Dysport: reviews and contraindications, consequences of the dysport

  • Dysport: reviews and contraindications, consequences of the dysport

    Dysport is a wonderful remedy for combating face mimic wrinkles. Very many have convinced themselves that the wrinkles associated with the mobility of the facial muscles, appear quite early and add them to the owner of a few extra years. To find out how effective this drug is, consider the reviews and contraindications to the disport.


    Alla, 35 years old:

    "I have been watching for a long time my wrinkles on my forehead and nose, which give my face a gloomy, unfriendly look, and was determined to fight them. Responsibly went to the choice of clinic, studied all the reviews. Yes, do not hesitate to ask the clinic and beautician for documents that allow this practice, because you must know who you trust your beauty and health.
    Before the procedure, the doctor asked me questions about my health, for acute and chronic diseases, since these are all contraindications for the use of the dysport, as well as pregnancy and lactation. I looked at the skin and muscles of my face.

    The wrinkles are not very deep, so the doctor advised me to start with small doses of the drug.
    The procedure itself was very fast, probably in 5 minutes packed, and almost painless. The doctor warned that after the injection it is impossible to lie down for 5 hours, that headaches may occur, and the muscles of the forehead will cease to be a maximum in two weeks. These same two weeks you can not go in for sports, take hot baths, apply masks and scrubs to your face, and drink alcohol.
    In addition, all the time of the action of the dispatch can not do other cosmetic procedures, for example, tattoo of eyebrows.
    After the procedure, my head did not hurt, my muscles began to melt somewhere on day 3, and completely moved my eyebrows stopped after about ten days. The wrinkles were completely smoothed out, I probably did not have such a smooth forehead in my childhood.
    The result is very satisfied. I recommend to everyone".

    Valentina, 47 years old:

    "Very upset by the result. Edema, the forehead sank down, the eyelids, it seems, lie right on the eyelashes. The feeling that the face floated. These are the consequences of the disport. "

    Inga, 31 year:

    "At first I was afraid, I thought it would be when the action of the disport will end. But after 6 months, when the muscles returned mobility, the wrinkle on my forehead does not come back, I probably did not get used to wrinkle my forehead, during the period of the drug's action. "

    Xenia, 25 years old:

    "Smoothing wrinkles, of course, is good, but somehow frightens the complete immobilization of the muscles, does not it look like a" plastic face "."

    Daria, 33:

    "Just the application of the diver, compared to other drugs, helps to avoid the effect of the plastic forehead, and the face looks more natural."

    Tatyana, 32 years old:

    "I could not imagine that I would someday go on rejuvenating injections, but" everyone went, and I went. "Disport to me put in the mezhbrove and "crow's feet."Have made quickly five jabs and all. Given this instruction:
    - the first 4 hours to keep the vertical position of the body;
    - during the first day to perform active movements of the face muscles;
    - the first day does not massage the area of ​​injection;
    - protect the skin from exposure to high temperatures, do not take alcohol;
    - for 4 months do not take tetracycline antibiotics and aminoglycosides.
    I made all recommendations clearly. The effect pleases, wrinkles are gone. Within 2 days I felt my muscles grow numb, but finally the face of the days was completely immobilized after 15. Now I'm not frowning, and the crease on the bridge of the nose is not going to. "

    Lisa, 30 years old:

    "I have a nose hanging out after the disport. He became wide and looks down like a woman-yaga. Really to me now a plastic of a nose to do or make? They say that the side effects are reversible, but I heard that some ptosis eyelids and for 2 years did not pass. Horror".

    Olga, 43 years old:

    "I've done injections of the disport repeatedly and the result is very happy. But my friend after this procedure refused to use the dysport and generally decided to abandon any injections into the face area. Her face twisted, so she always smiled to one side. It seems that she was doing some procedures that neutralize the toxin.
    To whom as lucky. Everything depends on the quality of the drug, the skill of the cosmetologist and on how thoroughly the person himself performs the recommendations after injections of botulinum toxin. "Video selection