• Why I do not have real friends

    Very often on forums, blogs and social networks you can meet such a simple, at first glance, question: "Why do not I have friends?".Of course, it is usually left anonymous, but still it does not reduce the size of problems in the modern world. So many people lack real friends. Yes, there may be many acquaintances, but in fact there can be no friends at all.

    Today we decided to understand this problem and give you a concrete answer why you do not have friends.

    Possible reasons for the lack of loyal friends:

    • You are a bad person! Be honest with yourself and admit how you are friendly and good person. How do you feel about your friends, how to talk to them, and how often you help. Remember the proverb? !Treat people as you would like them to treat you. Sometimes we do not notice the elementary truth - there are no friends because you are a person with whom you would not like to have any relationship.

    • Pay attention to how you look and dress! This is especially true for girls, it is very important for them to have their own style in clothes, which most correctly described it. For example, blondes, with bright lips, in pink clothes - will always be associated with stupid girls, obsessed with style, money and cosmetics. Yes, it's a stereotype, but still it works. Another example: a girl in frank attire will always be considered a girl of easy virtue. With such people just do not want to have any friendships.

    • The environment is guilty. It is possible that the reason is not in you, but in others. After all, we very often choose the wrong companies in which we are not respected or valued. In this environment, real friends can not be found!

    • You spend a lot of time at the computer. With the development of the Internet, social networks, forums and other services. People no longer need to see each other, to communicate with them in reality. But we forget the fact that finding a true friend is easier in the real world, not in the virtual world. On the Internet and friends are not real, however sad it may sound.

    • You are a closed person. Friendship is first of all an openness, therefore it is very important to learn how to be opened by other people. He shares his emotions and thoughts with them. And, of course, always be ready to help.

    If you are an extraordinary person( have unusual hobbies, thoughts or principles), you should look for friends on thematic meetings, dating sites or social networks. Just remember that friendship should flow, not only virtually, but also real, then you will never again ask yourself such a question as "why do I have no friends? !".

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