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    What exercises help for weight loss in the hips: the results of

    Elastic and slender hips are the dream of absolutely all girls, butwhat to do to those who can not achieve it? There is a way out - to perform special exercises that will help achieve very impressive results.

    Do weight loss exercises help?

    In most women, the hip is the most problematic area, but especially for those who have a pear type.

    By resorting to diets, it is not always possible to achieve a good effect, because a low-calorie diet can only remove excess water from the body, and home exercises for weight loss of the hips contribute to the rapid burning of fat in this zone.

    How to reduce the volume of the thighs

    In addition to the regular performance of the complex of exercises for weight loss of the hips, you must observe the following rules:

    • Even if every day to do complex exercises, with the abuse of fatty and high-calorie food the result will not be. To remove fat as quickly as possible from the thighs, it is recommended to eat mainly vegetables, lean meats, fruits, lean fish, berries, cereals and nuts. If you do not pay attention to this condition, it is likely that there will not be a positive result,longer;
    • Do not think that after working out for a couple of days, you will be able to lose weight immediately - this is not so: as a rule, it takes about 5 weeks to strengthen the muscles, and the full effect will only be felt after 3-5 months.

    What exercises are useful for losing weight on the thighs?

    How to exercise properly at home

    Simple exercises for losing weight at home

    To lose weight as soon as possible, it is recommended to perform such a simple complex daily:

    • We spread our legs widely, hands stretch forward, Keep your back straight. Squat as low as possible, maximally straining the buttocks, delayed for 5 seconds and return to the starting position. We do so 3 times for 15 sit-ups with short breaks between the approaches;
    • We fit on the stomach, put our hands on the buttocks, straighten our legs and lift them, spreading them to the sides. We execute 10 times for 3 approaches;
    • Elbow rest on the floor, lying on its side. We bend the upper leg in the knee and lift it up, then lower it. In this case, you need to do everything in 3 approaches 15-20 times;
    • We get on all fours, pull one leg back and come back, do the same on the other side, and so 20 times;
    • We fix our hands at the waist, keeping our back and legs straight. We put one leg forward and crouch down to half, then we return and perform a similar action with the other leg. We alternate this 15 times.

    Effective exercises for slimming thighs with dumbbells

    If you want to have elastic buttocks and beautiful legs, it's worthwhile to make such complexes:

    • We hold dumbbells in hands, we stand exactly. One foot step forward and crouch so that the angle of the leg fold is equal to 90 degrees. We return back, we repeat with the other side. In total, it is necessary to do three times 15 times;
    • We lean our left hand against the wall, and in the right hold the dumbbell. We raise as much as possible the right leg, bending it so that the heel is gone back. We return to the original position, repeat 10 more times, then change sides.

    The most effective weight loss exercises in the gym

    Girls who visit the gym, trainers often recommend these exercises for weight loss of the hips and sides, because they strengthen muscles well:

    • Squats: we take the bar with its working weight, we have it behind the shoulders. Legs are widely placed, we breed socks in the sides. We stick out the chest forward, go down with the bar as low as possible. We execute from 10 to 30 times;
    • In addition to squatting, it is necessary to do flexion, extension and raising legs on the simulators: this strengthens both the inner and outer surfaces of the thighs.

    Exercises for quick slimming thighs on the

    If you can work on a bar or make a bar in the apartment above the door, you should do the following exercises:

    • With your hands, grab the crossbar with your hands from you, raise your straight legs up, lower them down. We perform 7-15 times;
    • We hang, we do lifts of feet before ourselves, and then - aside, each time coming back downwards.
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    Physical exercises for slimming thighs: testimonials and results ^

    If you study at home daily, then in just 2-3 months you will be able to reduce the amount of hips and lose weight well - up to 15 kg. In addition to the exercises, other activities are recommended:

    • Running: loads all muscle groups;
    • Jumping rope: positively affect the muscles of the hips and legs;
    • Jumping in one place without rope;
    • Sports or Nordic walking.

    Slimming exercises for thighs: reviews of those who have lost weight

    Alina, 27 years old:

    "I visit the simulator 3 times a week, and I can say one thing: the most important thing is cardio training in conjunction with proper nutrition. It is very good to lose weight and with a bar, however at the initial stage it is impossible to overdo it, becauseweight gives a great load on the joints, knees and back "

    Margarita, 30 years:

    " Without a diet, no sport will help: you can study, and in 5 minutes eat cake. In order to achieve really good results, I decided to go on a diet for Dyukan, work at home on the crossbar, and crouch with dumbbells, and it helped me: for 3 months I threw off 13 kg and thighs became noticeably slimmer "

    Jeanne, 35,

    "I hardly made myself to study at home, but then gradually became involved. Now I can not imagine a day without sports, although I have already thrown off the desired 15 kg for 4 months thanks to the skipping rope, squatting and running. Those who want to lose weight, I recommend this, becausethe combination of cardio and strength training positively affects the figure, but everything should be in moderation. "