• How to choose the sizes of holes in the nipple.

    If the holes in the nipple are small, the baby will not get enough mix. He will begin to whine or get tired and fall asleep long before he eats his norm. If the holes are too large, the child will choke or will have indigestion;In addition, he may not satisfy his sucking instinct and will suck his fingers. For most children, the required feeding time is 20 minutes. If from an inverted bottle the mixture leaves with a trickle for one or two seconds, and then drops, this hole is suitable for most children. If the mixture continues to pour out a trickle, the hole is large, if from the very beginning it comes out with droplets - a little.

    New nipples are often not suitable for newborns, but are suitable for older and stronger children. If the holes are too small for your child, gently increase them: stick a thin needle( number ten) with a blunt end into the cork. Then, holding the plug, glow the sharp end in the fire reddish. Pierce the nipple a short distance from the tip. Do not expand the previous hole. Do not take a thick needle or poke it too deep before you have checked the results of your work. If the holes are too large, you will have to discard the pacifier. You can make one, two or three holes a little more. If there is no traffic jam, you can wrap the blunt end of the needle with a cloth or hold it with tweezers.

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    If the holes are often clogged, especially with final sterilization, you can buy special little strainer that is inserted inside the nipple. Insert such a strainer into each nipple, then sterilize. Perhaps you find it more convenient to clean the holes in the nipple with a toothpick daily.

    Another way to prevent clogging of the hole is to make these holes cross-shaped;this means that at the end of each nipple a tiny cross is cut. Milk is not spilled, because the edges of the incision are held together until the baby begins to suck. You can make a cross-shaped incision in the usual nipple with the help of a razor blade. First, tighten the end of the nipple so that it becomes narrow, then cut. Clamp again at right angles to the first notch and make a second incision.