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    Is it possible to lose weight on rice water: reviews

    Rice water is uniqueby its properties a drink with which you can lose weight, cleanse the body, strengthen the hair and improve the skin condition.

    Rice water: benefit and effect for the body ^

    To understand how useful a solution made from rice, you need to know what rice water is. This drink is a storehouse of vitamins and microelements: it contains iodine, calcium, iron, zinc, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and B vitamins, so it positively affects the body.

    Rice water: useful properties of

    You can learn more about the usefulness of rice water, if you become acquainted with its action:

    • It perfectly cleanses the skin of greasy gloss and dirt, and helps remove black dots, cure psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. That is why beauticians recommend that washing with rice water daily;
    • It restores the structure of hair and removes them from dirt, gives them shine, volume and elasticity;
    • She is an indispensable assistant for infections and poisonings, becauseremoves inflammation and eliminates constipation;
    • With its help you can clean the entire body of toxins and toxins, because such water has an absorbing effect;
    • Thanks to water, you can get rid of boils and ulcers - it regenerates damaged skin cells and heals wounds;Those who want to get rid of excess weight, it is recommended to drink rice water, tk.under its influence, fat burning processes are started and metabolism is accelerated. Knowing what rice water is and what its useful functions consist in, it is worth mentioning also its harm to the body - it is negligible: it is not recommended to be consumed inside by those who suffer from constipation, since it is not recommended to use it.it has an astringent effect. In other cases, this drink only affects positively and allows complete purification of the body in a short time.

      Rice water purification: recipes for face, hair and body ^

      Rice to prepare rice water correctly: recipe

      Rice water: recipe for cooking at home

      To prepare this product, you should use the following instruction:

      • Rinse a glass of rice under running water;
      • Put the cereal in enameled dishes, add 600 ml of water and leave everything for 15 minutes;
      • Drain liquid through gauze.

      If left to persist for more than 15 minutes, it will start to wander slightly, and from this its positive qualities will only increase.

      Rice water for hair

      To strengthen the follicles, restore the damaged locks and make them more shiny, you need to use rice water to wash your hair instead of shampoo according to this recipe:

      • To the prepared rice-based infusions, add rice flour, stir until thick. We put the composition on wet strands, massage for 2 minutes;
      • We rinse with warm water.

      Rice water for the face

      There are several ways to apply the infusion of rice grains for the face and body:

      • They can be rubbed instead of tonic: this helps to narrow the pores, gives the skin smoothness, tightens wrinkles;
      • For cleaning the epidermis from dirt, everyday washing with curative water is best;
      • For the treatment of burns, acne and dermatological diseases several times a day must be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in water;
      • For bleaching pigment spots and protection against ultraviolet light, the skin should be treated with infusion.

      Rice water for weight loss

      For a fast weight loss diet suitable for rice water, but it must be prepared according to the Asian recipe:

      • Pour 200 grams of rice 1 liter of water, cook on low heat for 4 hours;
      • We drink a cup of the prepared beverage before breakfast, and the rest is divided into several portions and consumed throughout the day, eating low-calorie food. Also on the water you can arrange drinking unloading days 1-2 times a week.

      Rice water for body cleansing

      For those who want to completely clear toxins and toxins, strengthen immunity and improve the performance of all internal organs and systems, the following option is suggested:

      • We drink only rice broth for three days;
      • We do not eat anything else;
      • If you follow these instructions not 3 days but a week, you can get rid of 2-3 kg of weight.

      Rice water from diarrhea

      In order to eliminate diarrhea, you can prepare a drink according to any of the following two recipes:

      • Put on a fire a container with 500 ml of water, bring to a boil and throw there 2 tsp.ground washed rice. We cook for 45 minutes, then strain through gauze and drink;
      • Heat the frying pan, place the polished rice( 5 tablespoons), do not add oil. Fry it over low heat. When the grains take a golden hue - twist in a coffee grinder. The resulting composition is diluted with warm water( 600 g).Mix everything, cook for a quarter of an hour, stirring occasionally. Let the drink cool down, then drink a third of the glass every 3 hours.
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      Rice water for skin: recommendations and reviews ^

      Having decided to use rice water in order to cleanse the body, improve the condition of the hair or cure skin diseases, the desired effect can be achieved in a short time. Despite this, do not forget that, for example, to lose weight using only one drink is not enough - you need to adhere to a low-calorie diet, otherwise the effectiveness of curative infusion will be reduced.

      Rice water from acne: feedback from our readers

      Daria, 28 years old:

      "I was rubbed with this water instead of a tonic, and she helped me: acne started after 2 weeks, and in a month my skin was absolutely clean"

      Olesya, 23 years old:

      "I really liked how the rice infusion works against acne: I wash them for only a few weeks, and now I can say that thanks to it I managed to completely cleanse my face, besides it has a matting effect, which for me is important┬╗

      Margarita, 25 years old:

      "So far, I have been using tonic from rice water for only a week, and I do not see any special changes, except that there is less fat gloss. I hope that in a month the results will be more obvious - I want to finally forget what acne is. "