• Hepatitis C how many live with it, life expectancy statistics

    Hepatitis C is one of the dangerous infectious diseases, because in the future it can lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

    Therefore, it is not surprising that many people who have been infected with this virus are wondering - what is the life expectancy for hepatitis C. However, it is clearly impossible to answer this question, because each person is individual.

    For example, after the virus got into the blood, the body begins to actively fight with the alien element, and in 15-20% of cases it ends favorably. A person leads a habitual way of life, while not even suspecting of infection. But nevertheless, in the future the virus can manifest itself at any time, it will depend on various provoking factors, as well as the immunity strength of the patient.

    In most cases, the acute phase of hepatitis passes into a chronic phase with its inherent sluggish symptoms. And so, how many live with hepatitis C?We will discuss this issue in more detail below.

    Hepatitis C - how many years can you live

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    Scar formation in liver tissue is the main consequence of hepatitis, which is caused by a violation of microcirculation, as well as a change in the structure of the liver itself, which subsequently leads to a deterioration in the function of the cells of this organ.

    The life expectancy of a patient will depend on how much the right way of life he leads, and adheres to the rules of HLS.After all, hepatitis C itself is not the cause of death, it only aggravates the provoking factors.

    If you believe official statistics, then without adequate treatment, cirrhosis of the liver can occur after 25-30 years, if treatment is still present, then this period increases. At the same time, about 29% of patients have a chance to get cirrhosis after 45 years of the disease, but in the same percentage of people cirrhosis occurs in less than 20 years. As we see, everything is too individual. Do not forget that even with cirrhosis a person is able to live a certain period of time during which the death can occur due to natural causes.

    First of all, how many live with hepatitis C will depend on the duration of the infection, the person's age and the presence of bad habits, for example, thoughtless reception of alcoholic beverages significantly shortens the life span. The state of the immune system and the availability of competent treatment for hepatitis C are also very important.

    Another remarkable point - men are more likely to develop fibrosis than women, and this process is faster for them. In addition, a strong half of humanity, as a rule, is more disparaging to their health, and has more bad habits, which only aggravates the situation.

    Symptoms of

    Acute hepatitis is almost never diagnosed, because people rarely consult a doctor, and pass the appropriate tests. This is due to nonspecific symptoms of hepatitis C, which may indicate other diseases.

    Common symptoms are as follows:

    1. 1) Initially, there is weakness, fatigue;
    2. 2) Loss of appetite, possibly the presence of vomiting;
    3. 3) Discomfort in the liver, abdomen;
    4. 4) Darkening of urine, discoloration of feces;
    5. 5) The onset of jaundice.
    As a rule, only two first signs are characteristic for an acute current. The remaining symptoms develop even when there is a chronic form of hepatitis. Ascites of the abdominal cavity, as well as vascular asterisks can be attached to them, which will be located on the abdomen.

    Confirmatory assays of

    It is necessary to know 2 assays -( anti-HCV) and HCV-RNA.If they are both positive, this will indicate the presence of hepatitis C. In order to distinguish the active phase from the carrier, it is necessary to give blood for the presence of IgM class( anti-HCV IgM).

    Statistics on how many people live with hepatitis With

    Hepatitis C virus carriers have about 500 million inhabitants across the planet according to WHO.In the case of disease progression, the cause of mortality is cirrhosis of the liver, in more than half the cases. The share of hepatocellular carcinoma is 44% in the region.

    According to the scientists' forecasts, the number of patients with cirrhosis will only increase, and in 10 years they will be 50-60% more than now. Stick to preventive measures so that not articles are one of them.

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