• Injuries to the knee

    With knee joint injuries, ligaments can be stretched, torn or torn. In contrast to the rupture of the ligaments of the nostopus, the rupture of the ligaments of the knee joint requires immediate surgical intervention. Procrastination in this case will significantly complicate the operation, reduce the chances of further full recovery.

    Bone fractures in the knee region are less common than in the ankle area, but in this situation it is also necessary to consult a specialist.

    If the ligaments are torn completely, with an elongated leg, the shin can move from side to side with a small amplitude of the

    .It is enough to compare a damaged knee with a healthy one to understand which amplitude of displacement to the side can be considered normal. Of course, your examination will not be qualified, but if you thought that the shin moves from side to side too freely, be sure to see a doctor. It is better, if the alarm is false, than later blame yourself for a non-serious attitude to the problem.

    If the knee cartilage is torn, the knee will be blocked and the leg will not be able to straighten. The rupture of the cartilage does not require urgent surgical intervention, but a visit to the doctor is still necessary.

    Tumor injury and pain will not yet give a complete picture of the severity of the lesion. Note whether the child can carry heavy objects, whether he can move his foot in the usual range, and also keep the knee when moving from side to side. As a rule, when the ligaments of the knee joint are stretched, the pain appears immediately and lasts for several hours, and sometimes several days. In some cases, the tumor can be strong.

    If the ligaments are completely torn, there is a sharp pain, which for some time ceases or disappears completely. Also, when the ligaments are ruptured, there is abundant internal bleeding around the damaged joint, which leads to a rapid appearance of a strong tumor.

    It is best to avoid any trauma with until it becomes clear how serious the injury is. Home treatment is permissible only with light stretches.

    Sprain of ligaments. Your actions

    Remember three letters - PCH - peace, cold, protection.

    Arrange the child so that the injured knee is in the raised position.

    Take a 30-minute cold compress to remove the swelling. If, despite the peace and cold, there is a significant swelling and the child complains of severe pain in the knee, seek help from a doctor. If these symptoms do not appear, continue to do 30-minute cold compresses every fifteen minutes for several hours.

    A small bandage on the injured place will protect it from further swelling and damage. During this period, you can let the child bear minor weight, strictly controlling the appearance of the tumor and pain.

    After 24 hours, you can make a hot compress. After 24 hours, the knee should take the

    normal appearance and not give the child unpleasant sensations;In 72 hours there should come full recovery.

    Nevertheless, it should be remembered that the complete healing of stretching occurs only after 4-6 weeks and during this period of time it is necessary to avoid even the smallest influences on the knee.

    Elastic bandages will not bring the expected relief, but they can relieve pain a little. And, of course, parents should always remind the child that he is extremely careful with the injured knee.

    The doctor will carefully examine the injured knee for the amplitude of motion and knee stability to shaking from side to side.

    If the knee is very swollen, the doctor pushes the blood out of the joint with a needle.

    If the ligaments are ruptured, surgical intervention will be required. It may be an X-ray, although it does not always give a complete picture. It is better, if the doctor will appoint or nominate to make a tomography.

    If the doctor determines the injury as mild, the child will be recommended home treatment and, perhaps, prescribed medications that relieve pain.