• How to choose a 3G modem. Choosing a 3G modem for an operator

    If you are traveling, going on vacation or are always on the move, then your laptop and netbook need constant access to the Internet. In this case, Wi-Fi is unlikely to help you solve the problem, since there is not everywhere its coverage, besides, every time you pay for access to it in different places - it is not profitable. Now 3G networks are developing very actively, almost all large cities already have access to 3G Internet, that's why in your situation 3G Internet is the most optimal option.

    What to consider when choosing a 3G modem

    When choosing a 3G modem, you first need to consider the operator you want to connect to - based on this, you must choose a modem. About the choice of operator for 3G modem journalists of our site Vse-sekrety.ru will be told later, now we will concentrate on some features of modems.

    Rev A and Rev B

    To date, modems can be divided into two types of standards: Rev A and Rev B. These technologies differ from each other in their throughput. Modems with Rev A technology have a speed of up to 3.1 MB / s, and Rev B modems up to 14.7 MB / s. It is important to note that these parameters are fixed in the laboratory: in good weather and the maximum signal level from the base station, as well as when it is not fully loaded. To achieve maximum speed you are unlikely to succeed with both types of standards. At the same time, if in most localities it is very difficult to get a speed of 2 MB / s on Rev A, then it's not worth to count on high speed with Rev B.In addition, modems Rev B are almost 2 times more expensive than modems Rev A.

    The possibility of connecting an external antenna

    As mentioned before, not everywhere there is a high-quality coverage of 3G operators, so to improve the signal quality, you can connect an external 3G antenna to the modem, butfor this, there must be a special connector in the latter.

    Support for

    memory cards Most modern models of 3G modems have memory card support, although this is not a very important factor, but, nevertheless, the availability of which many can come in handy.

    Fixed for operator or not

    When choosing a 3G modem, we recommend that you prefer a "neutral" modem that is not stitched under one particular operator. Yes, such modems are cheaper than unplugged analogs for the operator, but you initially limit yourself in the choice. That is, if for example one operator makes prices more profitable than your operator, then on the usual modem you will be able to switch to a new operator, in the sewed one - no.

    Which 3G modem to choose for the

    tablet Since most tablets do not have direct support for USB 3G modems, for the tablet we recommend choosing a 3G modem with Wi-Fi, which will run on battery power. An example is a modem like the Huawei E5331.Thus, the modem works in 3G networks and distributes the Internet via Wi-Fi access point, while not only you gain access to 3G on your tablet, but you can also distribute the Internet for 4 devices other than the tablet.

    3G modem of which operator to choose

    If you decide to buy a 3G modem from an operator, then the choice of modems will be significantly reduced, although the modem models are practically the same for all operators. You need to choose based on the coverage and its quality, as well as on the basis of tariff plans. Also, before choosing an operator, decide in which places you need access to the Internet, and what is priority for you: speed or low tariffs, as often these two factors are not combined. If you need Internet access in one city - look for the best operator in the city, if access is required in several cities - look for an operator that will provide high-quality communication in these cities. Also, be guided by the purchase of a 3G modem from an operator that has unlimited packages.

    The most popular 3G modems for today are Huawei modems, it is recommended to give preference to the models of this 3G manufacturer.