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    Dance movements for weight loss cause all groups of muscles to work actively.

    Dancing for weight loss is a very effective and pleasant way of burning extra pounds.

    In addition, with the help of this kind of loads you can find not only grace, plastic and excellent posture, but also improve your health.

    The essence of the dance for weight loss instead of diets ^

    The essence of dance gymnastics for weight loss is that during rhythmic and active dance movements, virtually all major muscle groups work, blood circulation improves and, consequently, harmful substances are released from the body, and fat deposits are burned.

    An important feature of dance classes is that people can begin to dance without special training. It is enough just to have a wish and free time.

    Benefits and dignity of slimming dances:

    • Most often in the dance movements for weight loss there is no tension, taboos and prohibitions. A person engaged in dancing, receives moral pleasure, establishes an internal balance. Everyone enjoys making moves to the music and realizing that every step leads to an ideal and attractive figure.
    • Dancing is not inferior to fitness at all. The loads received during the performance of dance movements, despite their intensity, will not seem exhausting. And the hour of classes will fly very quickly.
    • When engaged in dancing, a person rejuvenates the whole organism: the skin becomes more taut, wrinkles, stretch marks disappear.
    • Intensive loads accelerate metabolic processes, heals the heart, defeats depression and fatigue, raises the level of vital activity, improves mood and gives a lot of energy to accomplish important things.
    • In general, due to the implementation of dance movements, life expectancy increases.

    Dancing at home

    Dance classes at home will be no less effective if the slimming computer downloads on the Internet or buys discs that contain video dance lessons for beginners.

    It should be noted that many women do not attend group classes and prefer to practice dancing for home at home due to the presence of complexes due to an ugly figure and lack of physical training.

    Home dancing for weight loss, of course, does not require investment of money and a significant waste of time, however, this method has one significant drawback: nobody can point out mistakes, nobody will cheer and control. In addition, the money paid for classes will guarantee regular visits.

    Dancing for pregnant women

    Dance gymnastics for pregnant women is a wonderful way to relax and get a positive energy boost for future mothers. Of course, great physical activity is contraindicated in pregnant women.

    You can visit special groups of oriental dance, rumba, or samba for pregnant women, in which the muscles that facilitate birth will be studied. When the mother dances, the baby also receives positive energy and also dances.

    Dancing for children

    Dance exercises for children - a very useful lesson that will not only direct the energy of the active child in the right direction, but also improve the coordination of the child, strengthen his health. In addition, in the dance group the child will learn the discipline and communication with peers.

    Music for dancing is chosen depending on the chosen direction and desires of the slimming one. Of course, the results will be more noticeable if you are dancing with rhythmic and incendiary music.

    Dance classes are contraindicated for people suffering from heart disease, respiratory organs and seizures. Before the start of the dance for weight loss, you should always consult a doctor. Depending on the result of the examination, it will be possible to choose the number of loads and trainings, as well as the most suitable dance direction.

    Popular slimming dances: a description of the movements, the rules of execution ^

    In order for dance classes to be more effective, the following rules should be adhered to:

    • Classes should be regular. As a rule, in dance groups classes are held three times a week for an hour.
    • You need to have patience. From the first try it's hardly possible to dance beautifully. Do not try to remember everything at once.
    • Clothing must match the chosen dance direction. If it's Latin American dances, it's better to pick up something bright and incendiary, if it's oriental - it's better to buy a loincloth or a belt with coins. Such accessories will help you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of dance.
    • It is not recommended to eat 2 hours before classes and 2 hours after exercise. Water while you need to drink actively.
    • Do not forget about the right breathing, which is the basis of effective training.

    Let's consider the most common directions of dance gymnastics, which contribute to weight loss and upliftment.

    Morning gymnastics with slimming dances

    Morning dance gymnastics is the guarantee of a good day and excellent mood. It is enough to include invigorating music and perform squats, push-ups, slopes, diluting them with dance moves.

    In the complex of exercises it is necessary to include exactly those movements, the implementation of which will affect the problem areas.

    • For weight loss in the abdomen, you can put your feet on the width of your shoulders and play music with the pelvis rotation first into one and then to the other side.
    • For normal leg muscles, walking with dumbbells is ideal.

    Belly dancing for weight loss

    Oriental dances, in the first place, contribute to weight loss in the abdominal area, because in the main involve the muscles of the abdominal press. For one lesson, you can burn about 400 kcal.

    Such a popular movement as shaking, helps improve the skin condition and eliminates the "orange peel, in problem areas.

    • To perform it you need to stand up smoothly, then lower the coccyx, raise the chest, and remove the scapula.
    • Knees should be alternately bent, gradually accelerating the pace.
    • Hips and abdomen should be relaxed.

    Fitness slimming dances

    You can buy a fitness dance pass in every decent fitness center. This direction combines dance elements and aerobic movements.

    During classes, Latin American or hip-hop combinations alternate with sit-ups, swings with legs and hands, etc.

    Zumba( slimming dance)

    Zumba is a very cheerful, incendiary and relatively new dance direction. Here rhythmic and funny movements are combined with aerobics exercises. For more effective burning of kilograms, during exercises, respiratory gymnastics is carried out.

    Latin American Dance for Weight Loss

    It is believed that to achieve the desired result in losing weight, it is better to practice solitary Latin American dances.

    Practically all muscles work during the sessions, however, special attention is paid to the hips and legs. Latina - an ideal direction for those who want to forget what cellulite is.

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    The results, weight loss and weight loss by doctors ^

    The results of weight loss with the help of dance gymnastics are the following: depending on the chosen direction, intensity of training and diet for a month of dance classes, you can get rid of 3 to 6 extra pounds.

    Reviews of losing weight with the help of dancing are just good. All losing weight not only notes effective weight loss, but also a significant improvement in well-being.