• Curious facts about children: 5 interesting facts

    The most interesting branch for research of scientists are children: the process of their development, psychology and growing up. All this has a lot of interesting facts. For example, in this article you will learn that the inhabitants of the east are older than us, the children are bored 5 times a day, the child's crying repeats the intonation of the mother, the early teeth can do harm in life, and the walkers are the beginning of self-expression. Read more about this in more detail in the article of journalists Vse-sekrety.en.

    Eastern age

    We all have a holiday - Birthday, on this day we add to our age +1.Calculation of our age is exactly from the date of birth, but in the eastern countries of 9 months of life of the baby in the womb - is also considered. In view of this, it is difficult to understand from which day to calculate the age. It is for this reason that for every new year a resident of the eastern country adds one more year to his age.

    It is interesting that a child born even a few days before the new year, with the coming of the new year, becomes a two-year old. It's funny, is not it!? Here is such an interesting calculus of age, so the inhabitants of the east are older than us for 1-2 years.

    Children's crying with the intonation of

    German scientists studied the crying of six dozen babies and came to the conclusion that newborn children are screaming with the intonation of his mother's talk and speech. Being in the womb, the baby so accurately remembers the intonation of the mother, that when crying tries to reproduce it. The scientists came to the conclusion that in this intonational way the baby contacts the mother, establishing a special and individual connection with her.   

    Child boredom at the rate of

    Surveys conducted by sociologists and studies of scientists have shown that children on average get bored about 5 times a day. Many fathers and mothers, seeing the boredom of their baby, begin to entertain him. Some parents entertain the kid constantly, not giving him a drop to get bored. But scientists say that sometimes a kid should be bored!

    If the kid does not get bored, he will not self-develop. That is, during boredom the kid thinks about how to entertain himself: he thinks about himself, thinks creatively and develops, playing toys, building a house of cubes, etc. And with the entertainment of parents - is just a spectator. Therefore, you do not need to constantly develop the child, and also seeing that he is a little bored, immediately run to entertain him. Sometimes, give him time to enjoy himself.

    Early teeth are bad forerunners

    Normally, all children are born toothless, so as not to hurt the mother during breastfeeding. Approximately for every 2 thousand babies one is born, which already has a cut tooth. The scientists found that among these children were several world leaders: Mussolini, Hitler, Caesar, Napoleon and others. All of them had great power, some were particularly cruel. There is a version that the desire to take over the world domination of these people arose from the fact that in their infancy they were rejected by their mothers. Pain caused during breastfeeding forced the mother to react negatively to her child, and to some extent reject it. Insufficient emotional and physical contact negatively affected children and led to such consequences.

    Walkers then and now

    This object, which makes life easier for young mothers, was invented in the 17th century. Old go-carts differed from modern models in that they did not have seats, but were securely attached to the waist of the child. Some resembled a stool with a hole in the center, others - a rigid skirt on wheels, widening downwards. In those days, it was considered necessary to put the child to his feet as early as possible, bypassing the stage of crawling. This was considered extremely wrong and even condemnatory, and not a natural stage in development.

    Nevertheless, modern scientists have confirmed that children who crawled before they started walking - they are easier to study, unlike those who missed this stage in their lives and immediately started walking.

    If you know about other interesting facts related to children - share them with us in the comments!