• How to get rid of worms in humans at home?

    As a child, our grandparents told us about the simple rules of hygiene: washing hands before meals, washing fruits and vegetables before using them, never drink raw water, especially from the tap. What is this all for? Then, not to pick up worms! That's just not every one of us knows what worms are, and what kind of problem they entail. Less often we think about how to get rid of these harmful parasites. In fact, human worms are much more common than we think. To once and for all get rid of these parasites, you need to know some rules.

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    How to get rid ofworms in an adult at home

    Worms are parasites that live in the human body, getting there through the environment. Statistics stunning, almost every third inhabitant of our planet is the master of these parasites.

    To date, there are many known tools for fighting worms. You can choose either a medicinal method, or turn to traditional medicine. The choice is yours.

    Medications help you quickly get rid of parasites. Traditional means can be used for prevention. The majority of worm carriers are children. It is traditional methods that win in this struggle.

    Folk remedies contain two active means. The first one suggests using wormwood herb. Pour one tablespoon of wormwood with boiling water. Wormwood should be carefully brewed. After the grass is infused and settled on the bottom, it is necessary to strain it through the cheesecloth. Decoction drink at least three times a day for half a cup before meals. This type of treatment usually lasts up to three days.

    The second recipe, offers us the use of onions. Find the bulb of medium size and preferably the onion was "evil."Finely chopped onions, put it in a liter jar and fill it with cold water. Put the jar with onions in the refrigerator for 10 hours. Then, strain the solution through the cheesecloth. This solution should be drunk half a cup twice a day.

    There are a lot of drugs in our time. To choose the right one, you can contact your doctor. Almost all medications from these parasites help to get rid of them quickly and thoroughly.

    You need to know that if at least one of the members of the family is the bearer of worms, then the whole family needs the prophylaxis. Worms, a thing very contagious and take risks is not worth it. If there is no prophylaxis, then within 3-4 days all members of the family will become carriers of this parasite. Follow our advice and you will be healthy.

    Tablets to help get rid of worms

    What are the most effective worm tablets?

    Albendazole( nemozol) is a preparation against helminths( worms-parasites).Chewable tablets against worms are a good help and are intended for internal use.

    The device of action of albendazole is contained in the fact that the drug substance leads the parasite to death. These pills are very effective in mono and poly infestations.

    Medamin, a synonym for Carbendacim(

    ) Medamin seeps through the worm membrane and affects its musculature. The parasite is completely paralyzed. The drug is produced in tablets, is effective against such diseases as: ascaridosis, trichocephalosis, enterobiasis, ankylostomiasis and non-carotidosis.

    Piranel, a fairly effective tool, falls in the form of a suspension, tablets and tablets with a uniform shell. The drug blocks the nervous and muscular system of the worms, and parasites have no choice but to go outside. Excellent cope with pinworms, ascarids, hookworms.

    How to get rid of worms in children

    If a child has worms, then clearly the whole family needs to be prevented. How to better proglistovat kid is prompted by a doctor in the hospital. Only the doctor knows what preparations should be given to the child. Typically, the doctor prescribes such drugs: metovit, arthromax, pyrantel, decaris and vermox. The course of treatment for worms is quite long, so you should strictly follow the instructions to the drug. If pets are in the house, they should also be prevented, as they are often the main source of infection. To the child no longer picked up these parasites, he needs to talk about some hygiene rules and see to it that he does them. The child needs to wash his hands as much as possible. The child should be explained that it is necessary to thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits without leaving an unwashed area on them before using them. They also need to be rinsed with boiling water so that all harmful microorganisms are killed. It is desirable to wash toys every day with the use of a disinfectant, which more thoroughly cleans toys of microbes.

    The use of folk remedies will also help to get rid of the worms in the child. Pinworms categorically do not like the smell of garlic, onion, pumpkin seeds, wormwood and tansy. There are a lot of recipes that will help you get rid of worms. Here are some of them:

    1. 5-7 cloves of garlic need to be put in a small saucepan and pour water. Then bring the water to a boil. After you need to strain the broth from the garlic through the cheesecloth and do it to the child the enema procedures every day before he goes to sleep. A week later the worms did not happen.
    2. Grind three heads of garlic and one onion head. Pour them with warm boiled water and let it brew for about 15 minutes. Then filter through gauze and dilute with boiled water to 2 liters. Add one spoonful of lemon juice to the resulting solution. After evacuation of the intestine, the resulting solution is made with an enema. After this, the worms will quickly leave the intestine. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times.

    3. To obtain the next solution, you need to fill a tablespoon of tansy with half a liter of boiling water. Then the solution should be cooled and filtered through gauze. In a warm state, one can make an enema for a child. Repeat the procedure no more than once a day.

    4. Wet pumpkin seeds, previously peeled, should be eaten with a thin green skin every day and after two weeks the worms will disappear.

    Modern medicine does not advise the child to make an enema, as it spoils the intestinal microflora. But, a child infected with parasites does not have a normal microflora, and medicinal preparations only destroy useful microorganisms of the gastrointestinal tract.

    How to get rid of worms folk remedies

    Some effective folk remedies for getting rid of parasites:

    • Take one tablespoon of buckthorn and pour 1 cup of boiling water and let the broth brew. To make the broth better insisted, you need to roll it for 2-3 hours in warm material. Strain the broth, take it 1 tablespoon at least 4 times a day. Pour 1 cup of steep boiling water 14 grams of a mixture of a thousand centaur of cumin and tansy, being in equal quantities. Infuse the broth for 1 hour. Try to drink 1 tablespoon 4 times a day.

    • In pinworms, an enema of garlic is useful( stretch 5-7 denticles in water at room temperature, strain).

    • Combine in equal proportions a hundred thousandth acres( grass) and wormwood bitter( grass).Spoon the mixture, filled with a glass of water, boil for about 20 minutes. It is advisable to drink 1 glass of broth on an empty stomach from morning and evening. To achieve the result, the broth should be consumed within 8 days. After that, finely chop and mix until homogenous, to obtain a powder taken in equal proportions dry fruits of blueberry, the root of elecampane high and inflorescences of tansy vulgare. Try to make a decoction from the calculation: 1 tablespoon per glass of water. Eat 5 tablespoons with water.

    • In one glass of milk, cook garlic. Then milk should be filtered, cooled and made from it an enema. Leave it all night: an adult - from a glass, a child - 70-100 ml. The procedure should be repeated for a week.

    • For this broth, pour water and boil the crushed pomegranate crust. Decoction is desirable to drink for 1 hour in 3-4 hours, without eating at this time of food. After 3 hours, take a laxative. Cut the onions finely and fill half the bottle. Then pour all this with alcohol. Leave to stand for about 10 days. Adults take 1-2 tablespoons every day 2 times a day before meals. To children corresponds such recipe: to grind an onion of the average size. Then pour a glass of boiling water and let it brew for 12 hours, drain. The broth should be drunk on 80-100 ml. The broth is effective against pinworms and ascarids.

    • 1 teaspoon wormwood pour two cups of boiling water. Use infusion of 2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day for 20 minutes before meals. Infusion will remove from the body pinworm and ascaris.

    • 4 tbsp. Spoon the green walnuts with boiling water. Insist for about half an hour. The solution should be drunk throughout the day, while alternating with a laxative drug.

    • A kilogram of fresh sorrel fill with 1 liter of boiling water and cook in a water bath for exactly 2 hours. Obtain the resulting broth. Then add 50 grams of sugar to the broth( no more) and cook on fire until a solution is placed in one glass. Decoction drink throughout the day for 2 sips before a meal.

    • Adults should eat more red hot pepper, as its composition kills all parasites. Children should eat more carrots. Pour 3 tbsp.spoons of a plant tansy with boiling water. To consume 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.

    How to get rid of worms during pregnancy

    Plants that have an antihelminthic effect can also be used. These include: watermelon, carrots, birch, cowberry, valerian, onion, strawberry, juniper, white cabbage, chamomile, blackgrass, lavender, pomegranate, garlic, willow, dandelion, walnut, papaya, coriander, radish, thyme, mountain ash, nettle, wild garlic, pumpkin. During the development of the fetus in your body, some of the plants are harmful. Therefore, before using the above plants, contact a gynecologist who will examine you and tell you which plants you can use.

    When pregnancy is an ideal option for getting rid of worms is the use of pumpkin seeds. The medicine has brought a number of treatments with such seeds:

    • In the morning, eat 2-3 spoonfuls of pumpkin seeds on an empty stomach. Do not forget to chew them properly. Literally after two hours, swallow two spoons of olive oil. After these procedures, the worms must go out;

    • Gnaw about half a cup of sunflower seeds in the morning and in the evening for 35-45 minutes before eating for the whole week;

    • take 110 g of peeled pumpkin seeds and rub with 40-45 g of water. It is good to stir to take 25 grams four times a day.

    Good health!