• How to choose a photographer for a wedding - how to choose a wedding photographer

    A wedding photographer is one of the most important people at a wedding. It is his eyes and the idea of ​​what beauty is, you will keep memories of this significant event. Your cooperation should go as efficiently and pleasantly for both sides.

    Today photographers in our society are more than enough, and for some reason every owner of a SLR camera wants to show the world his talent, proudly calling himself a professional photographer. But in actual fact there is a minimum of professionalism and especially talent. And there is only one wedding in your life. Therefore, you should not take risks - in this case, the quality of photography and the originality of the processing should be first. Read these simple tips on how to choose a photographer for a wedding so that your holiday is not overshadowed by unpleasant memories.

    Portfolio of the photographer

    The only way to make sure beforehand of the quality of the wedding photographer's work is to view his past works. Competently designed portfolio allows you to fully reveal to you the skill of a person with a camera.

    Photographers often try to use the most successful shots with high-quality processing in the portfolio proper. In general, those that, according to the photographer, can make an impression on you. This will be an assembly of many photo sessions and the more extensive, the larger the image of the quality of the master's work.

    View all the details of

    When a photographer gives you his portfolio, he shows you those photos that are most like the author himself. But here there can be one nuance - not always those photos that the photographer likes, like models. Therefore, carefully consider all the details. Determine if you like the way of processing, the expression of people's faces depicted in the photo and so on. From all these details depends the beauty and your photos, which you will receive later.

    How is

    handled? How does

    photo processing work? In photography processing, the photographer sees this world and his idea of ​​such subjective notion as beauty. Treatment involves not only eliminating flaws on the face( wrinkles, pimples, greasy shine, etc.), but also artistic photo correction. Depending on how the photographer processed his past work, he will also process your wedding photos. Thus, if this master is an adherent of light, light and gentle styles, then so will your wedding in memories. And if you see a large number of photos of Gothic style in your portfolio, be prepared for unusual photos. In any case, the choice is yours, and in this case it should be based only on your own taste.

    Meeting with photographer

    When you have chosen a certain professional, you can afford to relax a little, but not for long, because soon you should start the next stage of cooperation - discussing the survey itself. In this process, you must fully agree on the amount of work of the photographer, the number of processed photos that will be provided to you, your photo book, cost and location( studio and open-air).

    When discussing all these details, it is worth remembering that your photographer should become extremely close to all the heroes of the wedding photosession and especially the groom with the bride - they should understand each other from a half-word. The photographer should feel their mood, and most importantly - the mood of the bride - the main character of virtually all photos.

    Before the wedding, you should also discuss the concept of a photo shoot - how the photographer depicts you in the photo, what will accent and how to beat those or other disadvantages. If this discussion is held as fruitfully as possible, then you will get exactly the photos you dreamed about, and which will evoke pleasant memories of the happiest moments of this beautiful day.

    Schedule shooting

    The wedding day is quite saturated, and every minute of it is painted ahead. Discuss with the photographer the time of his work, when you will have a photo session in the studio or in the open air. Some couples, in order for the photo session to pass as successfully as possible, transfer it to a separate day, and on the wedding day they are photographed only with guests.

    Appearance of the photographer

    This item in your cooperation should be highlighted in red, because the photographer will be like another guest. And despite the fact that he will not be seen in the photo, he should look neat. Of course, first of all photographers dress as they like. And if for you this day is a holiday filled with happiness and emotions, then for a photographer it is a normal working day. Therefore, do not expect that your photographer will put on an evening outfit, but nevertheless it is worth discussing such a nuance as appearance.

    Perhaps these are all the main points that allow to answer the question of how to choose a good wedding photographer.