• Triple hair curler: photo of hairstyles made with her

    Curly hair has long been the pinnacle of fashion, all the girls are trying to curl their natural hair straight from the nature or to keep the beauty already curly. But times change, and if ten years ago curls were achieved with the help of a conventional curling iron and hair curlers, now more rational and convenient ways of quick curling and hair styling have been invented. One of these methods was a triple hair curler, photo hairstyles in this article are an excellent example of the work of the instrument in skillful hands.

    With the help of triple curling, you can create more voluminous, curvy and frequent curls than with curlers or a regular curling iron. In addition, do not need to wait long until the hair will take the desired shape. The most important thing in using any curling iron is not to overdo it so that the hair after it does not look like straw, from excess heat. If you still did not calculate your abilities, then try to use a suitable hair mask on the same day, until the locks started to break.

    Of course, in our time there have already been invented already various variations of the usual triple fuse, one of such rather successful variations is the wave of the wave. With this type of curling, you can create light infrequent elegant waves, an example of which you will see below.

    However, in order to properly and nicely make waves with a curling iron, you need to follow certain rules, which will be discussed later.

    1. First, the hair needs to be combed well and applied to them with a thermal protective agent, so as not to damage it by too high temperatures. Wait until the agent dries;
    2. Choose the appropriate temperature mode, for fine or weak hair, suit 1 and 2, and for stronger or unruly hair suit 3 and 4;
    3. Collect the upper hair on the crown with a crab or a hair clip, it is easiest to start curling with the lower strands;
    4. Wait until the fryer warms up to the desired temperature and take a small strand of lower hair. Swipe it with the device, holding it for 5-10 seconds, depending on the structure of the hair;
    5. In this way, treat all or only part of the hair. For longer fixation, it is recommended to use hair spray.

    As you can see, it's not so difficult to use a wave or triple curling iron to create beautiful waves, the main thing is to be careful and not to miss any strands. If everything is done fairly well, then even in windy weather, you should not be afraid of hair problems.

    Also, in addition to the standard laying with a triple curling iron, you can use combined methods, such as an addition to other hairstyles.

    It is not enough just to be able to use a curling iron, you also need to choose the right one when buying. The most suitable and safe are the brands: dewal star style, Hairway and BaByliss. When choosing a suitable solder for your hair, it is worth considering how much heat the device can heat up and whether it fits for you. Also, pay attention to the plates, the most harmful to use are metal or chrome plated plates, they will make your hair brittle and weak after the third application. Of course, do not forget to consider additional gadgets for the cooler to know for sure what you are paying for. These gadgets include: temperature controller, ion generator, heat-resistant tip, etc.

    And to better understand how to work with a new fuse, consider video tutorials.

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