A woman's glance at a man: what does the look of a loving, unmarried and fatal woman say

  • A woman's glance at a man: what does the look of a loving, unmarried and fatal woman say

    Everyone knows that during the dialogue a person receives most of the information from non-verbal sources, such as gestures, looks, intonations, manners. It follows that the woman's view of a man often speaks more than her words. After all, we only say what we want to tell others, and our eyes betray absolutely everything. What does the woman's view of a man say about?

    What are the female views of

    All women look at men in different ways. Their view depends on the marital status, nature and other factors. An unmarried woman, a fatal lady and a girl in love look at the opposite sex far from the same. You can learn about the differences between women's views by reading the information in this article.

    Loving look

    The look of a woman in love with anything can not be confused. Her eyes burn, glow with happiness. The girl tries to attract attention with her whole essence. She furtively glances at her lover, sends him gazes from under the half-ciliated cilia. In her gaze you can see playfulness, ardor, timidity( this already depends on the nature of the woman).

    A girl can also give a secretly loved person a long, close and open look. As soon as the distance to the object of sympathy is reduced to 0.5 m, direct views will become shorter.

    Kind, gentle, attentive look of a loving woman will continuously follow an expensive person. If their eyes meet, the woman will look away. She will do it embarrassed or demonstratively indifferent, so that a man does not suspect her sympathy for him.

    As an unmarried woman looks at a man

    There are 3 main signs that you can get to know the look of an unmarried woman:
    - Seeker-calling look: this look attracts the attention of men, encourages to get acquainted with the lady, provokes to compliments. This look beckons, sparkles, waits. Each woman in the eye has its own individual spark, but he still remains a seeker-calling.
    - Estimating view of a woman: this view is directed at a man deeply from the subconscious. The lady estimates the representative of the opposite sex on a variety of criteria. Often, women pay attention to the attractiveness, intelligence, age, sexuality and material capabilities of men.
    - A look with hope: this view appears after the seeker-inviting eye has found the object of sympathy, and the evaluating view has yielded positive results.

    Feminine woman's look

    The essence of the fatal woman is that in her there is always some mystery, she has an innate sexual attraction. For a man, she is always mysterious, mysterious. Such a woman is never left without attention, because she is elegant, delicious and attractive.
    Its main distinguishing feature is a look. The look of a fatal woman radiates confidence, it is quite stiff, but it reads indulgence. Such a woman is able to execute, pardon, and also reject.

    The mystery that flickers in her eyes attracts men. The opposite sex always tries to become better for the sake of such a woman, moreover, men do for this lady absolutely everything she wants, she only needs to hint.

    What is the role of the female view of

    ? A feminine look is a serious weapon that any woman should be able to use. Eyes can show their sympathy for a man, make a hint of meeting or make it clear to someone who did not succeed in provoking interest, that you do not have reciprocity, do not waste your time in vain.

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