• Gastric lavage

    The main task of urgent pre-hospital measures for poisoning is the urgent removal of still not absorbed poison from the stomach and duodenum. In this case, the only effective method of gastric lavage is the probe, the skills of which should be acquired by the entire adult population. It is necessary to be able to carry it out at home or at work, as well as any other of the urgent measures listed in this book.

    A suitable device is used for gastric lavage, which consists of a 1.5-m thick thick-walled rubber tube with a wide opening and a 0.5-1 l hopper. Funnel and rubber tube at home, in the shop medicine chest or in the set of medical equipment of any labor collective should be sterilized by boiling and stored in plastic bags. Immediately before the procedure, the device is washed with 1-2 liters of boiling water. Prepare 8-10 liters of warm( can not boiled) water. The victim is seated on a chair, leaning his back to the back and slightly tilting his head forward, covered with an oilcloth apron, a plastic wrap or sheet. At the feet put a basin. One of the assistants enters the probe into the stomach. At the same time, the tip of the probe is brought to the root of the tongue and is guided in a light, progressive motion in synchronization with the patient's swallowing movements towards the esophagus. In no case can you make sharp efforts when inserting the probe, especially if its forward motion meets resistance, preventing the probe from moving. The vomiting of the patient as a result of irritation of the root of the tongue and pharynx with a rubber probe decreases and even completely ceases with deep breathing of the patient.

    After inserting the probe into the stomach( at least 50 cm), a funnel is put on its free end, the water is poured into the funnel, slightly tilting it to prevent air from entering it. The funnel is first held below the patient's mouth;filling it with water, raise it higher until the water reaches the neck of the funnel, then the funnel is lowered and the contents of the stomach are poured into the pelvis. The mechanism of gastric lavage is based on the principle of communicating vessels, in connection with which there comes a reverse flow of fluid from the stomach into the funnel. It is necessary to fill and empty the funnel until there is clear water, which indicates the achievement of the required quality of gastric purification. From the stomach should emerge as much fluid as was injected. If there is less fluid, the patient is asked to strain.

    When rinsing the stomach, you should not allow the water to completely leave the funnel, as the air then flows into the stomach, making the procedure difficult. After the end of the washing and extraction of the probe, the patient is offered to rinse his mouth, wiping his lips and chin with his towel.