Feedback on the styler for automatic hair wave: photo and video

  • Feedback on the styler for automatic hair wave: photo and video

    Before deciding to buy any item it would be nice to learn more about it not only from the official description and advertising, but also, according to the feedback of other customers. In this article you will be given feedback on a styler for automatic hair curling - one of the newest inventions in the field of cosmetology.

    Valya. Belarus - Bobruisk. Babyliss Perfect Curl.

    Hello everyone! Not so long ago I learned that at last this miracle appeared - an automatic curling hair curler. It seems to me that this is one of the most successful inventions of late. The price, of course, is quite alarming, but, believe me, girls, it's really worth it! I want to show you the photo after a quick twist on this miracle device:

    I always had straight hair and, moreover, they tend to straighten up quickly after waving. Not so long ago for me it was just horror. Like, I want beautiful voluminous curls, I twist it half a day, wind it up, lay it down, then with mousse, then with varnish, and it takes two or three hours and they are straight again, as if nothing had happened! I can say that earlier I just spoiled my hair in vain, but I did not really get the effect.

    But now everything has drastically changed! In just half an hour, as a maximum, you can, even without knowing how, wind yourself a chic angelic curls. They held to me, by the way, for two whole days without any varnishes, foams and mousses! I even wound my hair, then I made a bunch and so I went all day, a very voluminous hair is obtained. And in the evening, dismissing her hair, not a single strand straightened. This thing is just a godsend for any woman dreaming of curls!

    Of course, I do not advise you to use it every day, you can overheat the hair, damage it, although if you use special protective sprays and other means, then maybe you can use the use. The best option is for holidays or before going anywhere. Ployka perfectly fulfills its purpose.

    of Alexandra. Russia - Kirov.

    All welcome!
    Today I would like to share with you a styler of the brand ELITE.It's a great way to quickly and efficiently twist even the most disobedient hair into beautiful curly ringlets.

    In one store I was made a "tempting" offer to buy this thing for 4999 instead of 6999r, but I decided not to do it and, having come home, looked at AliExpress, where the analogue for 1800 was sold. The reviews were the most, that neither is, praiseworthy, and my choice fell on this object.

    First, I'll show you a couple of pictures of this subject. It's not that big and not heavy at all, with a long cord.

    This is the very "box" for heating and twisting the strand.

    Next, we turn to a more detailed description of the merits and demerits.
    Well, let's start with the pros:

    1. Quick and easy to get beautiful curly ringlets;
    2. Ease of use. You do not need to wind it yourself, as with ordinary curling rods and tongs;
    3. Speed ​​of use, it takes only 5 seconds for one lock to work as a maximum;
    4. My analogue is not inferior to the original in anything, so do not even think about wasting money;
    5. There is a beep that notifies me that the lock is ready;
    6. Perfect security. As the curl warms up inside, and the device does not heat up at all, the opportunity to burn yourself or something worse is minimal.

    And now consider a few cons of using:

    1) Whatever the manufacturers do for you, and similar devices dry your hair, so try to use some thermal protection, or do not use the device too often. Take care of your hair!

    2) Do not try to make one big curl, the tool will tear and light your hair, not very nice. In fact, the optimal amount of hair that can be inserted, I determined by the method of "poke."

    These are all the cons that I noticed. Watch the video how I create the curls.