• Drugs from sinusitis: effective and inexpensive drugs

    Sinusitis is a very difficult disease, and its treatment is not limited to taking one medicine. Therapy should be comprehensive and contain all available means, which will help to get rid of sinusitis.

    Modern medications help very effectively combat the main symptoms of the disease, and help to avoid such an unpleasant procedure as a puncture of the maxillary sinus. This method is used as a last resort, if other means from a genyantritis did not give proper results.

    It is strongly advised not to use any medicine for sinusitis on your own, at home. After all, only a doctor is able to pick up really necessary drugs that are ideal for your case.

    In addition, do not forget about the causes of this ailment. For example, provocation of inflammation in the maxillary sinuses may be a curvature of the septum of the nose, diseases of the upper molars, or polyps. In this case, it is necessary to eliminate the root cause, and pharmacy funds are unlikely to help solve this problem.

    We select drugs for the treatment of sinusitis

    The main purpose of the therapy is to remove the inflammation in the sinuses, and also to ensure the swelling of the mucus, which will allow to destroy the infection and relieve the pain syndrome. Therefore, treatment should be carried out in a complex, and not limited to the choice of a single drug.

    In the vast majority of cases, medications are only able to help if the nature of sinusitis is bacterial. Depending on the neglect of a person's condition, treatment in adults can be carried out for several days, up to 2-4 weeks.

    First of all, with inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, prescribe such pharmacy as:

    • vasoconstrictor drops - reduce the outflow of mucus;
    • antibiotics - fight bacteria;
    • mucolytics - prevent the accumulation of mucus;
    • analgesics - elimination of pain syndrome;
    • corticosteroids - reduce inflammation in the sinuses.
    Use of these drugs in the complex, allows you to get rid of maxillary sinusitis in the shortest time, thus, do not let him go into chronic form. All medicines are prescribed exclusively by the doctor after the diagnosis and the study of the patient's anamnesis.

    Let's consider each group of medicines separately, and we will try to choose the most effective remedy for sinusitis.


    Therapy of this disease is rarely treated without the use of anti-edema drugs, the main purpose of which is to remove swollen mucous, thereby eliminating the common cold. There is a large abundance of vasoconstrictive drops on the market. Basically, the main active substance in which is oxymetazoline. Most often, these drugs are prescribed:

    • Nazivin.
    • Oxytetazoline.
    • Lekonil.
    • Nasol
    Assign, mainly, to facilitate breathing and swelling. The effect is based on the narrowing of the blood vessels, which reduces the flow of blood, thereby facilitating the common cold. They are addictive, so they are not used for longer than 7 days.

    Antibiotic drugs

    Antibiotics are considered very effective, their specialization is the suppression of bacteria and infection, which is found in the maxillary sinuses. Used exclusively for bacterial sinusitis, otherwise, only harm the body.

    Bacteria that provoke acute sinusitis are very sensitive to such an active substance as amoxicillin. In this regard, it is logical to assume that the best medicine for sinusitis should have this component in its composition.

    Antibiotics that contain amoxicillin:

    • Amoxyl.
    • Flemoxin Solutab.
    • Ospamox
    You can use and analogues of these drugs, they also successfully resist bacteria. The duration of antibiotics should not exceed one week, if relief does not come after 3-4 days, you should replace the drug, or stop taking it altogether.

    Please note that sinusitis can occur not only because of bacterial infection, its nature can be viral or fungal - then antibiotics are powerless.

    Mucolytics for the treatment of sinusitis

    Mokolitiki thanks to their active substances prevent the formation of new mucus in the maxillary sinuses, and also contribute to its liquefaction, which leads to a better outflow of contents from the sinuses of the nose. It is recommended to use these drugs together with antibiotic therapy and physiotherapy, in order to achieve the best effect. Most often, mucolytics are prescribed:

    • Mukodin;
    • Fluimucil;
    • Fluidite.
    Produce mucolytics in a convenient form of syrups, as well as drops. By following the instructions, they promote faster recovery, and also do not contain side effects.


    One of the main symptoms that occurs with acute sinusitis is a headache, as well as pain in the supra-maxillary sinuses. Therefore, without pain medication, sometimes you can not do. In addition, they are able to bring down the temperature, which is also very useful.

    The most common drugs are:

    • Aspirin( do not give to children)
    • Naproxen;
    • Ibuprofen.
    These drugs should not take longer than 7 days, they have a number of contraindications. Consult with your doctor.


    Corticosteroids are used to relieve mucosal inflammation. Affect the immune system, therefore, their use is limited and possible only after the appointment of a doctor.

    They are mainly prescribed if other medicines for sinusitis are not very effective, and if there are abundant swelling and inflammation. They are able to bring relief not only with bacterial sinusitis, but also viral and allergic. Produced in the form of nasal sprays, the active ingredient is beclomethasone.

    Natural remedies

    If you are a supporter of folk remedies, then you should try medicines that contain the extract of Cyclamen. This plant has long been used as an effective remedy for sinusitis. Extract from cyclamen has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

    In any pharmacy you can buy various medicines from sinusitis, which are of natural origin.

    The most popular drug is Sinuphorte. The active substance of which is the same cyclamen. After use, it penetrates into the maxillary sinuses, where it promotes liquefaction and removal of mucus, thereby relieving inflammation.

    According to reviews of most people who have tried this drug, Sinuphorte is the best medicine for genyantritis of plant origin. The main disadvantage is the cost - 2 000 rubles.

    Result of

    There is no most effective medicine that can get rid of sinusitis in 1 day. Treatment should be carried out only in a complex and under the supervision of the attending physician. It is the doctor who is able to prescribe the appropriate dosages, and choose the right medicine.

    Under the supervision of an experienced specialist, you can quickly get rid of the disease, not leading the situation to a critical point, when you have to make a puncture.

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