• Hygienic massage

    Hygienic massage is an active means of strengthening, preventing diseases.

    All manual methods are used, the character of which, unlike sport massage, is slightly different. The tricks are performed mainly on the strength of the surface, at a slow pace and for a shorter time. On general hygienic massage is taken away for 30-40 minutes.

    At present, this type of massage is most often used either as a general self-massage in combination with morning hygienic gymnastics, other types of exercise and water procedures every day for 10-15 minutes, or in a bath. In the first case, hygienic morning self-massage is recommended to combine with the use of non-mechanized massage devices, for example with massage paths.

    In the second case, hygienic massage is widely used among athletes, performed by either a massage therapist or in the form of a mutual massage lasting 20-25 minutes.

    Massage in the bath has a beneficial effect on the neuromuscular and endocrine system, improves mobility in the joints, stimulates the metabolism in the body and improves the activity of the excretory organs. Because of this massage in the bath can be a good tool for regulation, as well as to reduce body weight.

    Massage in the bath can be used to restore working capacity after heavy physical exertion and weight loss.

    Restorative massage in the bath is carried out according to the following method: massaged before taking a shower and then goes to the steam room, and at this time the massage therapist prepares a place for massage in the soap bar - several times scalded with hot water, then prepares 1-2 basins with hot water to heat the benchduring the massage. The time of the massage massaged in the steam room, where only the silt is heated, is steamed with the help of birch, and, preferably, eucalyptus brooms, 5-8 minutes. After the commencement of profuse sweating, the massaged leaves the steam room, rinses the body with warm water and settles on the prepared place. Massage is carried out on a well soapy body in prone position first on the abdomen, then on the back. The position of the masseur with a massage of the back, chest, gluteal region - standing on the side of the massaged, it is better left, and with the massage of the upper and lower extremities - sitting, while the forearm and lower leg rest on the thigh of the masseur.

    Apply stroking, grinding, kneading. Significantly more time than with conventional massage, is given to squeezing and passive movements. The total duration of massage - an average of 20-25 minutes. The sequence of massing in the regions of the body is the same as in the usual massage. During the massage, due to the increase in sweating, a feeling of cooling may occur. In this case, it is warmed by pouring hot water.

    Weight reduction with this combination of bath and massage averages 1 kg. Such a massage should be conducted no more often than once a week, better - at the end of the training period.

    Special massage for weight loss( weight gain) is applied after mandatory consultation with a doctor and trainer. This need arises mainly with long breaks in training, as well as before competitions in those sports where there is a division into weight categories.

    Massage is performed after a preliminary stay in the steam room( 5-8 min) in the above described sequence of body regions. During the massage, as soon as the mass stops sweating, it is sent back to the steam room for 5-6 minutes, after which the massage continues from the area where it was interrupted. The duration of the massage( without taking into account the time spent in the steam room) is 30-40 minutes.

    When a massed feeling of fatigue, lethargy, he needs to provide a short( 5-6 min) rest, during which it is necessary to refresh yourself under the shower or rinse with cool water and lie down( sit), wrapped in a sheet( towel), on a bench. Massage for weight loss in the form of self-massage is not recommended.

    Reducing body weight in one session should not exceed 2.5 kg, forcing it by daily massage sessions in the bath leads to weakening of the body, adversely affects the state of health and athletic performance. Therefore, weight loss in the short term should be avoided. The optimal period is 1.5-2 weeks before the start of the competition. The most successful "dumping" of weight occurs in the event that the steam is combined with the correct drinking, saline regimes and diet, which must be agreed with the doctor and the trainer.

    In conclusion, it should be said that when developing scientifically based complexes of restorative agents for athletes, it is necessary to take into account the nature and extent of the preceding and subsequent physical exertion. The recovery effect from the complex use of nonspecific drugs, such as sauna and massage, is more significant than from each drug alone.