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    Body wraps for slimming belly: reviews and results

    The female body is designed in such a way that fat deposits appear, first of all, in the abdomen.

    If the principles of proper nutrition, lack of physical exertion, hormonal failure and age-related changes are not observed, the lifebuoy at the waist becomes very noticeable.

    Solve the problem in a complex way: to exercise, to revise the diet, to carry out cosmetic procedures, for example, wrapping the abdomen.

    Body wrap for belly slimming: essence, use and effect ^

    The essence of wraps for slimming belly is to create a greenhouse effect with food film. Increasing the temperature under the film, as well as applying a specially prepared mixture to the skin, promote maximum opening of the pores, as well as the removal of excess fluid from the tissues.

    In fact, wraps for the stomach - a combination of a huge desire to lose weight using food film and prepare an effective mixture.

    The greatest advantage of wraps is the possibility of carrying out the procedure at home. The use of wraps for slimming belly is undeniable and is as follows:

    • in enhancing the processes of saturation of tissues with useful substances;
    • in the expansion of blood vessels and activation of blood circulation;
    • in the removal from the tissues of excess fluid, slags and toxins;
    • in reducing edema;
    • in reducing weight and reducing stomach volume;
    • in improving skin condition;
    • in the effective fight against cellulite and stretch marks;
    • in the purification and regeneration of cells;
    • in increasing the elasticity of the skin;
    • in the elimination of sagging and dry skin.

    Despite the high efficiency, this procedure is not recommended in some cases. Contraindications for wrapping the abdomen are:

    • Pregnancy period. Hot procedures and overheating of the body in the abdomen can increase the activity of the uterus and cause premature birth. In the early stages of pregnancy, only a cold wrap with clay or algae is possible.
    • Breastfeeding. The mixtures applied to the skin are absorbed into the pores and then fall into the mother's milk, which can adversely affect the health of the baby.
    • Critical days. During this period, the woman's body is weakened, and the warming up of the pelvic area during the wraps can lead to a significant loss of blood.
    • Gynecological diseases. If the diseases are associated with an increase in the hormone estrogen, hot wraps are undesirable. To such diseases it is possible to carry fibroma, myoma, etc.
    • Allergic reactions to the components of the mixture used.
    • Elevated blood pressure, heart and kidney disease.
    • Skin diseases, damage to the skin, for example, wounds, abrasions, etc.

    How to properly wrap the abdomen at home: recipes, technique, description of the procedure ^

    Body wrap at home: recipes for weight loss

    Body wrap for stomach and sides: instruction

    Any wrapping procedure is conditionally divided into five stages:

    • Purification. Immediately before the procedure, it is advisable to take a bath or shower, and also use a scrub to remove the keratinized particles and open the pores.
    • Preparation of a wrapping mixture. There is a large number of effective recipes for the preparation of a slimming formula for the stomach. The most popular are wraps based on algae, honey, cinnamon, clay, etc.
    • Direct wrapping. The composition should be applied to the skin in the stomach area, wrap the body with film and put on warm clothes. It is necessary to sustain the mixture on the body for an average of 30-40 minutes. Then you can lie under a warm blanket or perform simple physical exercises to improve the effectiveness of the procedure.
    • Deletes the composition. After the specified time, take a shower and wash off the body mixture.
    • Fixing the result. On dry skin, you need to apply anti-cellulite or moisturizing cream.

    Body wrap for slimming belly and thighs

    Very effective for losing weight belly is the mustard-honey mixture. Mustard has an excellent heating effect, thanks to which pores are opened, and honey is able to saturate skin with useful substances and accelerate metabolic processes in tissues.

    • To prepare the mixture, mix 2 tablespoons of preheated honey with a teaspoon of mustard powder.
    • The action of mustard can be slightly softened by adding a dessert spoonful of olive oil.
    • It is necessary to keep the composition on the skin for 10-20 minutes. If there is severe burning, the procedure must be stopped.

    Body wraps for slimming belly with kelp

    Thanks to the use of laminaria, waist volumes can decrease by a couple of centimeters. The skin condition is markedly improved by removing excess fluid from the tissues, as well as saturation of the skin with valuable substances.

    • Laminaria can be purchased at a pharmacy, after which algal sheets should be soaked using warm water, put them on the skin in the abdomen, fix it with polyethylene and wrap it with a blanket.
    • The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes.

    Body wraps for slimming stomach with cinnamon

    • For the procedure, mix 2 tablespoons of cinnamon and paprika, add a few drops of lemon essential oil and 4 tablespoons of olive oil to the mixture.
    • The components must be mixed thoroughly, applied to the stomach, fastened with a food film and wrapped in a warm scarf.
    • After 20 minutes rinse with warm water and treat the skin with a nutritious cream.

    Belly slimming wraps with coffee

    Coffee is a product that has anti-cellulite and fat-burning properties. Thanks to the content of caffeine, coffee is considered an excellent biostimulator, which tones and rejuvenates the skin.

    • The simplest recipe for wrapping is as follows: Ground natural coffee should be mixed with a little water.
    • The resulting paste is recommended to be applied to the stomach and wrapped with food film.
    • For wrapping, you can use a fused coffee grounds.

    Body wraps for slimming the belly when twisting the wrap

    • To prepare an effective mixture, it is necessary to dilute a little blue clay with so much water that the mixture has a pasty consistency, add 3 drops of orange oil.
    • The composition should be applied to the skin of the stomach with a thick layer, fixed with polyethylene, put on a warm jacket and hold for 30 minutes.
    • At this time, to enhance the result, it is recommended to twist the hoop. After the specified time, the clay should be washed off with warm water and a moisturizer applied to the skin.
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    Slimming belly with wraps: reviews, videos, results of weight loss ^

    Specialists recommend 10-12 procedures with an interval of one day. After three sessions, the results of wrapping the abdomen at home will be noticeable: the waist will decrease by 2 - 2, 5 cm, the skin will look taut and elastic.

    Positive feedback on the body wrap for weight loss testifies to the high efficiency and absolute safety procedures. Here are some responses from our regular readers:

    Victoria, 30 years old:

    "Before applying the wrap I used various methods for losing weight. I think this is the most effective. After the first procedure, I felt the result: the waistline decreased by 1 cm, the skin became more elastic and smooth. "

    Valentina, 28 years old:

    "I have already carried out a course of wraps from 12 procedures. Mixtures for the procedure I used are various: honey, mustard, coffee, vinegar, etc. The result I am very satisfied. The waist was 3 cm less, the cellulite and stretch marks almost disappeared, the skin became taut and elastic. "

    Tatiana, 21 year:

    "I just want to note that you can achieve the desired result only by combining wrapping sessions with proper nutrition and exercise. For the wraps, I was preparing a coffee composition, thanks to which I lost 4 kg in 12 procedures, and my skin improved significantly. "