• How to maintain a relationship at a distance? Is it possible?

    For many people, relations at a distance are not a personal whim, but a combination of circumstances that are difficult to change or reverse. How can they be? Ruin relationships and look for new options? No, this is not the best scenario. We want to assure you that relationships at a distance are quite possible and they are practiced by quite a lot of couples in love.

    Ways to save relationships at a distance that will not help
    First of all, people start to correspond by emails or to communicate in video mode on SMS .Yes, this is a very good option, because communication takes place in real time, but there is not enough of a significant component - physical presence.

    Old-fashioned hand-written postcards and letters is also a piece of romance that reminds you that you are loved and remembered, but they can not compare to a living person of flesh and blood that you can embrace.

    phone calls give you the opportunity to hear the voice of a loved one in real time, but they also remind you of the distance that lies between you.

    The only way out of this situation, in your opinion, is frequent visits to each other, because the feeling of longing and loneliness is sometimes just unbearable.

    Frequent meetings as the best way to maintain

    's relationship How much are such frequent visits useful? Will they help to maintain and develop your relationship at a distance? Many couples really live separately for a variety of reasons: work, place of residence, military service, Internet acquaintance. Being in different cities, different countries, on different continents - you are constantly nervous, thinking about how your loved one is there, what he does, who he is and what he is doing. When you can not communicate in person, it causes emotional and moral discomfort to you. In addition, a long stay at a distance cools feelings and passion. For couples who are prudent in this situation, frequent visits can be a very useful and effective way to maintain their relationship, as they understand that there are certain circumstances that separate them.

    However, not all relationships at a distance can be sealed by frequent visits. Yes, sometimes everything spoils a banal financial issue: tickets for a plane, a joint vacation or just stay at a party each other, that is under one roof. Another irrational fear: a visit is an attempt to verify the partner's faithfulness or simply an egoistic attack immediately to see it, so that complacency ensues. In such cases, it is necessary to strike a balance between the intolerable desire just now to see the beloved person here, and the real costs and losses( including moral ones) for the sake of satisfying that desire.

    Another point: what is the reason for your living separately? If the spouse( partner) has left for work or in connection with military service, your frequent visits may not be particularly desirable, regardless of the strength and reliability of the relationship. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just wait. Paradoxically, it's a fact: some people even work better when they are away from their second half, because nothing distracts them from their personal life or family.

    And on the contrary, some relationships at a distance can really only improve from frequent visits to each other. For example:

    • The sad option: the guys who are on military service, really want to see their girlfriend. After all, the soldiers have leave, so you can come for a couple of days to the city, where the military unit is located and hold a leave with his soldier-soldier.

    • Youth option: students who live away from home, usually rejoice at the frequent visits of their girlfriend / friend. Instead of constantly finding time for dating, it is probably better to rent a common apartment - yes, it will create certain problems, but in the evenings you will be together.

    There are also cases when a man and a woman get used to this way of life: a few days together and then a long separation. Because of this, when they begin to live together, it is difficult for them to get used again and adapt to each other. It's one thing when you get bored and stay together for several days, the other is when you need to "get used to" each other and have a common life. When you start living together again, you may find that there is a whole gap between you and you have completely different interests and views on life. Therefore, try to find balance in the separation, so as not to wean from each other.

    By the way, the key word in trips and meetings is their "frequency".If the relationship is strong, and the conditions that caused your separation are indeed temporary, then from frequent visits to each other there will be no harm. In the end, this life period will end sooner or later, and you will be together. However, this does not apply to all relationships. Not all of them can withstand the frequency of such forced communication and visits.

    A good option, which can partially replace the meeting - video calls, using Skype. The beauty of the program is that thanks to it you will be able to talk and see your loved one in real time, but, unfortunately, you will not be able to embrace or embrace, smell, kiss, etc. How not to twist, and relationships at a distance have their duration: either you will be together, or the distance will destroy your relationship.

    A very common situation is getting to know the Internet. Thanks to various resources, it's very simple to meet a guy with a girl who lives in different cities and countries, but if a feeling like love flashes between them, then it becomes very difficult. If your feelings have reached a climax, then you must meet. This meeting will put everything in its place - or you are created for each other, and after that you will be together or you will understand that the Internet image and what you see are really two different people. If it's scary to come to visit - go together to have a rest at the resort, there and you will know each other.

    Sometimes, instead of expensive and long trips for every weekend, it would be better to continue a really good and warm communication at a distance. Frequent trips for the sake of strengthening not very stable or not yet established relationships can lead to obsessive feelings, disagreements and mutual misunderstanding. Let the relationship develop naturally, and if you are destined to pass this stage of the trial with a relationship at a distance, then go through it, no matter what their outcome is.

    Vse-Sekrety.ru sparking wish you happiness, and keep the relationship even at the farthest distance.