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    Freeze food products: benefit or harm to humans

    In America and Europe sublimatedproducts have become popular for a long time, but in Russian stores have only just begun to spread them on the shelves. Many nutritionists have already declared their benefits, because such food has a number of features that make it possible to lose weight.

    Sublimated products: what is it?

    Sublimated products are food obtained by transitioning from a solid state to a gaseous state. From liquids, a powder is obtained, and from a solid meal, small pieces or a powdery mixture.

    How to sublimate products:

    • First they freeze at a temperature of-190 degrees;
    • Further moisture freezes in vacuum drying, so that their taste is not lost, but they become weightless.

    Freeze-dried products: harm or benefit

    What is the benefit of freeze-dried products:

    • They retain most of the nutrients contained in meat, juices, milk and other foods that they can prepare. In addition, they are digested even before getting into the stomach, thanks to which the sense of satiety quickly comes and one manages to lose weight;
    • There are no preservatives or coloring agents;
    • They are usable for a long time: for example, vegetables can be stored for up to 2 years, dairy products - 13 months. Thus, they can only be poisoned if the rules and terms of storage are not observed.

    Now more about the dangers of freeze-dried products of long-term storage:

    • If you purchase products not manufactured in accordance with technology or from low-grade raw materials, you may experience health problems. To avoid this, you need to buy food only from trusted producers;
    • Some proponents of good nutrition say that only fresh food is of use, and you can not eat all the time only with products that have undergone sublimation.

    Freeze-dried food: list how to cook ^

    Freeze-dried products: how to cook yourself

    How to sublimate the products of the house

    To prepare the freeze-dried products with your own hands, you need to perform a few simple steps:

    • Wash and clean products from inedible parts;
    • Grind everything with a knife and lay it on a baking tray;
    • Freeze, then place in a freeze drying chamber;
    • Remove moisture, dry it in a warm place for several hours and seal it tightly.

    For home sublimation, meat and cheeses are best suited. Technology differs sharply from production, and such products still lose a few useful things, but the essence remains: they decrease in weight and volume.

    Sublimated products Gala Gala

    You can purchase ready-made sublimates from the company "Gala-Gala" in an online store or in a regular supermarket:

    • Meat;
    • Soups;
    • Vegetables and berries;
    • Dairy products;
    • Vegetables;
    • Fish;
    • Fruits and Beverages;
    • Kasha and second courses.

    Freeze-dried products for tourists

    Those who often travel, you can take the freeze-dried products in the trek. They provide fast saturation and supply the body with the necessary energy:

    • Chips from fruit or berries: blackberries, cherries, strawberries;
    • Herbal tea;
    • Beets and beet juice, potatoes, mushrooms, fried onions;
    • Vegetable mixtures;
    • Fish or mushroom broth, broth for borsch.

    Sublimated products for astronauts

    In space conditions, it is almost impossible to prepare habitual food due to lack of gravity, so cosmonauts eat sublimates: milk, meat, fish, soup, borsch, berries, fruits and vegetables.

    Despite this, there are exceptions: for example, pickled cucumbers and chocolate can not be sublimated, so they are sent to space in their original form. How food is received in space:

    • Packing from products is not thrown away - it is used instead of a dish, by placing it in a device that fills it with water;
    • Astronaut kneads the pack with his hands, makes an incision in the upper part;
    • After this, the food should be squeezed out directly into the mouth.

    How to prepare and store freeze-dried products

    When prepared in the factory, the packaging with such food is filled with nitrogen gas, which evaporates after opening. That is why it is not necessary to store such products in the refrigerator, and before using it, it is enough to dissolve with warm or hot water.

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    Sublimated products at home: doctors' opinion and tourist feedback ^

    After a number of studies, it has been proven that products that have undergone sublimation do not really contain colorants and preservatives - this only confirms their harmlessness. Despite this, doctors do not recommend eating only such food constantly, because every person's organism will still feel the need for fresh food.

    Sublimated products for tourism: feedback

    Natalia, 27 years old:

    "My husband and I like hiking, we can go to the forest or the mountains for a whole week. Of course, it's difficult to cook under such conditions, but they save the products from Gala-Gal, which we buy at the local store. They are pleasant enough to taste and they are difficult to distinguish from ordinary food, which we like. "

    Lyudmila, 30 years old:

    " I am an avid fan of long trips, and without sublimats I find it very difficult. I always buy Leovit products: it weighs a little, but the appetite quenches well - enough one portion to eat food »

    Margarita, 34 years old:

    « For a long time we buy sublimates for hikes with our husband - they only save us. Most of all I like the basis for soup and vegetables: the dishes taste exactly the same as ordinary, and cook them much easier. "