Fashionable coat autumn-winter 2015-2016 - coat selection 2015-2016( + photo)

  • Fashionable coat autumn-winter 2015-2016 - coat selection 2015-2016( + photo)

    The summer flew by, and autumn has already prepared for us its fashion novelties. Fashionable autumn-winter coats 2015-2016 differ in the variety of silhouettes and the beauty of design. This year, every woman will be able to pick her coat to taste, as all the world's designers have shown this outerwear in a variety of shapes and colors.

    Actual styles and silhouettes

    On the wave of interest to the fashion of past years, the models that came down to us from the 70s and 50s of the last century are relevant. The coat of the 50's is an emphatically feminine, sophisticated model that can even give the impression of a weekend, elegant. The main reason for this is not only the special cut that characterizes the fashion of these years, but also the materials used. These are luxurious expensive fabrics - silk, satin, brocade, jersey( silk and woolen), cashmere. Such models are characterized by spectacular details - short sleeves, soft draperies or asymmetrical folds, decorative buttons, elegant collars.

    Light coat from Slava Zaitsev

    Fashionable coats in the style of the 70's are quite different - aggressive, tough, with large details. They are usually long, straight or slightly flared to the bottom, with large collars and lapels. They are not an exact replica of the fashion of those years, but rather reflect the main trends.

    Straight and semi-fitted silhouettes are still fashionable. They "lost" part of their decor, they became more laconic, more strict. Their restrained beauty is supported and underscored by the elegant and very autumnal colors: all shades of brown, green, burgundy and purple.

    Coats that are very similar to elongated jackets have become fashionable. They can repeat all the famous soft Chanel jackets with decorative trim or classic jackets. Their length usually reaches the middle of the thigh or just above the knees, the materials can be different - from thin fabrics for the beginning of autumn to dense wool, drape and tweed for winter outerwear.

    With a fur collar shawl

    "Militari" and a coat with menswear elements wander from season to season for several years, still remaining fashionable and stylish. This season they can be made from fabrics, both leather and suede.

    Collections of autumn coats decorate the caps of different length and volume. European designers offer them also for the winter, but in most of Russia we are forced to wear fur coats or cozy draped coats with fur in the winter.

    Popular materials and finish

    The choice of fashionable materials is huge. Here are the woolen fabrics, habitual for the cold season, and leather with suede. For demi-seasonal coats, fabrics more common to dresses are often used: silk, knitwear, velvet, satin. In fashion and combined materials, especially often combine different types of leather, suede and leather, these materials with knitwear or textiles.

    Short coat with fur edge

    A fashionable element of this year's coat is fur trim. If fur for winter clothes is the norm, then for autumn coats this is somewhat exotic. Very often, fur details are made removable - these are collars, cuffs, vests, as well as small trim elements.

    Please note! Fashionable coats of autumn and winter adorn both natural and artificial fur of high quality with different texture and length of pile.

    Fashionable colors

    The usual autumn and winter colors burst unexpected elements - bright and large prints, which can be seen in the photo from most fashion shows. Most often such a bright coloring is used in long coats, on which it looks particularly advantageous. In the gray autumn and winter days, such elegant clothes will be able to cheer up and decorate everyday life.

    Austerity colors with

    support. Short autumn coats in a jacket style can be either discreet gray and black and white, or painted in pastel or juicy colors. They perfectly look in a general style, supporting their color scheme - tone in tone or contrast.

    The classic tweed pattern or "herringbone" pattern is ideal for a coat in an emphatically male style or "military".

    With what harmonize fashionable coats

    Quilted with color lining

    Quite traditionally fashionable coat beautifully combined with fur hats, warm mittens, leather shoes and bags. For autumn coats in the style of the 70's they use very characteristic accessories and accessories - felt hats with wide margins, long scarves, boots, stockings, large bags.

    Soft feminine models in the style of the 50's require elegant shoes with a low hairpin, silk or gas shawls, sunglasses in a large frame a la Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, bags like "Kelly" or "Birkin".Excellent complement the image of a small hat-tablet and transparent silk stockings of corporal color.

    In a large cell

    The truncated coat-jackets are versatile and well combined with different kinds of clothes, slightly changing the style of the entire outfit. With leather trousers or jeans, they look more sportive and youthful, with a dress or skirt - feminine. A very fashionable set for warm autumn is a short coat that resembles a branded jacket from Coco Chanel in combination with a rather short pleated skirt.

    Everyone who viewed fashion photos, note a wide variety of coat models this season.


    Winter direct coat with fur collar
    Winter coat of sky blue
    Black leather coat with white fur
    Shorter winter coat
    Dark turquoise color
    Light turquoise color
    Quilted coat with fur clasp
    Pinkish shade
    Semi-fitted coat aboveknee
    Coat in military style with the edge on sleeves
    Coat in a cage from Versace
    Coat with fur underpurge
    Coat with artificial fur
    Coat of sand color
    Saturated wine color
    Fur coat
    Fur coat printed
    Leather coat
    Beige coat with fur
    White demi-season coat