diopter to about 60 years. This is due to the fact that the lens with age ceases to cope with its functions, loses its elasticity and does not cope with refractive functions. But every person has this individually, especially if there is a combined pathology of vision, for example, both myopia and hyperopia. Some people perfectly see before old age.

    If I understand correctly by the description, all your glasses are "plus", that is, for correction of hyperopia, only have different diopters. And these are all glasses for the farsighted. The oculist correctly recommended you to read and work on the computer in different glasses. If vision deteriorates and you are more comfortable watching TV in old glasses - look at health - this is the same principle as in the case of a book and a PC.But it will be more correct to go to the oculist with all your glasses, once again check your visual acuity and consult: maybe you have both farsightedness and myopia at the same time and there is a need to pick up new glasses for distant objects.

    The glasses for myopic and far-sighted are fundamentally different. Correctly pick them up can only a doctor after an appropriate diagnosis.

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